Tray Packer
Douglas Machine Inc.’s Douglas Contour T-30 Tray Packers maximize convenience and efficiency with an open design for access to product, materials and machine components, and the use of appropriate servo technology for machine functions, reducing parts costs and maintenance downtime. Other features include quick-release change parts for efficient and simple changeovers, a low-level magazine to ensure easy blank loading and speeds up to 30 trays per minute. The T-30 can act as a stand-alone unit or be integrated with a shrinkwrapper. — Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa Street, Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587;
Online tool
Satellite Logistics Group has developed an online visibility tool that will allow clients to view a warehouse management system, a transportation system and an import/export documentation system in a single cohesive application. The Satellite Logistics Group Online Visibility Tool provides an effective and secure way to view inventory and shipping status online from any location around the world. With enhanced communication across all supply chain systems, clients are able to condense management processes, monitor distribution easily and improve overall efficiency. The Online Visibility Tool offers access from any Web browser and enables clients to establish personalized user set-up specific to their information requirements. Features of the transportation management system include real-time visibility to shipments in transit as well as previously delivered shipments, ability to search on any reference number and schedule customizable transportation system reports deliverable by e-mail. —  Satellite Logistics Group, 12621 Featherwood, Suite 390, Houston, Texas 77034-4902; 281/902-5500;
Case packer
The Standard-Knapp Versatron 939s APT case packer is specifically designed to handle difficult shaped containers. The APT has several features allowing it to pack reverse-tapered bottles, flasks, unstable bottles, personal-care containers, locking shapes, trigger bottles and other non-round products. This design incorporates advanced servo laning, a low-pressure infeed, smooth transfers and the power grid Active Product Transfer to consistently provide high efficiencies, gentle handling and extremely low maintenance operation. The APT also offers soft catch technology and servo indexing of cases. —  Standard-Knapp Inc., 63 Pickering Street, Portland, Conn. 06480-1871; 860/342-1100;
Electric walkies
Cat Lift Trucks has introduced its new line of electric walkies, featuring alternating current drive motors, 500-hour service intervals, advanced regenerative braking for longer run time and reduced energy consumption, and a compact design that makes it highly maneuverable. The complete redesign of the electric walkie line, which offers 3,000-, 4,500-, and 6,000-pound models, each with the shortest head length in its class, provides customers with performance, efficiency and durability. Combined with the ability to operate with the handle in a fully vertical position utilizing a crawl speed button, each model also offers the tightest turning radius in its respective class. The control handle is constructed of a high impact-resistant material and the low mounted position increases leverage and the distance between the operator and the tractor, resulting in reduced steer effort and maximum operating clearance. — Cat Lift Trucks, 2121 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Houston, Texas 77043; 713/365-1000;  
Electric reach truck
The Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. released the ETV C20, an electric reach truck designed to excel at stacking and retrieval of merchandise stored at high lift heights and in confined spaces. This rugged truck can be used for moving pallets and continuous racking on single or multiple shifts. Outdoor and severe-weather use is possible with several optional weatherproof cabin configurations, and the truck’s super-elastic tires can negotiate both smooth and bumpy floor surfaces. With its compact dimensions and Reach Mast feature, the ETV C20 can work narrow aisle widths (down to 112.4 inches or 9.3 feet). It can lift loads up to 4,400 pounds to heights up to 24.3 feet, and both its mast tilt and optional fork side-shift features can enhance fork maneuverability while the vehicle is stacking or accessing loads. —  Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5701 Eastport Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 23231; 888/333-2644;
Shrink bundling system
