2006 Truck Round Up
David Kolman  
The latest models for beverage delivery applications
Ford Commercial Trucks
Ford offers a complete line of light and medium-duty commercial trucks, up to Class 7. Its Super Duty line of mediums has a confident stance, drop-down beltline and a large grille with machined-appearance bars and distinctive side nostrils.
The F-450 and F-550 Super Duty lineup for 2006 builds on the chassis improvements made for the 2005 models and adds new interior trim packages. Flat frame rails and color-coded wiring on isolated circuits facilitate body installation.
Wheelbases range from 141 to 201 inches. The F-450 has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 6,000 pounds; the F-550 17,950 and 19,000 pounds. Both truck models have improved shift feel through engine and transmission calibration revision. Standard features include a four-wheel anti-lock braking system, power steering, air conditioning and power door locks and windows.
The standard powertrain, Ford says, “is the segment’s most powerful gasoline engine,” the 362-horsepower (hp), 6.8-liter Triton V10. It is mated to a five-speed TorqShift automatic transmission with Tow-Haul Mode, which provides improved control uphill and downhill using a tailored shift strategy and engine braking as necessary.
The 6-liter V8 Power Stroke turbo diesel rated at 325 hp with a six-speed manual is optional; a 4-speed automatic can be ordered.
Ford touts its F-650 and F-750 Super Duty models as having “modern styling, comfort and convenience features customers may be surprised to find in a commercial truck of this size.” By packaging major components under the cab and not on the frame, there is a clean cab-to-axle to help lower upfitting costs.
GVWRs are 17,999, 22,000, 26,000, 29,000, 30,000 and 33,000 pounds for the F-650, and 25,999 to 33,000 pounds for the F-750. Wheelbases go from 146 to 260 inches. Low-profile versions are available. Called the Pro Loader, these models combine low load height with a small turning diameter. Tractor configurations also are offered.
Three diesel engine families offer a wide variety of horsepower to choose from. The base engine for both the F-650 and F-750 is the 6-liter V8 Power Stroke turbo diesel with power ratings from 200 to 230 hp. Optional engines are the Caterpillar C7 ACERT 7.2-liter, from 190 to 300 hp, and the Cummins 5.9-liter ISB with horsepower ratings from 185 to 260. There is a choice of five-, six- and seven-speed manual and five- and six-speed automatic transmissions.
New to Ford’s lineup is the LCF, a Class 4 and 5 vehicle designed, Ford notes, for use in highly populated urban areas for drivers who appreciate the tilt cab design advantages over conventional cabs such as visibility, maneuverability, operating ease and overall efficiency.
The LCF features an easy-in, easy-out, ergonomically designed cab that is comfortable and quiet. Gauges and controls are within easy sight and reach.
The LCF comes in three GVWRs: 16,000, 17,999 and 19,500 pounds. The only available powertrain is the 200-hp Power Stroke 4.5-liter V6 diesel mated to a TorqShift five-speed automatic transmission. Available wheelbases stretch from 113 to 185 inches. All models have clean top of frame rail for easy, more cost-efficient body mounting.
The LCF is built by Blue Diamond, through a joint manufacturing venture between Ford and International.
Web site: commtruck.ford.com
Freightliner Trucks
Freightliner says its Business Class M2 line of Class 5-8 models are ideal vehicles for beverage applications. Available as a truck or tractor, the M2 models are said to be “extremely agile,” featuring a wheel cut up to 55-degrees, set-back front axle and swept-back bumper for maneuverability. A large, single-piece windshield, low-profile dash and aerodynamic sloped hood provide a panoramic view of the truck’s surroundings.
They have spacious and comfortable interiors. Wide door openings, low step-in heights and interior and exterior grab handles offer easy entry and exit for reduced fatigue.
The M2 100 and 106 models are single rear axle trucks, with the 106 offered in a tractor version. The M2 112 has a tandem rear axle and is available as a truck or a tractor with a GVWR of up to 66,000 pounds.
