Ignition System
Keytroller LLC introduced a new Keyless Ignition Simple System (KISS) for vehicles that uses one lighted start/stop button to connect with a company RFID card. KISS includes a dashboard-mountable RFID reader module, PCB module, illuminated button and relay module. Also available are optional real time clock, usage event log-in, hour meter and wireless data transmission.
— Keytroller LLC, 3907 West Martin Luther King Boulevard, Tampa, Fla. 33614; 813/877-4500; keytroller.com.
Display glide rack
Source1 Displays featured its UniGlide GRK-027 glide rack, which accommodates an array of product sizes. The rack can be reconfigured with multiple branding options from one product to a range of branded products. Its moveable slots can be rearranged easily to allow for mixes of multi-packs and singles. UniGlide racks can save up to one shelf space in a cooler and work with cans, Tetra Paks, flexible pouches or gallon-sized bottles.
— Source 1 Displays, a division of Fortune Resources Inc., 120 Woodbine Street, Bergenfield, N.J. 07621; 201/387-2211.
Speed reducer
Dodge introduced the new Motorized Torque-Arm II (MTA), a high efficiency, case carburized helical/bevel speed reducer. The new AGMA-rated gearing design includes heavy-duty bearings, HNBR oil seals and Reliance Electric motor and drive options. It is available in right angle shaft mounted integral gear motor or C-face speed reducer. Both are equipped with the Dodge twin tapered bushing system. The MTA has a compact design, eliminates the need for guards, reduces the cost of installation and is easy to maintain.
— Dodge, 6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, S.C. 29615; 864/297-4800; dodge-pt.com.
Software enhancements
Intervolve Inc. has enhanced its Route Accounting System software to provide fully integrated inventory picking, allocation, pallet optimization and loading capabilities. The new software allows distributors to streamline warehouse and delivery processes and can be customized for retailer and routing needs. Enhancements include drag-and-drop picking for individual orders, out-of-stock allocation to rebalance deliveries during the picking process, and SmartLoader, which generates picking by pallet layout.
— Intervolve Inc., 319 West Martin Street, Raleigh, N.C. 27601; 919/828-5727; intervolve.com.
Hybrid truck model
Peterbilt displayed a production-representative, hybrid-electric medium-duty truck at the Hybrid Truck Users Forum National Meeting. The prototype is powered by a PACCAR PX-6 engine and outfitted with a bucket lift body. The Class 7 Model 335 will be in limited production in 2007 and will feature technology to provide improved fuel economy as well as reduced noise and emissions. Peterbilt also displayed a Model 320 featuring Hydraulic Launch Assist hybrid technology. Developed in partnership with Eaton, the assist system uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to recover part of the energy lost by the vehicle’s brakes.
— Peterbilt Motors Co., 1700 Woodbrook Street, Denton, Texas 76205; 940/591-4000; peterbilt.com.
Read/write RFID tags
AdvantaPure launched GammaTag, the first and only read/write RFID tag that can be sterilized by gamma radiation. GammaTag provides electronic identification and data storage of single-use or disposable components. Its read/write ability makes it different than bar code label or tags. In addition to easy sterilization, the tag easily attaches to bags, tanks, filters, manifolds, tubing and storage vessels. Several attachment methods also are available for the tags, which can withstand gamma radiation.
— AdvantaPure, 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa. 18966; 888/755-4370; advantapure.com.
Lab mixer
IKA Works introduced the MagicLAB, a new laboratory mixer that accelerates product development in the laboratory. The MagicLAB offers seven mixing technologies, variable speed control and a variety of mixing heads. It can be configured as a continuous mixer or a batch mixer. The MagicLAB is small, has integrated speed control and can incorporate solids instantly. 
— IKA Works Inc., 2635 Northchase Parkway, Wilmington, N.C. 28405; 800/733-3037; ikausa.com.
Case/Tray Packer
Douglas Machine Inc. released the new Invex low-speed case/tray packer for low volume packagers. The model incorporates flexible motion controls and packs 12 cases or trays per minute in a small footprint. It also has smooth operation, quick repeatable changeovers and fast start-ups. The Invex includes control components on the perimeter for easy maintenance, in addition to software that notifies operators of problems. The company also showcased its Apex sleever that allows multiple product sizes to be run at speeds up to 300 sleeves per minute.
— Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa Street, Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587; douglas-machine.com.
Case palletizer
FKI Logistex launched the new GS100 group of low-priced, entry-level case palletizers at Pack Expo. The fully automated palletizer provides an option for operators looking to convert to automated palletizing. The series has heavy-duty construction and flexibility at speeds up to 30 cases per minute. Three models are available: GS120 for manual pallet handling, GS130 for semi-automated pallet handling and GS140 for fully automated pallet handling.
— FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 63132; 877/935-4564; palletizers.fkilogistex.com.
New model filler
Fogg Filler introduced its new F6.2 model rotary filling system at Pack Expo. The model was designed to increase uptime with greater cleanliness. Optional stainless steel welded joints are available for greater protection against corrosion. The safety guarding is OSHA compliant and flush mounted for a narrow profile with smaller footprint. Also improved are the starwheels, which now have a new design for quick, removeable clutch while the gears and sprockets are engaged. The infeed screw also was altered for greater reliability.
— Fogg Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich. 49424; 616/786-3644; foggfiller.com.
Wraparound labeling system
Nordson showcased its new Wraparound Labeling System with PatternJet adhesive guns. The machine replaces wheel pods by circulating the packages on a wheel. It also includes PatternJet adhesive guns that deliver mini-swirls of adhesive to reduce the amount of adhesive used. The systems feature quick changeovers, lowered maintenance and flexibility of filling temperatures.
— Nordson Corp., 28601 Clemens Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145; 440/892-1580; nordson.com.
RFID-enabled cartoner
ID Technology announced its Knock-Down Carton Label Printer Applicator System can now apply printed and encoded RFID labels. The system is equipped with the company’s Model 250r printer applicator and a case feeding system. It provides a versatile solution for customers requiring frequent, quick changeovers of case sizes or label position as well as those that apply RFID encoded labels on knock-down cartons prior to case forming and product packing. The printer applicator reads, writes, verifies and applies RFID tags to all sides of various sizes of boxes.
— ID Technology, 2051 Franklin Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas 76106; 888/438-3242; idtechnology.com.
New pouch system
Ampac Flexibles, a division of Ampac Packaging, launched its Pureflex beverage pouch system with advanced organoleptic properties. Ampac specializes in stand-up, retort and beverage pouches; rollstock; high-performance flexible structures, including adhesive and Flexi-Free solventless laminations; spout fitments; resealing options and rotogravure and flexographic printing.
— Ampac, 12025 Tricon Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246; 513/671-1777; ampaconline.com.
Vision intelligence
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. showcased its Robox Vi, a portable, vision-guided robotic solution for orienting and packing molded bottles, jars and caps. The company combined robotic case packing and palletizing system technology with the latest in vision intelligence technology, eliminating the need for product orientation prior to the case packer. The Robox Vi will identify, pick up and orient random bottles or other randomly oriented items, arrange them into a pattern, then pack the items directly into corrugated cases. Optional configurations include diverting blowmolded objects to a quality control area prior to case packing.
— Schneider Packaging Inc., 5370 Guy Young Road, P.O. Box 890, Brewerton, N.Y. 13029-0890; 315/676-3035; schneiderequip.com.
Industrial flooring
ITW Resin Technologies displayed its commercial and industrial flooring capabilities that reduce maintenance costs while improving safety and reducing damage from wear and abrasion. The company’s Impax coatings meet or exceed USDA, EPA and OSHA specifications, making them ideal for food processing, packing and bottling facilities. They meet standards for workplace safety and will not promote bacterial growth. ITW Resin Technology provides complete project management to help companies decide which flooring solutions are right for their needs.
— ITW Resin Technologies, 130 Commerce Drive, Montgomeryville, Pa. 18936; 800/825-6566; itwresintech.com.
Soft placement packing
Standard-Knapp featured its Pac-Assist “soft placement” module for secure, efficient packing. Compat-ible with several case packer models, the Pac-Assist “soft placement” module, with advanced motion control, gently lowers bottles into cases or trays without damage to the label, closure or container integrity, eliminating bottle-to-bottle scuffing and breakage, with or without partitions. The company also introduced its advanced Bottle Laner for balanced, jam-free packing lanes. The unit is engineered to handle a variety of bottles, as well as non-round and unstable containers, and is designed to distribute bottles from a single-file line to multiple lanes. The Bottle Laner can be integrated with a case packer or remain free-standing.
