Douglas Machine Inc. introduced Spectrum Servo Multipackers. The line uses the latest in electronic motion control technology. The Spectrum features a selector bar to group products without interrupting product flow or damaging products, as well as conveyor loading with a seating wheel to load products securely into the carton. It can reduce maintenance time and costs. The multipackers are available with optional auto-prime function or chain cleaning system. Douglas also announced it has received a patent for its Velocity High Speed Servo Stacker technologies. — Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa St., Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587;
X-ray systems
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. introduced its POWERx line of high-performance x-ray systems. The POWERx family has 16 models to inspect various sizes of products from small vials to multi-package cases. High-resolution detectors and image analysis software are used for high sensitivity and low false reject rates. The company also offers Unique Virtual Contaminant Testing software to stimulate various types, sizes and positions of contaminants to quickly determine how to achieve the best performance in each application. The line includes POWERx S model with a single beam for packages without hidden inspection areas; D model with patented double-beam x-ray architecture to detect slivers or chips in glass containers; and C model with flat-bed conveyor system capable of penetrating multiple layers of product. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 81 Wyman St., Waltham, Mass. 02454; 800/227-8891;
Warehouse trucks
Yale Materials Handling announced its new MPE-F motorized hand truck with optional power assisted steering and the NR narrow aisle lift truck series. The new MPE-F is available in 6,000- to 8,000-pound capacities and provides operators with ergonomics and maneuverability for the warehouse. Its optional power assist steer feature reduces operator steer effort and increases maneuverability. Also new is the NR narrow aisle lift truck series with AC-powered motors and choice of two ergonomic operator compartment layouts. Available in 3,000- to 4,500-pound capacities, the NR lift truck series combines the latest technology with serviceability and ergonomics for high density warehouse applications. Yale Materials Handling Corp., 1400 Sullivan Drive, Greenville, N.C. 27834; 800/233-9253;
Lift truck series
Cat Lift Trucks introduced the ES3000 through ES5500 series electric counterbalanced Stand-Up End Control lift trucks. With capacities ranging from 3,000 to 5,500 pounds, the series features electric power steering, low step height and knee, hip and elbow padding for operator comfort. The side stance operating position allows for easy adjustment for various travel and application requirements with minimal effort. The ES3000 through ES5500 is suited for loading trailers or working in rack applications. In addition, the series features transistorized Cat MicroCommand AC drive and hydraulic control system. — Cat Lift Trucks, 2121 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, Texas 77043; 713/365-1000;
Can seam monitor
Wilkens-Anderson Co. offers the Waco VSM II video can seam monitor. The VSM II provides bright 50x video can seam images with precise resolution and accuracy to measure can seams. It has horizontal and vertical cursors to make measurement of seam height, thickness, overlap, body hook and cover hook quick and easy. The machine can be used stand alone or in a computer can quality system. The company also released its new 600-page full color Laboratory Equipment Catalog. — Wilkens-Anderson Co., 4525 West Division St., Chicago, Ill. 60651; 800/847-2222;
Filling systems
Fogg Co. offers a line of rotary filling systems suitable for the spirits industry. Fogg’s Extreme Clean systems use hot water sanitation and CIP, dual effect rinsers, product discharge and reclaim systems. Other features include fill level consistencies, bottle control, explosion-proof electrics and simple valves for low maintenance. The company’s fillers are capable of filling multiple size bottles in PET and glass and changeover is made simple with color-coded parts. In addition, a wide range of capping turrets is available for various packaging options. — Fogg Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich. 49424; 616/786-3644;
Portable CIP System
Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc. introduced the Brewery Impingement Cleaning System (BICS) designed specifically for cleaning brewery tanks and vessels. The BICS provides 10 times the cleaning power of conventional sprayballs. It incorporates the Gamjet E-Z8 spinner with a mounting plate and manway adaptor to fit into any size tank. Using existing pump equipment, the BICS cleans 100 percent of the tank interior using less water and chemicals. — Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc., P.O. Box 626, Devault, Pa. 19432; 877/426-2538;
Lane guide
Standard-Knapp introduced its Beaded Lane Guide for reduced friction and container damage in the packing line. The Beaded Lane Guide handles non-round, locking and unstable-shaped containers with reduced downtime and damage due to line jams. Its exclusive interleaved design provides a virtually continuous surface for reduced side friction against bottles and containers and protection of pressure-sensitive labels and graphics. It also enables multiple lanes of product to run side by side without creating a bottleneck on the machine. Available in a range of heights to address any size or shape product application, the machine can handle hot-filled beverages, PET containers, glass, HDPE and aluminum containers. — Standard Knapp Inc., 63 Pickering St., Portland, Conn. 06480; 860/342-1100;
Case erector
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. offers a versatile case erector and bottom sealer to seal Tablock cases as well as regular slotted, half slotted, half slotted with integral divider and center special slotted cases. The Model 335 uses a built-in Tablock flap folding module that folds and crimps the Tablock flaps smoothly yet flips into bypass mode for sealing other case types with no change parts or downtime. It takes up four feet of floor space and offers fixed or variable speed operation to match line speed. Model 335 has a low-level case magazine with an ergonomic design to make refills simple without lifting and raising cases. — A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689; 800/237-5975;
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Easy-pull crown closure
