Tray/shrink System
Standard-Knapp introduced the Continuum Integrated Tray/Shrink System. The Continuum can accommodate both loose containers and multipacks in a variety of materials, including glass, PET, HDPE, metal cans, HiCone, shrink bundles and paperboard overwrap. Customers can choose either a free-standing or integrated shrinkwrapper as well as an integrated tray stacker option. The system has touchscreen controls, easy changeover system and can operate at speeds up to 100 trays per minute. The Continuum also incorporates Zero-Gap in-feed technology for balanced, jam-resistant packing lanes. — Standard Knapp Inc., 63 Pickering Street, Portland, Conn. 06480; 860/342-1100;
Glide system for shelves
RTC introduced the BevTrac Shelf Management System for cold vaults and coolers. The glide system consists of clear-front retainers with spring-driven paddles that face the product forward. BevTrac also connects tray to tray, works on flat shelves, improves access to products and comes with a two-year warranty on the spring action. Six sizes, accommodating 8.4-ounce to 2-liter packages, are now available. — RTC, 2800 Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, Ill. 60008; 847/640-2400;
Rotating cabin lift truck
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. announced the EFG D30, a lift truck with an 180-degree rotating cabin. The rotating cabin can reduce operator injury, eliminate obstructed views and reverse travel by allowing the operator to rotate the cabin to face the direction of travel. It is well-suited for transporting high stacked pallets, loading/unloading trucks from one side and moving large containers. The EFG D30 can lift a load, turn the cabin 30-degrees to the left and 180-degrees to the right without strain and obstructed views. A memory system allows for preset angles, while a Multi-Pilot joystick control combines all hydraulic functions and travel direction switches into one ergonomical control lever. Its AC motor technology can travel up to 12.4 miles per hour, attain lift speeds of 98 feet per minute and handle loads up to 6,600 pounds. — Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5601 Eastport Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 23231; 804/737-6084;
Network system  
Fortress Interlocks introduced an AS-interface (AS-i) control and safety base module for its eGard system. The interface enables eGard, the company’s modular system for controlling access to hazardous machine or access controls, to connect to an “AS-i Safety at Work” control network in minutes. AS-i is a cable network system that allows machinery safety technology to operate in parallel with standard machine controls on one network with a common communication protocol. The AS-i base has two addresses: one connects the safety circuits and one connects the control I/O. — Fortress Interlocks, 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 859/578-2390;
Digital refractometer
Kernco Instruments Co. Inc. introduced the Model CDX-1 portable digital refractometer with the wide measuring range of 0 to 60 percent. The features of the low-cost unit include small and lightweight size, automatic temperature compensation, hot temperature samples and additional professional features. The Model CDX-1 also is easy to use, durable, power efficient and easily cleaned. Applications include beverage plants and winemaking, among others. The company also launched a new handheld, battery-operated pH meter with LCD readout, the Model 8514. — Kernco Instruments Co Inc., 420 South Kenazo Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79928; 915/852-3375;
New wheel design
Hickory Hardware released the newly designed and patented Faultless Eagle wheel. The Eagle Wheel can withstand capacities of 600- to 1,000-pounds and is versatile and durable for a wide range of industrial applications. It features an interlocked tread design on polypropylene core for medium- to heavy-duty weight capacities. Available in plain bore, delrin, roller or precision bearing, the Faultless Eagle wheel is ideal for use with Faultless 1400-3400 series casters. — Hickory Hardware, 3438 Briley Park Boulevard, Nashville, Tenn. 37207; 800/235-9484;
Water filtration system
Sonitec Inc. offers the Vortisand, centrifugal filtration system for various process water polishing applications. Vortisand is fully automated, compact and provides removal of solids as small as 0.45 micron. It also reduces backwashing frequency and amount of water used, the company says. The technology is applicable in pre-filtration in front of reverse osmosis equipment and more applications. — Sonitec, 85 Sargeant Street, Holyoke, Mass. 01041; 888/876-9655;
Fluoropolymer tubing