— Standard Knapp, 63 Pickering Street, Portland, Conn. 06480; 860/342-1100; standard-knapp.com.
Rotary ring wrapper
Wulftec showcased the Wring-500 Automatic Rotary Ring Wrapper, designed for increased productivity with high-speed wrapping and versatility in wrap patterns. The Wring-500 offers film savings with one-way wrapping; banding and split-wrap capabilities; carbon fiber ring that is lighter, more resistant and more responsive to speed changes; and radio frequency technology for reduced maintenance. The infrared film tail seaming device ensures a full width seal and the No-Thread powered pre-stretch carriage-tilting film mandrel allows fast and easy film loading. The counterweight system offers smooth operation with no vibration for safer operating.
— Wulftec International Inc., 209 Wulftec, Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec, Canada J0B 1C0; 819/838-4232; wulftec.com.
Inspection systems
Teledyne Taptone Packaging Inspection Systems displayed its new TapTone 1000 Universal Inspection System for complete inspection of containers for physical defects, fill level, leak detection, pressure and vacuum. The unit operates at up to 2,000 containers per minute and offers acoustic, proximity, compression, dual compression, force, x-ray and laser sensors. It features a large color touch-screen and supports up to 30 communication protocols. The company also featured the TapTone 500-X On-line X-Ray Inspection System for fill-level monitoring, the TapTone 100 Multi-Function Inspection Controller and the TapTone 500 Multi-Function Inspection System.
— Teledyne TapTone, 49 Edgerton Drive, North Falmmouth, Mass.; 508/563-1000; taptone.com.
Roll-fed labeler
Associated Packaging Equipment Corp. showcased its PolyClad Roll-Fed Labeler. Designed for versatility, the labeler can be used for paper, polypaper, laminates, expanded polystyrene and shrinkable applications. The company offers three models that feature touch-panel microprocessor controls with machine diagnostics, and speeds ranging from 50 to 600 containers per minute.
— Associated Packaging Equipment Corp., 70 Gibson Drive, Units 5&6, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 2Z3; 905/475-6647; associpak.com.
Nitrogen dosing
Vacuum Barrier Corp. focused on its Nitrodose Easy Doser Liquid Nitrogen Injection system, designed for simple installation, start-up and operation adjustments. The system provides liquid nitrogen dosing for slower capacity lines and accurately delivers liquid nitrogen for pressurization or inerting of containers. It allows doses to be adjusted while running and can be used for limited or full-time production runs. The system’s slim profile and simple mounting adapts to any filling line.
— Vacuum Barrier Corp. Barten Lane, Woburn. Mass. 01801; 781/933-3570; vacuumbarrier.com.
Labeling options
P.E. USA Inc. featured its Rollmatic and Futura labeling systems. The Rollmatic rotary roll-fed labeler offers an automatic self-aligning system to guide film unwinding, as well as a servomotor to control the film unwinding. The Futura N offers wraparound, hot-melt labeling of cylindrical containers, and is suitable for plastic or paper pre-cut labels. The Futura Top offers combination labeling. The basic model is equipped with a hot-melt station to handle one wraparound label. It can be retrofitted with wet-glue or self-adhesive labeling stations, and stations can work at the same time or alternately. The Futura Turret is available as a free-standing unit or for assembly onto the monobloc bedplate.  
— P.E. USA Inc., 11560 Rockfield Court, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241; 513/771-7374; pe-us.com.
Fully automated inspection
CMC-Kuhnke displayed its Mars-Seam Fully Automated Double Seam Inspection System, which provides automatic measurement of seam thickness, countersink depth, seam length, end hook, cover hook, overlap, seam gap and body hook butting percentage. The company says the unit reduces inspection time by 60 percent and labor to one minute per inspection. It increases inspection frequency and measures immediately after cans are seamed. The Mars-Seam enables facilities to take correction action with more accurate and immediate data, and make more proactive maintenance decisions.
— CMC-Kuhnke Inc., 250 Falls Road, Hudson, N.Y. 12534; 800/689-0661; cmc-kuhnke.com.
