Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Beck’s beer brand partnered with eight musical artists for its annual “Live Beyond Labels” promotion, which began in July. Aloe Blacc, CapitalAnheuser-Busch Live Beyond Labels Cities, Luis Fonsi, DJ Irie, Typoe, Maluca Mala, Ron Finley and Camille Rose Garcia worked with the brand to develop new beer labels. “‘Live Beyond Labels’ participants tend to be drawn to the idea of reaching millions of people in an entirely new way,” said Ryan Garcia, vice president of regional marketing for the brand, in a statement. “The size of their audience and their creative focus differs from artist to artist, but they all share an independent streak — a fearlessness Beck’s admires.” Every year for the past 27 years, Beck’s beer commissions original artwork for the summer-long “Live Beyond Labels” series. The brand replaces its traditional labels with original designs from both emerging and established artists to celebrate the fact that design is everywhere, the company says.