The quillaia-based ingredient offers manufacturers the opportunity to create frothy beverages with the natural labeling consumers love while being easy to use, the company says.

UPtaia can be used to substantially increase foam height in a variety of applications like root beer, cola drinks, powder drinks, slush-type syrups, malt drinks, beers or bar mixes. UPtaia is stable in a wide range of pH levels, and is allergen and GMO free, the company adds.

Native to Chile, the base of UPtaia, Quillaja saponaria, also known as the soap bark tree, is a hardy perennial evergreen. The extract obtained from the wood can be used in the food and beverage industry as a natural foaming agent. Harvested in accordance with Chilean Forest Authorities requirements, locally extracted and responsibly processed, the Quillaia extraction process demonstrates Naturex’s commitment to sustainability, it says.

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