Caribou Coffee Colombia Cosecha de Oro and Traveler's RoastCaribou Coffee Co. added two new ground coffees to its portfolio: Colombia Cosecha de Oro and Traveler’s Roast. Colombia Cosecha de Oro is a light roast coffee with caramel, vanilla and fruit flavors, the company says. Traveler’s Roast is a medium-bodied blend of Kenya, Natural Process Ethiopia or El Salvador, Washed Ethiopia and Central American coffees with berry and orange rind flavors, it adds. Like all Caribou coffees and espressos, Colombia Cosecha de Oro and Traveler’s Roast coffees are Rainforest Alliance-certified. A one-quarter-pound bag retails for $4.95; a half-pound bag retails for $8.39; and a 1-pound bag retails for $14.99.

Caribou Coffee Co., Minneapolis
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