Buffalo Rock Scores With High Jump Software

Solutions help Pepsi bottler leap forward

Buffalo Rock, Birmingham, Ala., reported more than 20 percent improvement in efficiency due to HighJump Software’s solutions. Beverage Industry’s Bottler of the Year implemented HighJump’s Mobile Sales Advantage, RouteXpress, and Distribution and Delivery Engine (DDE) software in its 14 distribution centers located in the southern United States.
“Buffalo Rock is a true technology leader,” said Chris Varney, general manager of the delivery division at HighJump Software, Eden Prairie, Minn., in a statement. “The success the company has achieved with its HighJump solutions and overall approach of moving its business forward through technology is impressive.”
HighJump’s applications provide real-time sales and delivery execution information to employees of the Pepsi and Cadbury Schweppes bottler across its 800 routes in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. In addition, the solutions from the 3M-affliated company have helped drive Buffalo Rock’s supply chain strategy and success. They also have been integral to helping the bottler meet Pepsi-driven initiatives such as advance shipment notices, equipment service data as well as reporting and tracking compliance.
Most recently, the company implemented HighJump DDE, which supported continuous process improvement efforts. The program allows Buffalo Rock to measure the effectiveness of its divisions using a balanced scorecard approach. The scorecard considers metrics such as stock-outs, error-free truck loading and quality of product builds. Following its implementation, Buffalo Rock reported a reduction in shipping errors, enhanced visibility, optimized space and more efficient deliveries.
Buffalo Rock also was able to introduce a cart system of product loading because of DDE’s advancements. In the cart system, orders are built on rolling containers in the distribution center and loaded onto trucks. Upon delivery, the containers can be rolled out of the truck and directly into stores.
“The HighJump solutions help us increase productivity and maximize profitability, and we look forward to driving additional efficiency and process improvement,” said Jim Jernigan, general manager of financial operations for Buffalo Rock. “More importantly, we’re able to put the right information in the hands of our employees.”
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