Citrus Flavors Lead in 2008

Beverage flavor trends will blend the old standys with some new favorites this year, according to Beverage Industry’s New Product Development Survey. Beverage Industry asked beverage companies to predict what their top sellers will be this year, and pomegranate came out on top, followed by green tea, lemon, other tea flavors and lime. Last year’s biggest sellers were slightly more traditional, with lemon and orange leading the pack. Pomegranate, green tea and lime followed.
Natural flavors will be used nearly three times as often as artificial flavors this year, with 73 percent of respondents indicating they will use natural flavors, and only 27 percent saying they plan to use artificial flavors. For most – 67 percent – this represents a continuation of last year’s purchasing trends rather than an increase in natural flavor use.
Brewers purchased the highest percentage of natural ingredients, with an average of 89 percent buying natural flavors and 93 percent buying natural colors in 2007. Spirits producers used 86 percent natural flavors and 66 percent natural colors, and juice drink-makers used an average of 84 percent natural flavors and 82 percent natural colors. Sports drinks also ranked quite high in their use of natural ingredients, with an average of 82 percent natural flavors and 83 percent natural colors. Soft drinks used the lowest percentage of natural ingredients in 2007, with an average of 53 percent natural flavors and 47 percent natural colors.
Beverage Industry’s New Product Development Survey was conducted by BNP Market Research. The online survey was conducted in November 2007. For the full report, see the January 2008 issue, or visit .
Top-selling flavors 2007 vs. 2006
2007 2006
Lemon Orange
Orange Lemon
Pomegranate Lime
Green tea Strawberry
Lime Mango
Strawberry Apple
Coffee Berry
Mango Blueberry
Tea (other) Raspberry
Apple Vanilla
Cola Cherry
Fruit punch Peach
Raspberry Green tea
Berry Grape
Peach Pineapple
Anticipated top-selling flavors in 2008
Green tea
Tea (other)
Fruit punch