Hydrive Decaf Energy

Hydrive Energy LLC, Rye, N.Y.

Distribution: Hydrive Energy LLC developed a caffeine-free enhanced water and energy drink, Hydrive Decaf, and an added caffeine variety, Hydrive Extra Strength. The decaffeinated beverage contains B vitamins, D-ribose and choline and has only 30 calories in each 15.5-ounce bottle. Hydrive Decaf is available in a Wild Peach flavor. The company also introduced Hydrive Extra Strength, which contains 20 percent more caffeine than leading energy drinks, the company says. Hydrive Extra Strength is available in a Black Cherry flavor and contains 195-mg. of caffeine, 50-mg. of yerba mate and 30 calories in a bottle, it says. The bottles of the new flavors, which retail for $1.49 to $1.79, also will feature QR codes that link to a mobile site featuring fitness trivia, contests, prizes and product information. 914/925-9100 National