Pique Tea now offers its line of Pique Tea Crystals, a line of instant teas made from whole-leaf teas that are brewed and then crystalized, according to the company. The lineup is available in Whole Foods Markets in Northern California and online. Pique Tea Crystals are designed to make tea easier to prepare, the company says. Pique Tea Crystals are available in five flavors: Sencha Organic Green Tea, Mint Sencha Organic Green Tea, Jasmine Organic Green Tea, Earl Grey Organic Black Tea and English Breakfast Organic Black Tea. Retailing for $7.99, one box of Pique Tea Crystals contains 14 single-serve sachets.

Pique Tea, San Francisco
Internet: www.piquetea.com
Distribution: Select markets and online
Ingredients: Mint Sencha Organic Green Tea: organic green tea and organic peppermint.