Creators Briefs

Organic tapioca dextrose
Ciranda has expanded its line of TapiOK organic tapioca products to include organic tapioca dextrose. Dextrose is sweet in taste, is an instant energy source and has a wide range of applications due to its solubility. Manufactured from pure, organic and non-GMO tapioca starch TapiOK organic dextrose can be used in energy gels, beverages, bars, baby food, chocolate, ice cream, chewing gum, as a priming sugar for beer, and in tabletting for mints or neutraceutical/ homeopathic formulas.
— Ciranda Inc., 221 Vine Street, Hudson, Wis. 54016; 715/386-1737;

Calcium supplementation
Archer Daniels Midland Co. has launched Cal-Mor calcium citrate, a highly bioavailable and directly compressible calcium source for the food, beverage and supplement industries. Applications include baked goods, snacks, desserts, beverages, supplements, yogurt, infant formulas, spreads and jams, nutritional beverages and functional foods. Beyond building strong bones and teeth, calcium may provide cardiovascular and colon health benefits.
— Archer Daniels Midland Co., 4666 Fairies Parkway, Decatur, Ill. 62526; 217/424-5200;

GRAS gum
TIC Pretested Ticamulsion A-2010 has proved to be a superior emulsifying agent over traditional gum arabic and modified food starches in flavor emulsions and beverage concentrates. An expert panel from the Flavor Extract Manufacturing Association has reviewed data on modified gum acacia, sold under the trade name Ticamulsion A-2010, and approved it to be listed as a General Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredient. In its most recent action, FEMA assigned Ticamulsion A-2010 the GRAS #4227.
— TIC Gums Inc., 4609 Richlynn Drive, Belcamp, Md. 21017-0369; 800/899-3953;

Aloe vera supplier
Yunnan Yuanjiang Evergreen Biological Industry Co. Ltd. is the largest aloe vera raw materials manufacturer in Asia, and is involved in the vertically integrated supply of raw aloe vera materials. All of its aloe vera gels, whole leaf, concentrates and powders are tested and guaranteed to be biologically active. Its entire product line is certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). Evergreen Biological Industry uses membrane separation technology to supply aloe vera pulp juice, whole leaf dried powder, whole leaf juice, whole leaf concentrate, gel juice and gel concentrate, among other freeze-dried and powdered aloe vera products.
— Yunnan Yuanjiang Evergreen Biological Industry Co. Ltd., Room 208 Building A2 Industrial Garden for Overseas Chinese Scholars, Road 9 Northern Section of Kunming High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Kunming, China 650106; 86/871-8313676;

Fruit-friendly flavors
A&B Ingredients offers tropical fruit flavor extracts from South America for use in spirits. These “from the named fruit” flavors are extracted from fruit that is grown near the processing site using a flavor-friendly process. The premium authentic flavors result from the ripe fruit itself rather than peels, concentrates or synthetic blends. According to the company, South American flavors, which have been popular in the food industry, will carry over to the beverage industry.
— A&B Ingredients, 24 Spielman Road, Fairfield, N.J. 07004; 973/227-1390;