Open sesame

Mickey Truck Bodies has invented a door security system that prevents the problems of frozen locks, break-ins and lost keys. The Mickey E-Lock system is a keyless, roll-up door locking system for trucks that is controlled by a pair of switches mounted in truck cabs. Drivers can use the switch system to lock and unlock doors and separately control doors on the road and curb sides. Indicator lights on the dashboard also confirm the lock status of doors for added security. In addition, the Mickey E-Lock system has a fail-safe mechanism that keeps doors from locking when open, which protects paint and decals, and a manual bypass system that is activated in the event of a power failure so that doors still can be locked and unlocked.

Mickey Truck Bodies Inc., 1305 Trinity Ave., High Point, N.C. 27261; 800/334-9061;


It’s a [steam] trap!

Spirax Sarco released its BTS7.1 stainless steel clean steam trap, which is constructed to withstand corrosion from clean and pure steam applications. The BTS7.1 is pressure rated to American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards and is designed to remove condensate from clean steam systems with minimal backup, making it suitable for the beverage industry, among others, the company says. The self-draining trap operates close to steam saturation temperatures, reducing condensate backup and effectively venting air ensuring full sterilization, it says. Its smooth surface finish safeguards a free draining surface, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and product blockage, it adds. The BTS7.1 also is available with a tri-clamp option, which is suitable for both 0.5- and 0.75-inch connections.

Spirax Sarco USA, 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, S.C. 29016; 800/575-0394;


Illuminated inspection

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.’s Quadran 365 Series of non-destructive testing lamps enable inspectors to switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location through its four ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs and a white-light LED. This dual-intensity feature provides both high and standard UV-A and white-light output as well as a board-beam configuration that produces a coverage area of up to 6 inches, which makes it suitable for both handheld and in-line applications. A built-in fan keeps LEDs cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use, and a rubber bumper with Borofloat glass lens protects LEDs from damage. The series includes QDR-365 and QDR-365S lamps, which come with standard faceplates, and QDR-365SBL and QDR-365BL lamps, which are equipped with faceplates containing black-light filters that reduce the output of wavelengths longer than 400 nanometers.

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc., 316 N.E. 1st St., Pompano Beach, Fla. 33060; 954/946-9454;


That’s a wrap

Texwrap Packaging Systems introduced its new model T2011SSR continuous-motion side-seal wrapper. Building off of the company’s 2203 model, the T2011 model keeps most of the features and functionality of its predecessor but includes new guarding with sliding safety-interlocked doors, Texwrap’s TGM2 side seal, and an internal scrap winder. The cross seal retains the patented hybrid pneumatic/cam design, which allows fast throughput speeds with very smooth horizontal carriage movement to ensure long-term, reliable operation. The vertical end seal now is servo controlled, which allows for fast motion while also gently ramping into both the closed and open position at the last moment to eliminate any “bounce” during the sealing process. The result is very strong seals with seal times one-third of that of pneumatic equipment, the company says. The T2011SSR is fast, versatile, easy to use and built for reliable 24/7 operation. It can be combined with many different infeed designs to fit a wide variety of applications. It also is available in a stainless steel version for applications where moisture is present.

Texwrap Packaging Systems, 525 Vossbrink Drive, Washington, Mo. 63090; 800/886-7421;


Heating things up

Charles Ross & Son Co. offers new custom Agitated Vessels with silicone heating blankets for processes that cannot accommodate the conventional jacket, which requires heating fluid. The silicone heating blankets and temperature sensors are installed on the sidewalls and dished bottom of the vessel for heating during agitation. Propeller agitators in the vessels are driven by a 0.5 horsepower inverter-duty motor and controlled from a National Electrical Manufacturers Association 4X stainless steel panel that includes an emergency stop mushroom head, a cycle timer, digital heater temperature controllers, and a high-temperature alarm. Charles Ross & Son Co.’s Agitated Vessels with silicone heating blankets are suitable for processing low-viscosity solutions and suspensions.

Charles Ross & Son Co., 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788; 800/243-7677;