Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo brand SoBe partnered with iPhone game developer RockLive to give boxing, gaming and all-around fans the chance to train with boxer Mike Tyson. The contest is based in the new SoBe-inspired mini-game within the current “Mike Tyson: Main Event” iPhone game.                                     

Dubbed the SoBe “Try Everything Challenge,” the free, new mini-game brings to life the brand’s “Try Everything” campaign and SoBe flavors by inviting gamers to compete for the chance to train with Tyson this fall in Las Vegas.

To win the grand prize, the gamer must hit the new beach level in the “Try Everything Challenge” mode and try dodging, punching and squashing their way through various fruit-inspired obstacles and unlocking new “Main Event Power-Ups.”

For their arsenal of attacks, players can earn the aptly named SoBe Power Fruit Punch and SoBe Lifewater Cherimoya Punch. If the virtual boxer is looking tired, the game can unleash the SoBe B-Energy Boost for added stamina.

The player with the highest score on the SoBe leaderboard as of Aug. 21 will win the grand prize.

SoBe and RockLive also introduced a new SoBe-branded Circuit to the “Mike Tyson: Main Event” game. Taking place in a beach setting, the circuit features “Main Event’s” first female character and three new bosses. Using the SoBe Power-Ups from the “Try Everything Challenge,” users will battle these three bosses to take their boxer one step closer to fighting Tyson.