Toast vodkaEntrepreneur Dieuveny Louis worked with Saxco International to package his new ultra-premium vodka, Toast Vodka. The beer, wine and spirits packaging specialist supplied a 750-ml cylindrical bottle suited for the top-shelf, high-end nature of the brand, the company says. The bottle is made with cosmetic-quality flint glass and has a clear, thick base that gives the product a stellar appearance, it says. Its rounded shoulders and long neck also facilitate easy pouring for bartenders and consumers, it adds. Toast Vodka’s label, which features the brand’s logo vertically printed from the bottom to the top of the label along with the inscription, “to life, to love, to us,” printed in white on a black circular background is screen printed directly onto the bottle. To seal the package, Saxco also provided a black T-top synthetic cork topped with a black-and-white tamper-evident strip to complement the black-and-white color scheme of the label. Toast Vodka initially is available in the Florida, New York and California markets, but the brand plans to expand into other major markets.