Seal-It Provides Sustainability Solution to AgroLabs

In an effort to reduce packaging, AgroLabs, Hillside, N.J., called on Farmingdale, N.Y.-based Seal-It for a label solution for its nutraceutical beverages. Previously, AgroLabs was using two pressure-sensitive labels and an outer box for its retail presentation. The company was interested in presenting its product in an environmentally friendly way but wanted to ensure major “pop” on the retail shelf in order to differentiate its brand.
In a co-branding agreement with Plastic Suppliers Inc., Columbus, Ohio, Seal-It proposed that AgroLabs use a label made of polylactic acid (PLA) shrink film. A relatively new shrink film, PLA film is made from plants, is compostable in industrial composting facilities and has great printability and machineability, the company says. In addition, the film shrinks to the contours of a bottle, providing top-to-bottom and 360-degree coverage, which provides room for graphics, nutrition facts and product descriptions on beverage bottles.
“We decided as a company to be more eco-friendly,” says Christina Kay, vice president of logistics at Integrated BioPharma and vice president and director of AgroLabs. “We made the switch to PLA labels and wanted to ‘Come out of the box,’ if you will, to start using more environmentally friendly packaging.”  
In 2006, AgroLabs introduced its Naturally brand of liquid dietary supplements, including Naturally Pomegranate, Naturally Thai Mangosteen, Naturally Noni and AgroLabs’ Cranberry.  Soon after, the company made a decision to move the bottles from paper pressure-sensitive labels to full-body sleeve PLA labels. These shrink labels, converted and printed by Seal-It, are the first commercially available labels of their type.
Seal-It’s labels are reverse printed gravure in eight to nine colors on 2-mm. gauge PLA.  The labels are part of Seal-It’s commitment to the environment, it says. While Seal-It continues to offer shrink films made of PVC, PETG and OPS, it feels its customers have the right to a choice, therefore offering Earthfirst PLA is an important option, the company says.
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