New Age Industries has made available PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing in a choice of styles such as straight, thin wall, coiled, corrugated, convoluted and overbraided. Often referred to as Teflon tubing, PTFE, FEP and PFA fluoropolymer tubing is best known for heat and chemical resistance and non-stick properties. Several materials and styles are applicable in many situations, including fluid transfer and sampling. The company’s offerings also are heat resistant up to 500º F and low as -400º F. — NewAge Industries Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa. 18966; 800/506-9324;
Adhesive Feed System
Nordson Corp. released the new Fill Easy II Adhesive Feed System. The system uses a cone with integrated capacitance sensor mounted to the adhesive melter tank lid for highly accurate tank readings. With a vacuum, the system conveys adhesive in multiple shape options. The Fill Easy II System prevents the sealed tank from running dry and reduces adhesive char, contaminants and incorrect adhesive temperatures by adding small quantities of adhesive at regular intervals. It is well suited for production environments requiring a dependable, economical filling system, the company says. — Nordson Corp., 28601 Clemens Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145; 440/892-1580;
Label application module
ID Technology designed a unique Split Tamp module for its industry-leading 250 Series Printer Applicator. The Split Tamp’s assembly allows one machine to apply multiple labels to boxes or pallets at the same point in the product line. The leading panel label is applied using the swing arm portion and side label application is applied using a straight tamp cylinder. To ensure label placement accuracy, a dual fire trigger control box also is part of the new Split Tamp module. — ID Technology, 2051 Franklin Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas 76106; 888/438-3242;
Sales forecast software
Intervolve Inc. made available the DistributionSuite Sales Quota Management System v.2. Sales Quota delivers Web and mobile sales forecasting capabilities for beverage wholesalers. The newest version of the software automates the forecasting process by providing suggested quotas based on sales, quota histories and selling days. A new feature, the Quota Allocation Wizard, makes it possible to allocate quotas across account groupings, products and brands. In addition, the calculations are available to mobile devices via downloads. — Intervolve Inc., 319 West Martin Street, Raleigh, N.C. 27601; 919/828-5727;
Bag palletizer
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. introduced the Schneider Bag Palletizer, available for single and multiple line systems. The Bag Palletizer is suited for palletizing heavy or industrial-sized bags of products. Its controlled motion ensures smooth product flow and a maximum of 20 bags per minute throughput can be achieved. Schneider offers customizable end-of-arm gripping tools on each machine for optimal performance for each environment and product characteristics. The Bag Palletizer also can be integrated with other equipment such as labelers, bar code readers, elevators, lowerators, shuttle cars and stretchwrappers. — Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc., P.O. Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Road, Brewerton, N.Y. 13029;  315/676-3035;
Gas control monitor
Crowcon released its new Gasmaster control panel for accurate, quick warnings when toxic and flammable gases are present in wineries as well as bottling and brewing facilities. The wall-mounted device displays all gas levels simultaneously on a large, multilingual LED display for full system status checks at a glance. The Gasmaster monitors up to four channels with two levels of alarm per channel and interfaces with oxygen, fire and toxic gas detectors as well. The unit also can be connected with a PC for easy programming, event logging and collection. — Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd., 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 800/527-6926;
Food-grade lubricant
Klüber Lubrication released Klüberfood NH1 K 32 Spray, a food-grade anti-corrosion lubricant, in the United States and Canada. The NSF H1-registered lubricant is highly penetrative, repels moisture and forms a transparent protective film when applied. The spray is designed for the lubrication of plastic materials and metal components that are in contact with food products. — Klüber Lubrication North America L.P., 32 Industrial Drive, Londonderry, N.H. 03053; 603/647-4104;
Labeling innovations
Harland America announced its next generation of product innovations, including Tube Labeler, product Orientators and pressure-sensitive labeling system. The collapsible Tube Labeler can apply multiple product dressings, such as full or partial wraparound labels, front and back, tamper-evident and oriented labels. It operates at speeds up to 140 ppm and can label plastic, metal and laminate tubes. Another update is the product Orientator, which was designed to orient products at speeds up to 320 ppm. Also new is the Harland pressure-sensitive labeling system, which includes Sirius STD front and back labelers, TSB Top and Bottom labelers and the Comet and Proteus labeling systems. The labeling system also includes a Motion Control System, touchscreen and inspection system. — Harland America, 1803 Underwood Boulevard, Delran, N.J. 08075; 856/764-9622;