Cabs, made of aluminum for lighter weight and better corrosion-resistance, are available in 100-, 106- and 112-inch BBC configurations. With clear frame rails back of cab, multiple exhaust options and a multiplex wiring system that eliminates large wiring bundles, body installations are simplified.
The Business Class M2s have also been designed to be easier to maintain with easy access to major components, color-coded wires, simplified electronics and Freightliner’s ServiceLink diagnostic tools.
A wide variety of power choices are available. Diesel engines in horsepower ratings from 170 to 430 are offered by Mercedes-Benz and Caterpillar. Transmission choices are Allison, Mercedes-Benz and Eaton Fuller in automated, automatic and five-, six-, seven-, nine-, 10-, 11- and 13-speed manuals.
Web site: freightlinertrucks.com
General Motors Corp.
General Motors is one of the few manufacturers that offer a full product line that meets all of the needs of the beverage industry — from passenger cars to work vans to medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. All are engineered to help reduce costs with easy maintenance and service.
The GMC TopKick and Chevy Kodiak are its conventional model trucks. They are said to have “one of the best turning diameters within Classes 4 and 5 for turns even tighter than most full-size pickups and some midsize cars.”
The TopKick and Kodiak C4500 are offered in gross vehicle weight ratings of 16,000 and 17,500 pounds. Wheelbases are 128 to 188 inches for bodies 8 to 18 feet long. The C5500 comes in GVWRs up to 26,000 pounds and wheelbases of 128 to 224 inches to handle 8- to 24-foot bodies. The standard powertrain is the 325-hp V8 Vortex 8100 gas engine and an Allison automatic transmission. The 325-hp Duramax 6600 turbo diesel is optional.
GVWRs for the GMC TopKick and Chevy Kodiak C6500 are from 19,501 to 26,000 pounds, 25,950 to 37,600 pounds for the C7500, 33,000 to 42,600 pounds for the C8500 and 46,000 to 61,000 pounds for the C8500 Tandem.
The wheelbase spread for the C6500 is 128 to 296 inches for body lengths of 8 to 30 feet. Both the C7500 and C8500 have wheelbase offerings from 140 to 296 inches, also for 8- to 30-foot bodies. The C8500 Tandem can handle bodies from 12 to 30 feet long with wheelbases from 152 to 308 inches.
Engine choices for the C6500 and C7500 are the 295-hp V8 Vortex 8100 gas, or Duramax or Caterpillar diesels in 200 to 230 hp. There are a variety of Allison automatics and Eaton Fuller five-, six- and seven-speed transmissions to select from.
The C8500 gets some “stronger” diesels, with hp ratings from 210 to 300 and more manual transmissions, with nine- and 10-speed offerings. The C8500 Tandem only comes with diesel power, from 230 to 300 hp. It has the same transmission choices as the C8500.
The W Series is GM’s line of low cab forward vehicles, which feature improved maneuverability, plus a panoramic windshield, large side windows and high seating position for visibility. The cab tilts for convenient engine access and easy maintenance, and doors open a full 90 degrees for easy entry and exit.
The Chevy and GMC W3500 have a GVWR of 12,000 pounds, 14,500 pounds for the W4500, 17,950 pounds for the W5500 and 19,500 pounds for the W5500HD. All models come standard with a 300-hp Vortec 6000 V8 gas engine and four-speed automatic transmission. There is an option of a 190-hp turbo and intercooled diesel with six-speed manual.
The W3500 is available in wheelbases of 109 to 150 inches to accommodate bodies of 10 to 18 feet. The W4500, W5500 and W5500HD all have wheelbase ranges from 109 to 176 inches. The W4500 and W5500HD can handle 10- to 20-foot body lengths; the WD500 12- to 20-foot.
The Chevy and GMC T Series of diesel-powered cabover-engine design trucks also feature “impressive maneuverability,” helped by 53-degree wheelcut angles and superb visibility. GVWRs are from 24,350 to 26,000 pounds for the T6500, 25,950 to 33,000 pounds for the T7500, 33,001 to 39,000 pounds for the T8500 and 52,350 to 56,000 pounds for the 8500 Tandem.