Beverage solutions
Sidel Inc. displayed a number of beverage solutions at this year’s Pack Expo. Specially designed for filling PET bottles of mineral water, the Simonazzi Eurotronica FM-S is a volumetric filler with magnetic flowmeters. The Sidel Hema GW weight filler can handle a wide variety of liquid and viscous products. For aseptic filling, the Sidel FMi is optimized for better aseptic performance, flexibility, production and efficiency.
— Sidel Inc., 5600 Sun Court, Norcross, Ga. 30092; 678/221-3000; sidel.com.
Sleeve system
B&H Labeling Systems introduced the new Endura Sleeve System. The Endura is a shrink sleeve labeling system for applying and shrinking full-body sleeve labels on a variety of container types, sizes and shapes. It has a cutter assembly that improves cut accuracy and reduces scrap while minimizing maintenance. The system comprises an Endura SLS sleeve applicator and one or two Endura SLT shrink tunnel modules that can handle several sizes of containers.
— B&H Labeling Systems, 3461 Roeding Road, P.O. Box 247, Ceres, Calif. 95307; 209/537-5785; bhlabeling.com.
Packaging innovations
Krones Inc. featured several innovations at Pack Expo. The Contiform S20 stretch blowmolder offers superior bottle handling and product quality for PET bottles up to 3 liters. It has fewer transfer points, high-speed process technology and fast changeover to produce up to 1,800 bottles per hour. In addition, the newest Contiroll labeler with servo drive technology that operates at 67,000 containers per hour was on display. The Contiroll can handle different container diameters and output ranges on one machine. The company also showcased its PET plastic technology for bottle design, production and recycling at the show.
— Krones Inc., 9600 South 58th Street, P.O. Box 321801, Franklin, Wis. 53132; 414/409-4000; kronesusa.com.
X-ray inspection system
Thermo Electron Corp. announced its InScan X-ray inspection system for beverage filling lines. The InScan has patented, two-dimensional X-ray imaging software to offer highly accurate fill measurement and quality control. It uses non-ionizing, low power X-ray technology to capture detailed images of the containers. The system simultaneously inspects for product underfills, overfills and missing or misapplied closures at speeds up to 2,400 containers per minute.
— Thermo Electron Corp., 81 Wyman Street, Waltham, Mass. 02454; 877/290-7422; thermo.com.
Bottle filler
Evergreen Packaging Equipment announced its BFCE-32/32/8 PPV Bottle Filler. Made for high production output and efficiency, the model can handle 3- to 32-ounce bottles. The dual stage rinsing turret allows for flexibility in rinsing methods with various solutions.
— Evergreen Packaging Equipment, 2400 Sixth Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404; 319/399-3200; internationalpaper.com.
Coding, marking systems
Imaje showcased its 7000 Series coding and marking systems. They can be easily integrated onto any manufacturing application with controller, cable and laser head components. The series offers coding quality up to 35° C., IP rating suitable for industrial environments, compact laser head and easy access to safety features. Exclusive to the series is the third generation laser head with high product throughput with no requirement for external cooling, more printing capabilities and a wide selection of lenses. The company’s 7000 Series is available with iTouch user interface with color screen and one stroke access.
— Imaje U.S.A., 1650 Airport Road, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144; 770/421-7700; imaje.com.
Plus series
Domino Printing Services launched its new “plus” program, including A-Series; C-Series; S-Series and TotalCare plus. The “plus” initiative aims to introduce greater functionality and productivity to its existing line-up of technologies. The A-Series plus continuous inkjet printers have improved user interfaces and network connectivity. The C-Series plus range of ink jet outer case coders is available in three models all with a multi-head base and high-capacity ink system for high throughput production lines.  
— Domino Amjet Inc., 1290 Lakeside Drive, Gurnee, Ill. 60031; 847/244-2501; dominoamjet.com.
Lantech announced its RS-6000 20-second stretchwrapping system and RD5000 portable RFID reader option for stretchwrappers. The RS-6000 Ring-Straddle design has a film delivery system capable of wrapping loads with 50-ga. film, pre-stretched 250 percent or more without film breaks. The stretchwrapper also has a new cut-and-clamp system that combines a new heat-free Press  ’n Seal film sealing system. Also at Pack Expo, the company displayed its Q-300 machine equipped with Symbol Technolgies’ new RD5000 portable reader for RFID tags.  
— Lantech.com, 11000 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, Ky. 40299; 800/866-0322; lantech.com.