Labeling options
P.E. USA Inc. offers the Rollmatic and Futura labeling systems. The Rollmatic rotary roll-fed labeler has an automatic self-aligning system to guide film unwinding controlled by a servomotor and length control assembly prior to cutting. The Futura is available in several models, including the N, S, Futura Top and Futura Turret. The Futura N offers wraparound, hot-melt labeling of cylindrical containers and is suitable for plastic or paper pre-cut labels. The Futura Top offers combination labeling. The basic model is equipped with a hot-melt station to handle one wraparound label. It can be retrofitted with wet-glue or self-adhesive labeling stations. The Futura Turret is available as a free-standing unit or for assembly onto the monobloc bedplate. The unit requires no change parts for different diameters and versions are available for cylindrical or shaped containers. — P.E. USA Inc., 11560 Rockfield Court, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241; 513/771-7374;
Ink jet printers
Videojet Technologies featured the Videojet 2330 and 2310 large character ink jet printers. The printers provide repeatable, high-quality characters on secondary packaging as large as 2.75 inches and 0.66 inch, respectively. For maximum uptime, a patented automatic self-cleaning and self-maintenance system keeps printheads free of dust and debris throughout production. The touchscreen user interface displays ink use monitoring and low ink warnings. New ink can be added in sealed, non-pressurized containers without halting production. Both models are fully compatible with a suite of Package Coding Management software for centralized package coding and network control. Videojet Technologies, 1500 Mittel Boulevard, Wood Dale, Ill. 60191; 630/860-7300;
Automated warehousing systems
Westfalia Technologies showcased its automated storage and retrieval systems. Available in multiple storage layouts – from single to flowthrough – the systems help to manage inventory and distribution. The foundation of the systems is the Storage/Retrieval Machines, consisting of horizontal and vertical drive axes with the company’s patented Satellite pallet retrieval system. The company customizes each warehouse project to suit the application’s needs and can include cranes, conveyors, peripheral equipment and software. — Westfalia Technologies, 3655 Sandhurst Drive, York, Pa. 17406; 717/764-1115;
Fleet management
UPS Logistics Technologies showcased Roadnet Anywhere, a management solution for small fleets of 10 trucks or less. The program’s Web-based platform provides daily manifests, maps and directions for increased driver performance and accountability as well as reduced miles and overtime for better profitability. It also has a Plan component, which finds orders, creates routes and generates maps, and Dispatch component that manages dispatch/driver communications and interactions. Another feature is Roadnet Anywhere’s pre-formatted, customizable operational, tactical and strategic reports. — UPS Logistics Technologies, 849 Fairmount Avenue, Suite 400; Baltimore, Md. 21286; 800/762-3638;
Belt innovations
Intralox LLC introduced two belt solutions, EZ Roller Retrofit and Series 400 Angled Roller belt. The EZ Roller Retrofit snaps on and drops in to straight-running, 90-degree, low back pressure accumulation and radius conveyors. The Retrofit allows the flexibility to efficiently handle packages of various shapes, sizes and materials to reduce cost per case, increase throughput and improve process reliability. Also new is the Series 400 Angled Roller belt that uses built-in rollers protruding beyond the top and bottom of the belt to effectively align a wide range of package dimensions and characteristics. Other benefits of the new series include singulation, sorting, center-line merging, descrambling for depalletizing, line diverting and case turning. — Intralox LLC USA, 201 Laitram Lane, Harahan, La. 70123; 800/535-8848;
Mini air preparation units
Rexroth introduced new mini air preparation units. The Series NL1 modular FRLs feature NPT ports and are fully modular and customizable. The units are easy to assemble, install and maintain. Series NL1 feature transparent polycarbonate and solid metal bowls on a die-cast zinc body. A choice of one-eighth inch or quarter-inch NPT ports as well as multiple filtration choices, drain options and adjustable lubricators are available. The NL1 assembly can be customized with shut-off valves, soft-start valves, dump valves, distribution blocks and combination filter-regulators. — Bosch Rexroth Corp., 5150 Prairie Stone Parkway, Hoffman Estates, Ill. 60192; 847/645-3600;