Historically, successful companies all have two things in common: growth and development. Surplus asset management company Beverage Industries (BI) is following suit by preparing to grow exponentially through a new Web-based software application, the company says.

During the last two years, BI expanded its front office operations to three times its former size. To expand and enhance its front office operations, decision-makers at BI opted for quality, not just quantity. They succeeded in recruiting recognized leaders in the food and beverage industries with established careers and great track records for growth and innovation, the company says. These experienced new BI team members also brought a vast networking base that will enable BI to grow both in size and knowledge, it adds.

BI recently spent more than $7 million to acquire additional warehouse and consignment facilities as well as to renovate its previous facilities. The company now serves a growing customer base with six warehouses throughout South Carolina. The new facilities spotlight customers’ surplus assets with showroom-quality flooring and lighting. Spaces have been outfitted with the technology to broadcast live video footage from the company’s auctions online. Its last live-feed online auction yielded sales in excess of $2.6 million for customers, BI reports. It also offers an online consignment operation.

To provide support for its customers, BI recently formed strategic alliances with leading engineers in the food and beverage industries, putting its customers in contact with the best engineering expertise available. In addition, BI offers appraisals by two experienced, bank-qualified staff appraisers, general surplus asset management, plant liquidations, warehousing/consignment and live-online auctions.

BI recently developed a new Surplus Asset Management (SAM) Web-based software application that can revolutionize the way companies within the food and beverage industries manage their surplus assets, the company says. Each company sets up a primary account that includes all of its plant locations in the database. Each location can upload idle assets or those that are scheduled to be removed from production in the near future. Messages can be sent to the various facilities notifying them of the idle asset, allowing other facilities to request the redeployment of non-productive equipment to their location.

If users prefer to sell their current surplus assets with the help of BI’s sales team, BI recommends its online consignment option in which BI gathers information about the equipment and posts it on its new, easy-to-navigate website.

The Web-based software application also allows users to choose whether they want their surplus assets to be featured in the next BI live-feed online auction with an assurance of competitive compensation. Companies also can direct-sell their current surplus assets to BI, avoiding the work involved in redeploying or consigning them.

 • Beverage Industries, 1 Beverage Place, Cheraw, S.C. 29520; 843/921-0543; beverageindustries.com