The T6500 comes with a Duramax 7.8-liter diesel in 200- or 230-hp ratings and a variety of Allison automatics and Eaton Fuller five- and six-speed manuals.
The same engine, in ratings from 200 to 300 hp, is for the T6500. Here again, a selection of Allison automatics and Eaton Fuller six-, nine- and 10-speed manual transmissions is offered.
The T8500’s 7.8-liter Duramax diesel is available in 230- to 300-hp models; T8500 Tandem, 230 to 300 hp. There is a wide choice of Allison automatics and Eaton Fuller manuals.
The Chevy and GMC T6500, T7500 and T8500 each can handle bodies from 10 to 34 feet with wheelbases from 128 to 260 inches. The T8500 Tandem has wheelbases from 152 to 260 inches for 16- to 32-foot long bodies.
Web site: Chevy Trucks: chevrolet.com/mediumduty; GMC Trucks: gmc.com/mediumduty
Hino Trucks
Hino Trucks offers a range of Class 4-7 conventional model trucks that provide good visibility, maneuverability and serviceability. Designed for drivers, the trucks have extra wide door swing and “walk-in steps” to provide simple and secure entry and exit.
The fully galvanized steel cab provides extra rigidity for ride comfort and noise reduction. The Hino Trucks’ visibility comes from a high driving position, large windshield and “aggressively” sloped hood. A lot of attention has been paid to serviceability. The engine is fully forward of the firewall for improved accessibility, service panels are easily removed and routine fluid checks can be performed from the driver’s side with no undue reaching. The chassis has clean access from back-of-cab to the end of the frame rails for simplified body and equipment installations.
The Hino 145, rated at 14,050 pounds GVWR, and the Hino 165, with a 16,000-pound GVWR, both come in wheelbases of 147 to 201 inches. Body lengths are 12 to 14 feet for the 145, 12 to 18 feet for the 165.
The Hino 185, in wheelbases of 169 to 210 inches, has a GVWR of 18,000 pounds. It can fit bodies that are 14 to 20 feet in length.
All three models are powered by Hino’s 5-liter 175-hp high-pressure common rail fuel injected and turbocharged diesel engine and a five-speed Eaton Fuller manual transmission. A four-speed Aisin automatic isoptional.
GVWR rated at 23,000 pounds, the Hino 238 and the 25,500-pound GVWR rated Hino 258LP (Low Profile) are each offered in wheelbases of 187 to 253 inches for bodies 14 to 24 feet long. Low-profile truck models feature a lower platform height for easier entry and exit and loading and unloading.
Next up in the GVWR range are the Hino 268 and 268A models, each with a GVWR rating of 25,950 pounds. Wheelbases are from 187 to 271 inches to accommodate bodies from 14 to 26 feet in length.
At the top of the line is the Hino 338 at 33,000 pounds GVWR. It, too, has wheelbases from 187 to 271 inches for bodies ranging from 12 to 26 feet long.
The 238, 258LP, 268, 268A and 338 all have the larger 8-liter, 220-hp Hino diesel backed to an Eaton Fuller six-speed manual. Available as an option is a five-speed Allison automatic.
Web site: hino.com
International Truck & Engine Corp.
International produces a wide range of commercial trucks and engines designed to meet the demanding driving conditions of beverage delivery. The vehicles feature innovations that increase uptime, extend service intervals and improve ride and handling.
Conventional trucks models, which can accommodate a broad range of body lengths, include:
• 4200 in GVWRs from 21,500 to 35,000 pounds and wheelbases from 128 to 254 inches. 4200 Lo-Profile in GVWRs from 19,660 to 27,000 pounds and wheelbases from 140 to 254 inches. The vehicles are powered by International diesel engines from 175 to 230 hp with a choice Allison automatics or Eaton Fuller five- or six-speed manual transmissions.
• 4300 in GVWRs from 23,500 to 37,000 pounds and wheelbases from 128 to 254 inches. 4300 Lo-Profile in GVWRs from 23,500 to 27,000 pounds and wheelbases from 140 to 254 inches. Power is supplied by International diesels from 195 to 250 hp. Transmissions available are six- or seven-speed Eaton Fuller manuals and a range of Allison automatics.
