Monster Energy introduced Peach Tea + Energy to its Rehab lineup. The newest flavor incorporates B vitamins, electrolytes and coconut water to satisfy the consumer’s thirst and energy needs, the company says. This will be company’s sixth flavor in the Rehab family, joining Tea + Lemonade, Tea + Pink Lemonade, Tea + Orangeade, Rojo Tea + Energy and Green Tea + Energy.

Monster Energy Corp., Corona, Calif.
Telephone: 866/322-4466
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Brewed tea, glucose, peach juice concentrate, taurine, citric acid, sodium citrate, phosphoric acid, panax ginseng extract, magnesium lactate, calcium lactate, caffeine, monopotassium phosphate, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, B5 vitamins, B3 vitamins, concentrated coconut water, salt, natural flavors, gum Arabic, guarana extract, ester gum, quercetin dehydrate, inositol, d-glucuronolactone, l-carnitine l-tartrate, B6 vitamins, acai fruit extract, goji berry extract, black tea extractives and B12 vitamins.