The new SB-2000 shrink bundling system introduces Lantech’s energy-saving, PLC-controlled ConvectAir shrink tunnel, combined with a wrapping module on a unitized frame less than 12 feet long. Almost 25 percent shorter than conventional machines in this class, the SB-2000 shrinkwraps as many as 30 transport packs per minute with low energy consumption and consistent placement. It is ideal for any product shipped on corrugated trays, pads, U-boards or with film only, such as canned goods and beverages. The belt-fed SB-2000 accommodates products up to 24-inch wide by 12 inch height to any practical length. It utilizes a cradle-type film delivery system for convenient loading from the side without the need for mandrels. —, 1100 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, Ky. 40299-2399; 800/866-0322;
Electric valve actuators
Flowserve Limitorque Actuation Systems introduces the Master Station II — a next-generation master station that is designed and manufactured specifically for use with the Limitorque line of DDC-100 field units. The Limitorque Master Station II is a virtually maintenance-free, plug-and-play solution that provides complex control and diagnostics of Limitorque field units through a touch-panel operator interface. Designed for power, petrochemical, oil and gas, water and wastewater applications, the Master Station II supports all Limitorque DDC-100 field units including the MX, L120 and LY, and is a single-source controller for up to 250 (MOVs) actuators. — Flowserve Corp., 5215 N. O’Connor Blvd., Suite 2300, Irving, Texas 75039; 972/443-6500;
Washdown enclosure
Markem Corp. now offers a washdown enclosure for the SmartDate family of thermal transfer coders. Customers will no longer need to bag or remove the coder from the line prior to washdown procedures, shortening prep and recovery time. The washdown unit consists of a stainless steel enclosure that surrounds the print head, and features a removable cover that is easily installed prior to washdown, making the unit watertight. It also has a stainless steel control box enclosure, large enough to hold the control box, and the optional SmartTouch portable control system with a hinged door that closes to seal the unit. The unit prevents condensation from forming inside the print head with an optional heater and watertight cable entry ports. — Markem Corp., 150 Congress Street, Keene, N.H. 03431; 800/356-2375;
High-resolution inkjet printer
The Imaje 4040 printer has been designed for manufacturers who need to personalize their packaging on the production line, and who are looking for quality, reliability and flexibility. The Imaje 4040 Windows-based controller can help in selecting texts, graphics, logos, barcodes and 2-D codes on porous surfaces. The image quality is 180 dpi vertical by 200 dpi horizontal resolution, with ANSI Grade readability that meets market requirements. The Imaje 4040 prints any font and any alphabet, up to 71-mm. height, with a single head. The Imaje 4040 also can drive up to four print heads for very large messages or simultaneously print on both sides of the same packing case. The message is created and edited with Windows XP software, using a WYSIWYG display and a wide VGA screen. The wide choice of communication ports (RS-232, RS-422, RS485, Ethernet and USB) and the standalone floor stand makes it flexible to integrate onto the production line. — Imaje USA, 1650 Airport Road, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144; 770/421-7700;
Industrial cleaning system
Systemate Numafa now offers the Eco Clean Master (ECM) industrial cleaning system as an economical alternative for washing smaller quantities of crates. The ECM can be used as a standalone system or can be combined with other modules, including a pre-washing system, a main-washing system and an air blowdrying system. Depending on specific needs, multiple modules can be linked together. The system cleans as many as 400 crates per hour. The ECM is energy efficient, provides ease of cleaning and offers easy access to the machine. It also is designed to be adjusted easily to different types and sizes of crates. With the exception of accessories, the ECM is completely stainless steel in construction. It is easily installed within any industrial setting. — Systemate Numafa NA, a division of Dapec Inc., 884 Univeter Road, Canton, Ga. 30115; 800/240-3770;
Easy pick go carts
FKI Logistex introduced the Easypick GoKart mobile picking cart, providing a solution for the long and unproductive walks necessary to pick low-velocity items from distant break-pack picking areas. Easypick GoKarts streamline picking operations, enhance picker productivity, and increase order accuracy by allowing batch or cluster picking of slower-moving items that traditionally cause picking errors. GoKarts combine advanced pick-to-light components from FKI Logistex with wireless local area network capability and RF scanning in an ergonomic, user-friendly design. The units integrate seamlessly with installed networks and warehouse management systems, as well as the entire line of FKI Logistex Easypick picking and putting software and equipment. — FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63132; 877/935-4564;
Salvo brochure