• 4400 in GVWRs from 25,500 to 54,000 pounds and wheelbases from 140 to 254 inches. 4400 Lo-Profile in GVWRs from 23,500 to 27,000 pounds and wheelbases from 140 to 254 inches. International diesels come in ratings 225 to 330 hp, with a choice of Allison, Eaton Fuller and International automatic, automated and six- and 10-speed manual transmissions.
• 4400 4x2 Mid Cab Tractor has a 4-inch higher stance and ride enhancing standard cab air suspension system for applications that require a significant amount of bobtailing. GVWRs range from 29,000 to 35,000 pounds; wheelbases from 136 to 156 inches. International diesels come in 215 to 300 hp ratings, with a choice of Eaton Fuller six-, seven- and 10-speed manuals and Allison five- and six-speed automatics.
International recently extended its medium-duty truck family with the introduction of Class 5 4100 conventional and the CF Series of Class 4 and 5 low cab forward trucks. The CF is built by Blue Diamond, through a joint manufacturing venture between International and Ford.
The CF Series is designed for good visibility and agile maneuvering. A 53-degree wheelcut enables it to easily handle sharp turns and tight city streets. It comes standard with a 200-hp International VT 275 diesel joined to a Ford five-speed overdrive automatic transmission. Two models are available. The CF500 has a 16,000-pound GVWR and wheelbases from 113 to 166 inches. The CF600 is offered in two GVWR ratings — 17,999 and 19,500 pounds — in wheelbases from 113 to 185 inches.
Like the CF Series, the 4100 conventional truck has a spacious and comfortable cab environment and good maneuverability, ride and visibility. It also has extended and synchronized service intervals for reduced maintenance and operating costs. Built on a low-profile frame for easier loading and unloading, the 4100 has GVWRs of 17,800 and 19,500 pounds. It comes standard with a 230-hp International VT-365 diesel engine and Allison 1000 Series transmission.
With the exception of the CF, all 4000 Series trucks are equipped with International Aware Vehicle Intelligence, a comprehensive telematics offering for improving the profitability of fleet operations, and the self-diagnosing International Diamond Logic Electric system, which helps provide increased reliability and maximized uptime.
Web site: internationaldelivers.com
Isuzu Trucks
­For 2006, Isuzu Trucks has given its N-Series gas model a fresh new look outside, and more driver comfort and convenience inside. Available in GVWRs of 12,000 and 14,500 pounds, the NPR Gas comes only with a 300-hp V8 engine and four-speed automatic transmission. The NPR is available in a 190-hp diesel version with a standard six-speed manual and optional four-speed automatic.
The NQR is the next step up, payload-wise, with a GVWR of 17,950 pounds, followed by the 19,500-pound GVWR NRR. Both models have as standard equipment a 190-hp diesel and six-speed transmission. Optional is a four-speed automatic.
The N-Series can accommodate body lengths of 10 to 20 feet with wheelbases from 109 to 176 inches. All of Isuzu’s diesel engines are turbocharged and intercooled for improved performance.
The Isuzu F-Series is designed for tight turns, tight situations, narrow streets and heavier loads. The FTR has a GVWR of 25,950 pounds; FRV 26,001 to 33,000 pounds; FXR 33,001 pounds; FXR Tandem 52,350 pounds.
The FTR and FVR have 200-hp diesel engines linked to Allison five-speed transmissions. The FXR has a 230-hp diesel; tandem axle version gets 250 hp. Both FXRs have an Allison six-speed automatic. The FTR, FVR and FXR have wheelbases that range from 128 to 160 inches for body lengths from 12 to 32 feet. The FXR Tandem comes in 152 to 260-inch wheelbases for 16- to 32-foot bodies.
