Tray Packer and Shrinkwrapper
The Douglas Contour 105 Series tray packers and shrinkwrap systems are equipped with Slipstream HS pinless metering for high-speed operation. At speeds up to 105 cycles per minute, Slipstream HS pinless metering can eliminate product damage and reduce operating costs, the company says. In addition, the Contour 105 Series features the Smartrak Steady Stream Infeed to eliminate product bridging and remove gaps that compromise pack pattern accuracy and continuous product flow.  The machine’s tunnel technologies manage heat and airflow to deliver tightly wrapped packages for package integrity and appearance. Its quick-change servo-driven wrapping wand also provides film control and accurate film placement. The 105 Series can handle a wide variety of product types and pack patterns and tray, pad, u-board and film only packages on one machine without lengthy changeovers, the company says.
— Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa St., Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587;
Clear adhesive
National Adhesives introduced Duro-Tak 34-659B, a hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive designed with the optical clarity and superior pasteurization resistance required by the clear label market. The adhesive is suitable for narrow and wide web applications on polyolefin films as well as clear film label, overlay and decal applications. The latest Duro-Tak adhesive also meets the compositional requirements of the FDA’s Indirect Food Additive regulations and is resistant to pasteurization, water, cold temperatures and flagging in curved surface applications.
— National Adhesives, 9435 Waterstone Blvd., Suite 200, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249; 866/266-5565;
Label station
Sidel’s Alfa Rollquattro Evolution labeler features a redesigned linear labeling station. The Rollquattro roll-fed labelers apply wraparound paper or plastic labels at high speeds onto glass, plastic or metal containers. The machine can operate at up to 72,000 containers per hour and can lower production costs, the company says. An oval-shaped drum applicator helps increase the accuracy of label application and a single rotary cutting blade decreases inaccurate label cutting. In addition, the Rollquattro Evolution has a linear labeling station composed of separate modules, which can reduce changeover and maintenance time by 30 percent, the company says.
— Sidel Inc., 5600 Sun Court, Norcross, Ga. 30092; 678/221-3000;
Case packer/unpacker
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. designed its new Model 101 Pick & Place Packer/Unpacker to provide precise control and product handling while maximizing packaging quality. The machine provides case packaging and uncasing for cans, cartons, glass and plastic containers. The model can handle thin-walled containers; improve stability of lightweight plastic bottles; reduce glass packaging breakage; and securely handles industrial-sized containers, the company says. With less than a 12-foot length, the Model 101 can be easily installed on the packaging line. Also included is a new servo-operated placement head controlled by PLC for smooth, no-drop container placement. It is available with a mass flow infeed or with controlled laners and diverters.
— A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689; 800/237-5975;
Lift trucks
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. introduced a more energy-efficient, versatile version of its EKX 513-515 electric man-up turret trucks. The 80-volt electric trucks are 30 percent more efficient in energy recovery than previous models, the company says. The trucks are designed for very narrow aisle work in storage warehouses and distribution centers. In addition, the three-wheel high rack stacker features standard RFID technology. With the RFID-enabled trucks, a company can program transponders throughout the warehouse to issue commands such as telling the truck to slow down when it passes over the sensor. It also allows the truck to be tracked throughout the warehouse. The EKX 513-515 models are available in five chassis, with a variety of axle widths, and offer two to three stages for various lift heights.
— Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5601 Eastport Blvd., Richmond, Va. 23231; 804/737-7400;
Cap sorter
Fogg Filler introduced the Z-24 model cap sorter offers greater control through variable speeds. In addition, speeds are adjustable to improve sorting performance and minimize recirculation abuse, the company says. For lines with multiple bottle sizes, the Z-24 can be preset to each bottle for quicker changeovers. The company also included a clear hopper so the number of caps is visible as well as a bulk cap elevator that couples with the Z-24 to remove the need for elevated loading.
— Fogg Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich. 49424; 616/786-3644;
Drying system
Paxton Products developed the PowerDry system in response to requests to lower energy costs through reduced compressed air usage. The system was designed as an easy-to-install replacement for plastic comb, fan nozzles, air jets, disk nozzles, drilled pipe and other common pneumatic blow-off devices. PowerDry generates high velocity airflows for effective debris and moisture removal. Its design can withstand washdown procedures so it is applicable for beverage and packaging operations, the company says. The system uses a high performance Paxton centrifugal blower, and an FDA-compliant hose carries the airflow to a six-nozzle air tube.
Another ITW Air Management company, Vortec, also announced its Vortex A/C cooling system for electrical enclosures has been approved for side and top mounted applications on NEMA Type 4 and 4X-rated electrical cabinets.
— Paxton Products and Vortec,  ITW Air Management, 10125 Carver Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242; 800/441-7475;
Oxygen monitor
OxySense Inc. released its MAP 1000 system to enable real-time oxygen monitoring for modified atmosphere processing in both batch process and form, fill and seal MAP machines. It is able to monitor processing and document conditions, which are important food safety concerns, the company says. It can take and log measurements as frequently as each second or, with batch systems, timing can be aligned to coincide with each flush cycle. The system also includes a factory floor-resilient Master Process Control Unit, which is a separate industrial touch-screen display. The MAP 1000 can be installed on existing lines as well as new installations and interfaces seamlessly with line controllers and PLC, the company says.
— OxySense Inc., 13111 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400, Dallas, Texas 75043; 214/575-7600;
Demo trailer
Combi Packaging Systems LLC, Canton, Ohio, created a traveling demo trailer that brings the company’s case erecting and semi-automatic case packing equipment to the door of its distributors and customers. The demo trailer can run a demonstration of the company’s equipment when and where it is convenient for them and with their product.
— Combi Packaging Systems LLC, 5365 East Center Dr. NE, Canton, Ohio 44721; 800/521-9072;
Energy-efficient compressors
S-energy series compressors are now available from Sullair Corp. The series is more energy efficient and may reduce total lifecycle costs, the company says. In addition, S-energy series compressors come with low package pressure drop and cooling system with energy-efficient low noise centrifugal cooling fan. Variable speed drive models are available that yield energy savings and operating consistency, the company says. The compressors are offered in either standard or encapsulated air-end models ranging from 15 to 60 horsepower.
— Sullair Corp., 3700 East Michigan Blvd., Michigan City, Ind. 46360; 219/879-5451;
Ultrasonic measurer
Krohne Inc. introduced the Optisound 3010C, 3020C and 3030C ultrasonic level gauges for level measurement during the processing and storage of liquids. Optisound sensors provide non-contact measurement for less maintenance, the company says. The gauges use short ultrasonic pulses to the liquid surface, and then use advanced microcomputer technology and processing software to calculate the distance to the surface. An additional integrated temperature sensor detects the temperature in the storage vessel and compensates for the influence of temperature on signal running time. 
— Krohne Inc., 7 Dearborn Road, Peabody, Mass. 01960; 800/356-9464;