Castell Interlocks’ latest brochure is dedicated solely to Salvo, the new system developed to combat the threat of unscheduled truck departure from warehouse loading docks. The brochure provides a pictorial explanation of how the three-step process of the Salvo system operates and the benefits it offers to truck drivers, dock attendants and their companies.  Details of the full Salvo product range are also included. —  Castell Interlocks Inc., 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 859/341-3075;
Two-way bulk water bottles
With millions of households and businesses investing in new water dispensers every year, an environmental showdown is likely to emerge if one-way bulk water bottles catch on as the norm. A solution to the recycling concerns posed by one-way bulk water bottles is the two-way retail exchange process introduced by Primo Water. Primo sells 3- and 5-gallon water bottles for water coolers. Consumers simply exchange empty 3- and 5-gallon Primo Water bottles for full ones at any Primo Water display found in retail stores. Primo Water cleans and reuses the empties or grinds them down prior to recycling in order to avoid facility issues, thus taking environmental responsibility for the product. — Primo Water, 101 N. Cherry, Suite 700, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27101; 877/266-5370;
Wire belting
Wire Belt offers C-CureEdge, an open-mesh, stainless steel wire belting; the EZSplice belt splicing system; and the new CarrySmart line of conveyors. C-CureEdge’s closed loop ends offer faster installation and repair time while continuously minimizing the risk of accidents caused by sharp open ends. C-CureEdge eliminates the possibility of snags and tangles and the belts are sanitary, safe and easy to clean. C-CureEdge belts reduce downtime by minimizing conveyor-to-conveyor snags and tangling during shipping, storage, installation, repair and day-to-day operation. When EZSplice is used to make the splice-joint on a newly installed replacement belt, the life of the belt will be increased, simply because of the strength of the EZSplice strand. It eliminates the weak points caused by bending and weaving a traditional splice into the belt. CarrySmart belts are constructed from stainless steel, and includes Flex-Turn, Flat-Flex Straight, Flat-Flex Shuttle Conveyors and CarrySmart Spreader or Converger Specialty Conveyors. — Wire Belt Co. of America, 154 Harvey Road, Londonderry, N.H. 03053; 603/644-2500;
Push-to-connect fittings
New Age Industries has released Newloc Push-to-Connect Fittings in two materials — acetal and brass — for use with rigid and semi-rigid tubing such as nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene. The use of Newloc fittings often involves pneumatic systems and applications involving liquid transfer. Newloc fittings provide leak-free connections with no flow restrictions. They install quickly — simply push the end of the tube into the fitting — and may be disconnected and reused. Styles include Ys, three- and four-way connectors, Ts and reducing Ts, elbows, straight connectors, swivel types, options for bulkhead applications and more. — New Age Industries, 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa. 18966; 888/258-4293;
Multi-packer machine
R.A. Jones & Co. Inc., a subsidiary of IWKA, introduced the new Beverage Meridian Machine, part of Jones’ family of multipacking solutions. The machine blends engineering and manufacturing innovation with years of packaging experience and proven technology to produce a flexible, reliable and compact machine. The Beverage Meridian provides high output and application adaptability for beverage can packaging. Standard features include metric stainless steel design, left- or right-hand configurations and can sizes from 8 to 16 ounces. Beverage Meridian machines can be configured for single-tier 6- to 24-can packs. Dual pitch provides the highest possible pack speeds (up to 210 packs per minute), at the lowest possible linear speeds, translating into half the wear on components. The reduced linear speeds also permit pack and flap handling at much lower velocities and accelerations for more precise control. — R.A. Jones & Co. Inc., 2701 Crescent Springs Road, Covington, Ky. 41014; 859/341-0400;
Steam trap
TLV’S SS5P steam trap improves production and reliability of equipment in biotech industries through its advanced self-modulating free float. The free float has only one moving part, eliminating valve wear and providing a long service life for the trap. SS5P’s stainless steel design is maintainable, offering a reduction in cleaning cost. The steam trap offers minimal bacteria buildup due to its electro-polished, crevice-free design, and high sanitary performance since the only components are the float and the body itself. — TLV Corp., 13901 South Lakes Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28273-6790; 704/597-9070;