The H Series is Isuzu’s line of efficient, maneuverable and driver-friendly conventionals with GVWRs from 25,950 to 54,600 pounds. A set-back front axle and a 53-degree wheelcut allow for tighter turns and improved maneuverability. Non-slip, well-spaced steps and grab handle make for easy and secure cab entry and exit.
The HTR is rated at 25,950 pounds GVWR, the HVR 25,950 to 33,000 pounds and the HXR at 35,000 pounds; 54,600 pounds for the tandem-axle version.
The H Series trucks feature an Isuzu six-cylinder diesel engine. The HTR has a 200-hp diesel and a choice of Allison five-speed automatic or Eaton Fuller six-speed manual transmissions. Power ratings for the HVR are 215 and 205 hp with Allison five- and six-speed automatics and Eaton Fuller six-speed manuals. The HXR gets a 250-hp diesel; tandem-axle version 300-hp engine. Transmission choices are Allison five- and six-speed automatics and Eaton Fuller nine- and 10-speed manuals.
The H Series is offered in wheelbases of 152 to 260 inches for bodies in lengths of 8 to 28 feet.
Web site: isuzucv.com/trucks
Kenworth Truck Co.
The T300 is Kenworth’s primary beverage vehicle. Designed specifically for the medium-duty market, it is available as a conventional truck or tractor, with single or tandem axles, in GVWRs from 26,000 up to 54,600 pounds.
The T300 combines Kenworth’s Class 8 heritage with maneuverability and high visibility due to the 20-degree sloped hood, 50-degee wheelcut, one-piece windshield and Daylite doors. The aluminum and fiberglass cab with cowl mounted mirrors add strength and durability for longer life and lower operating costs.
Maintaining and servicing the truck is easier with a 90-degree hood tilt for good accessibility to the engine compartment. Fluid level checks are located together and can be efficiently checked and maintained.
Kenworth made some major enhancements last year to its T300 that are incorporated in its 2006 model. These include exterior enhancements, including standard complex reflector headlamps that provide a 50 percent increase in illumination. New options include corner windows that aid in backing up and negotiating tight spots, and a center console containing a workstation.
Power for the T300 is supplied by Cummins ISB, Cummins ISC or Caterpillar C7 diesel engines from 190 to 330 hp. Twenty-three choices of Eaton Fuller manual transmissions, options of up to10 speeds, or Allison automatics can be had. Wheelbase configurations range from between 140 and 320 inches.
Web site: kenworth.com
Mack Trucks
Mack’s Vision DayCab is well-suited for those in the beverage industry involved primarily in local and regional daily hauling. With a combination of advanced materials and smart engineering, Mack says the tractor is “one of the lightest, quietest day cabs in trucking ... Less weight means lower operating costs. And less noise and vibration reduces driver fatigue.”
The tractor is powered by Mack’s ASET (Application Specific Engine Technology) highway engine, available in a horsepower ratings ranging from 310/330 to 460 hp. ASET engines offer superior horsepower and torque capability, improved fuel efficiency, quicker throttle response and greater engine braking output.
An Eaton Fuller 10-speed manual transmission is standard. Optional transmissions include automatics, automated and manuals. GVWRs range from 33,000 to 60,000 pounds.
Web site: macktrucks.com
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Of America
Mitsubishi Fuso markets a complete line of diesel-powered, medium-duty cabover trucks. The vehicles are designed for tight turning diameters and improved handling.
The line features easy-to-read instrumentation, tilt/telescoping steering wheel and dash-mounted shifter. The doors have swing-forward hinges for a wider door opening and covered and grated steps for safer entry and exit.
For 2006, the new Class 4 FE140 is Mitsubishi Fuso’s newest addition to its product line. Rated at 14,050 pounds GVWR, it is available in three wheelbase lengths, 115, 134 and 152 inches, and can accommodate body length sizes of 12 to 16 feet.
The FE140 is powered by Mitsubishi Fuso’s 147-hp dual-overhead-cam, turbocharged, intercooled diesel engine with a Mitsubishi five-speed manual transmission. A six-speed Aisin automatic is optional. The FE145 has a GVWR of 14,500 pounds and the same wheelbases and body lengths as the FE140. It also shares the same powertrain.