Can seaming machine
Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Co. showcased its Model 12M can seaming and manufacturing machine. The model can operate at speeds up to 1,800 cpm with 12 seaming stations for beer and beverage applications. It has change parts for one can size, is compatible with newest fillers and has second operation off-seam settings. The free-standing stainless steel machine has an enclosure with door interlocks and internal lighting.
— Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Co., 4900 Pacific Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif. 90058; 323/583-2171; angelusmachine.com.
Synthetic lubricants
Lubriplate highlighted the SSO-FG 100 & SSO-FG 150 synthetic lubricants for Angelus seamers and canning equipment. The fully synthetic lubricants are designed for use in Angelus seaming/canning equipment and related applications. The high performance lubricants are formulated with premium additives to provide anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection under harsh conditions encountered in the food processing industry, such as water, steam and caustic solution washdowns.
— Lubriplate Division, 129 Lockwood Street, Newark, N.J. 07105; 800/733-4755; lubriplate.com.
New machines
Arrowhead Systems Inc. featured several new machines at Pack Expo. The Nautilus Dynamic Accumulator conveyor has a compact design and first-in, first-out accumulation.  Also on display was the new Sidewinder Servo Laner that automatically divides a single-file lane of products without interrupting flow. The patent pending Sidewinder can be installed as a complete system with conveyor or it can be retrofit over existing conveyor systems. The company also showcased a Busse/SJI automatic debander and stretchwrap remover. Both are fully automatic systems allowing users to reduce manpower and improve efficiency on high-speed lines.
— Arrowhead Systems Inc., 3255 Medalist Drive, Oshkosh, Wis. 54902; 920/235-5562; arrowheadsystems.com.
Pallet applications
Orbis Corp. announced new pallet applications, including top frames and a specially designed pallet for the CooLift system from Swift Water Logistics. The company partnered with Precision Thermoplastic Components to provide an all-plastic, fully-enclosed top frame for hygienic, automation-friendly handling solution. The reusable top frames protect plastic, metal or glass containers from damage while remaining versatile. Also new and specially designed for the CooLift is a one-piece 37-inch by 18-inch plastic pallet that is retail friendly and holds three times more fridge packs than traditional hand trucks.
— Orbis Corp., 1055 Corporate Center Drive, Oconomowoc, Wis. 53066; 800/999-8683; orbiscorporation.com.
Automation innovations
Rockwell Automation demonstrated a wide range of information and control systems at Pack Expo. For pick-and-place and other complex motion control applications, Kinematics Robot Control was featured with a Delta 3 robot. The robot control allows an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programmable automation controller to execute multi-axes robot control without additional controllers, software and special function blocks. Also on display were linear motor technology Boolean I/O module and CompactLogix L43.
— Rockwell Automation, 10701 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minn. 55438; 800/223-5354; rockwellautomation.com.
Closure offerings
Sonoco presented a range of new closure offerings at Pack Expo, including injection-molded closures, functional overcaps and threaded closures. The company developed shaped and round overcaps that fit securely on rigid containers and hinged overcaps for round and non-round containers. They can be easily stacked and de-stacked on filling lines and are available in a range of sizes and colors. Threaded closures are also available for a secure closure option on powdered beverages.
— Sonoco, 1 North Second Street, Hartsville, S.C. 29550; 843/383-7794; sonoco.com.
With more than 45,000 buyer attendees, The Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute held its Pack Expo International show Oct. 29-Nov. 2 in Chicago. The keynote session on Wal-Mart’s packaging sustainability plan was delivered by Matt Kistsler, vice president of package and product innovation for Wal-Mart Stores Inc., and Amy Zettlemoyer, director of packaging for Sam’s Club. A sold-out audience found out about the retail giant’s five-year plan to improve packaging and conserve the natural resources of the planet – without “disrupting the financial position of its suppliers,” Kistsler said. The Bentonville, Ark.-based company shared its newly developed “Packaging Scorecard,” which it will begin using in its private label products early next year.
In addition to other events and the show floor, Pack Expo held a Showcase of Packaging Innovations with the Pack Expo Selects lineup of innovations. As far as beverages go, Sonoco Products Co.’s Lipton’s Tea to Go and Cool Java packages took third and fifth place, respectively. PMMI also announced several scholarships to support packaging education.