With 20.5 percent share of the market, Margaritas were identified as the top adult beverage concoction of the summer, according to Restaurant Sciences Inc., an independent firm based in Newton, Mass., that tracks food and beverage sales throughout the foodservice industry in North America. Restaurant Sciences analyzed more than 50 million cocktail and spirits purchases at bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sports venues and recreation/leisure facilities from June through August 2013.

Iced teas featuring multi-spirits came in second place with 8.8 percent market share, while martinis ranked third with 6.9 percent market share.

"Margaritas were the clear-cut adult beverage concoction winner throughout the 2013 summer season," said Chuck Ellis, chief executive officer and president of Restaurant Sciences LLC, in a statement. "Margaritas' versatility and extensive flavor variety held more appeal for consumers over multi-spirit iced teas and martinis."

Non-Margarita frozen blender drinks achieved 2.9 percent share of the market, slightly more popular than mojitos with 2.8 percent share of the market. Bloody Marys, Manhattans, Cosmopolitans, cocktail-bombs and smashes/old fashioneds rounded out the bottom five, each with a market share of less than 2 percent.

Top Ten US Adult Beverage Concoctions         
(June - August 2013)        

Concoctions                          Share
Margaritas                              20.5%
Iced teas (multi-spirit)               8.8%
Martinis                                     6.9%
Frozen/blender                         2.9%
Mojitos                                      2.8%
Bloody Marys                            1.8%
Manhattans                              1.4%
Cosmopolitans                         1.3%
Cocktails-bombs                      1.3%
Smashes/old fashioneds         1.2%

Highballs, such as gin-and-tonics and rum-and-cokes, are not included in the ranking. As a large and diverse group of drinks, they outsell all concoctions shown above, Restaurant Sciences notes.