In conjunction with a major rebranding effort, Marley Beverage Co. released all-new, redesigned packaging to reflect the premium, high-quality formulations inside, it says. The company revamped the packaging for its Mellow Mood line, replacing the glass bottles that were previously used and introducing more sustainable,  16-ounce aluminum cans. The new packaging features the company’s new corporate medallion, which incorporates an illustration of a youthful, spirited portrait of Bob Marley, which was provided by the Marley family and interpreted by millennial artist Miles Tsang, the company says. The illustration conjures a sense of purity and vigor reflecting the ingredients inside the can and Bob Marley’s passion for life, the company says. Additionally, the new logo redesign includes a wave-like motion, representing the positive energy that generations of consumers associate with Bob Marley’s legacy as well as the beverage’s relaxation functionality, it adds.