Korbel 12For the first time in more than a decade, Brown-Forman Corp. introduced a new brandy under its Korbel brand. Korbel 12 is a limited-edition, handcrafted California brandy made with premium grapes that is distilled in a copper-lined still, aged for a minimum of 12 years in hand-coopered Appalachian oak barrels, and blended from individually selected barrels. It features flavors and aromas of fruit, vanilla, cedar and spice, the company says. With only 1,800 six-bottle cases of Korbel 12 California Brandy produced, it is only available in select markets with a suggested retail price of $39.99.  

Brown-Forman Corp., Louisville, Ky.
Telephone: 502/585-1100
Internet: www.korbel.com
Distribution: Select markets