Mike Hess Brewing (MHB) introduced its Open Mike beer can, making it the only brewery in California to use Crown Holdings Inc.’s patented 360 End technology, the company says. The pull-tab removes the entire top end of the can, effectively turning the can into an instant pint glass. As an added bonus, Open Mike ends use 10 percent less aluminum than other ends, the company says. “We could not be more excited to debut this breakthrough can design,” said the brewery’s founder Mike Hess in a statement. “For outdoor enthusiasts like me, Open Mike lets us experience the beer wherever we go, whether that’s at the beach or pool deck, stadium parking lot, or anywhere in the great outdoors and without the disadvantage of a standard can’s small opening. Craft beer, technology and the active lifestyle come together quite nicely here.” In addition to the Open Mike cans, MHB introduced its flagship 16-ounce canned beers in boxed six-packs available wherever Mike Hess beers are sold, including Southern California and the greater Phoenix, Ariz., markets.