Jim Beam Devil’s CutBeam Inc.’s Jim Beam brand launched Devil’s Cut, a premium bourbon with a unique production process. The brand name plays off the bourbon-making term "angel's share," which refers to the portion of liquid lost from the barrel due to evaporation. After aging, some of the whiskey is left trapped within the wood of every barrel. Jim Beam extracts that bourbon trapped deep inside the wood and calls it the "devil's cut" — the antithesis of the angel's share, the company says. After blending the extracted bourbon with extra-aged Jim Beam, the result is a 90-proof bourbon with deep color, aroma and character, it adds. A 750-ml. bottle of Devil's Cut has a suggested retail price of $23.99.

Beam Inc., Deerfield, Ill.
Telephone: 847/948-8888
Internet: www.jimbeamdevilscut.com
Distribution: National