Deschutes Brewery's Chainbreaker White IPAAfter being well-received at pubs and events in the Portland, Ore., area, Deschutes Brewery will introduce Chainbreaker White IPA as a year-round offering. With 5.6 percent alcohol by volume and 60 international bitterness units, the beer features the flavors of sweet orange peel and coriander with a smooth character, the company says. The name Chainbreaker White IPA was inspired in part by a legendary mountain bike race in Central Oregon called the Cascade Chainbreaker. The challenging race features a demanding course with multiple terrains, just as the beer challenges the palate to expand with a fusion of wheat and spice low notes alongside significant hop highs, the company says.

Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Ore.
Telephone: 541/385-8606
Distribution: Select markets