New York-based Scotch whisky brand Label 5 launched its WorldmiXperience Web series, a social media campaign that follows a team of five global Label 5 fans as they spend five days in New York City. The series will broadcast daily on Label 5’s Facebook page and will be updated with photos, interviews and videos of the mission of the day.

“New York is known the world over for having an urban population that is the most culturally diverse — one that allows for constant discovery on a daily basis, and for having a legendary reputation,” said Aurelie Prat, Label 5 brand manager, in a statement. “As such, The Big Apple epitomizes what Label 5 is all about and seemed a very natural location to host and launch the Label 5 WorldmiXperience Web series here. The WorldmiXperience is a great opportunity for Label 5 to celebrate the world mix spirit.”

The five fans — 32-year-old Giovanni de Smet of Belgium, 32-year-old Simon Williams of Australia, 34-year-old Katrien Merckx of Belgium, 32-year-old Loredana Oudicho of Australia, and 26-year-old Wissam Harb of Lebanon — were selected to participate in WorldmiXperience as part of Label 5’s Instagram photo contest, #catchthe5, which took place in September 2012. The team members are scheduled to arrive in New York on April 17 and will stay in a West Village apartment through April 23 while completing five different missions that are designed around the DNA of Label 5’s brand, including conviviality, discovery, urban, global citizen and legendary, the company says.

The missions are as follows:

1. “Give me a High 5:” The Label 5 team members must don a giant foam hand and T-shirt branded with the Label 5 logo, meet New Yorkers and get the most high fives within 15 minutes from random people in Times Square.

2. “Cocktail 5 Senses:” The Label 5 team will attempt to make a new signature cocktail in 25 seconds at Le Beaumarchais restaurant.

3. “5 Pointz:” The five participants will meet graffiti artist Meres at 5 Pointz aerosol art center in Queens and then create a one-of-a-kind work of graffiti art that is representative of the number five.

4. “Flashmob 5:” With the help of eight street dancers, the team members will enlist the help of total strangers and create a flash mob in the shape of the number five in Union Square.

5. “5th Avenue:” The Label 5 team members will walk down 5th Avenue wearing Label 5 T-shirts with quick-response (QR) codes that direct users to a Label 5 Twitter splash page where people are encouraged to send tweets of encouragement.