Community Coffee Co. released new packaging that features a new logo on its 12-ounce packages for Community Signature Dark Roast, Community Breakfast Blend and French Roast coffees. The new logo and package design eventually will replace existing packaging for all of the company’s premium coffees across all of its markets, the company says. Tested for effectiveness and appeal by consumers, the revised look aims to increase the brand’s premium quality perception while preserving the key elements that customers have appreciated for nine decades, such as the signature red color and attention to family ownership. New features include enhanced color blocks with blend names and flavor descriptors, a more pronounced satisfaction seal, thicker film on the coffee bags, and a more prominent display of fourth-generation owner Matt Saurage’s signature on packaging. “It’s important that we find a balance between honoring our rich history and adapting to the needs of our evolving consumer,” said Vice President of Marketing Scott Eckert in a statement. “This packaging refresh helps us do just that by modernizing our brand’s image while simultaneously preserving the elements that we love most about our company and the Community brand.”