Kate Farms, the creator of Komplete Ultimate Shakes, signed a personal endorsement deal with teen racecar driver Tristan Nunez. In his first race of the partnership, Nunez won the Prototype Challenge race in Baltimore as part of the American Le Mans Series on Sept. 1, making him the youngest driver to claim a victory in the series. "Tristan Nunez is a phenomenal driver who is lighting up the racecar world," said Richard Laver, chief executive officer and founder of Kate Farms, in a statement. "Many things go into making a great shake and the same for a great driver. Tristan Nunez is a special young driver who is not only a winner on the track but more importantly a winner in life.” Nunez also commented that Komplete Ultimate Shakes are a good fit for his game day diet because they provide a light meal packed with protein, vitamins and 21 superfoods.