My Cause waterPanacea Beverage Co. LLC launched My Cause bottled water, which donates $0.05 from each bottle sold to a non-profit organization. Consumers can visit a website to choose the organization to which they would like to make a donation via a code printed on the bottle. All uncollected proceeds are pooled together at the end of each month and raffled off to a charity or organization in the company’s database. According to the company, the water received a gold medal from Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting judges highlighted by its nine-step purification process and balance of minerals. The bottles feature a square shape to maximize shipping space, it adds. A 500-ml. bottle has a suggested retail price of $1.29; a 1-liter bottle retails for $2.39.

Panacea Beverage Co. LLC, Charlotte Hall, Md.
Distribution: Select markets