World Bottling Cap Holdings Inc. launched the Easy-Pull Bottle Cap (EPBC) crown closure for glass or aluminum beverage bottles. The Easy-Pull cap features a pull-tab that allows for ease of opening of crown closures on bottles without bottle openers or twist tops. The single-use crown is a tamper-proof closure that can be four-color decorated. The EPBC is a packaging innovation designed to be used on current production line equipment and meet production standards. It also meets International Environmental Protection codes. — World Bottling Cap Holdings Inc., 3044 Old Denton Road, #111-225, Carrollton, Texas 75007; 972/245-0555;
World Bottling Cap_Easy Pull Crown Closure.jpg
Updated software
Emerson Process Management announced Version 2.5 of its AMS Suite: Asset Portal software. The updated offering allows users to customize enterprise-wide asset information, including filtering and reporting alerts, polling on demand and viewing graphical asset health reports. AMS Asset Portal is a Web-based tool that captures asset information from a wide range of internal sources and customizes data. The program allows management personnel to obtain information to identify critical equipment that is not performing as well as predict unexpected failures or off-spec product. As part of Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture, AMS Asset Portal consolidates field-generated data into a single view. — Emerson Process Management, 8000 West Florissant Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63136; 314/553-2000;
Shrink label innovations
Klöckner Pentaplast features its newest shrink-label technologies. New to its Pentaprint line of shrink-labels is the E749/22, a high-shrink polyester film with multiple shrink characteristics for full-body shrink-sleeve labeling of highly contoured containers. The film allows for high shrink properties that requires low shrink force to produce a finished label. Its E749/52 AS7 polyester film for full-body shrink-sleeve labels was specifically designed for narrow neck containers. Also new in the line is the E749/55 high-yield PETG films, which has 70 percent shrink properties for full-body shrink-sleeves and multi-packs. The company also introduced L282/41 vinyl roll-on shrink-on (ROSO) label film for wraparound applications. The new model has 55 percent shrink properties, and allows for high visibility and superior graphics. — Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc., 3585 Klöckner Road, Gordonsville, Va. 22942; 540/832-3600;
Software offerings
Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, released three new software applications that work seamlessly with the latest Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft SQL Server reporting services. Information Server 3.0, formerly known as SuiteVoyager software, is a Web content server for all Wonderware graphics, reporting and analysis applications. It provides simplified report building, user-specified Web parts and information collaboration. Wonderware’s Historian 9.0 software license bundle includes advanced data storage, filtering or compression and multiple retrieval modes. In addition, the company released ActiveFactory 9.2 software for comprehensive trending, analysis and integration with Microsoft Office information. — Wonderware, 26561 Rancho Parkway South, Lake Forest, Calif. 92630; 949/727-3200;
Infrared camera
Safety Vision agreed to promote the PathFind IR from FLIR Systems Inc., Wilsonville, Ore. The PathFind IR is an infrared camera designed to make night driving safer for the commercial trucking industry. The FLIR system increases a driver’s line of sight five times farther than headlight beams, and increases visibility in total darkness, smoke, dust, rain, snow and light fog. The camera system allows drivers more time to react to roadway hazards. — Safety Vision LP, 6100 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, Texas 77041; 800/880-8855;
Safety Vision_Infrared Camera.jpg
Laser marking system
Videojet Technologies introduced the 3120 10-watt laser marking system. The model delivers quick marking speed, complex marking capabilities and easy integration for a wide range of permanent coding applications. The 3120 can mark up to 1,200 characters per second at line speeds of up to 10 meters per second. It uses fast scanners and high-speed digital signal processing to provide permanent marking with no degradation of code clarity. Videojet’s 3120 marks complex, multi-line alphanumeric messages, foreign language fonts, graphics, symbols and machine-readable codes. The system, which works on a range of products and materials, can integrate into the production line. — Videojet Technologies, 1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, Ill. 60191, 630/860-7300;
Videojet_Laser marking system.jpg
Custom tubing
NewAge Industries now offers custom tubing, hose and assemblies tailor-made for individual application requirements. Customizable hose assemblies, thermal tube bonding, special compounding and colors, coiling, heat-formed parts, adjusted wall dimensions, overbraiding and jacketing, printing, cut-to-length pieces, slitting, hole punching and packaging are available. Custom pieces can result in less waste, labor and cost than stock tubing and hose. The custom orders can save time and cost on assembly as well as well-suited for tight spaces, and custom compounding. — New Age Industries Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa. 18966; 800/506-3924;
New Age_Custom Tubing.jpg
Printer applicator
ID Technology designed the Model 250 Corner Wrap System printer applicator for production floors with limited space. The Model 250 features a space saving design with compact footprint of 16 inches deep by 38 inches long. The narrow-aisle design still allows the operator access to pneumatics, electronics and other components due to a modular design. Its applicator modules are quickly replaceable for little downtime. The company also announced it offers the FoxJet Marksman Pro Vx printing system, which is available in porous and non-porous models for a range of substrates, including corrugate, plastic, shrinkwrap and others. — ID Technology, 2051 Franklin Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas 76106; 888/438-3242;
ID Tech_Printer Applicator.jpg
National Adhesives introduced Duro-Tak 34-659B, a hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive designed with the optical clarity required by the clear label market. The adhesive is suitable for narrow and wide web applications and has clarity on polyolefin films. It is also suited for clear film label, overlay, decal and polyethylene bag closure applications. In addition, the company offers Duro-Tak 24-659B that is resistant to pasteurization, water, cold temperatures and flagging (wing-up) in curved surface applications. — National Adhesives, a division of National Starch and Chemical, 1 Finderne Ave., Bridgewater, N.J. 08807; 800/797-4992;