The last model in the FE series is the 17,995-pound gross vehicle weight rated FE180. Its wheelbase range is 228 to 290 inches, handling bodies of 12 to 20 feet. The FE180 also has the 147-hp Mitsubishi diesel and five-speed manual with the Aisin six-speed automatic as an option.
Next comes the FK200 with a 20,935-pound GVWR. Its newly designed low-profile tire and wheel combination allows the frame to sit just under 36 inches off the ground.
The FK200 comes standard with a 243-hp Mitsubishi turbocharged, intercooled diesel and Allison speed-speed automatic. A six-speed Mitsubishi manual transmission is optional. The wheelbase spread is 168 to 205 inches for 16- to 24-foot bodies.
For larger payloads there’s the FM model in two GVWRs: the FM260 at 25,995 pounds and the FM330 at 32,900 pounds. The FM260 has a 243-hp Mitsubishi six-cylinder diesel engine and a choice of standard Allison five-speed automatic or optional Mitsubishi six-speed manual.
The FM330’s diesel is available in ratings of 243 and 274 hp. There is a choice of transmissions — the standard Allison six-speed automatic or an optional Mitsubishi six-speed or Eaton Fuller nine-speed manuals. Both models can handle bodies in 14- to 28-foot lengths with their wheelbases of 145 to 239 inches.
Web site: mitfuso.com
Peterbilt Motors Co.
Peterbilt’s primary vehicle for the beverage industry is its maneuverable and dependable Class 6 and 7 Model 335, available in truck and tractor configurations. Its all-aluminum cab is reported to match the lifecycle of aluminum beverage bodies and trailers.
The Model 335 features one-piece hood and integrated fenders constructed of composite material that is lightweight, highly durable and impact resistant. A series of design enhancements have been made to the Model 335, including new serviceability features, interior upgrades for better productivity and ergonomics, easier and more convenient cab entry and egress, and improvements that help increase visibility and safety.
Downtime is minimized, helped by a hood that tilts 90 degrees for easy access to the engine and the steering gear mounted outside the frame rails. Electrical problems are quickly traced by an easily serviced electrical system that features clearly numbered wires and outside circuits with aluminum tags. Additionally, dash panels can be easily removed for quick and efficient servicing.
The Model 335 is offered in GVWRs from 26,000 to 66,000 pounds using single and tandem axles. Wheelbases range from 150 to 274 inches. Recommended body lengths for single-axle chassis range from 10 to 26 feet.
The choice of diesel power is Caterpillar or Cummins engines in horsepower ratings ranging from 190 to 315. Choices for transmission are four-, five- and six-speed Allison automatics, six- and 10-speed Eaton Fuller automated, and six-, nine-, 10- and 11-speeds Eaton Fuller manuals.
Web site: peterbilt.com
Sterling Trucks
Sterling Trucks has three product lines for beverage delivery and distribution applications: Acterra, L-Line and A-Line. All offer ease of entry and egress, roominess, good visibility, maneuverability and ride, and the reliability important for the stop-and-go operations.
The Sterling A-Line of regional haul tractors comes in a variety of cab configurations: medium and long conventional and two sleeper models and sizes. GVWR ratings range from 33,000 to 60,600 pounds.
There are three diesel engine choices: Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes Benz from 330 to 550 hp. A variety of Eaton Fuller and Allison manual, automatic and automated transmissions are available.
Like the A-Line, the tractor configuration of Sterling’s L-Line has a number cab configurations: 101-, 111-, 113- and 122-inch BBC versions. Ratings for GVWR are 27,500 to 72,000 pounds (without pusher axles).
Diesel engines, from 190 to 550 hp, are available from Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes Benz. These can be mated to a selection of Allison, Eaton Fuller and Meritor automatic, automated and manual transmissions.
The Acterra, available in both truck and tractor versions, has a 106-inch BBC and a wide range of GVWRs, from 18,000 to 64,000 pounds. The chassis is offered with a specially reinforced frame for beverage applications. The Acterra also has a choice of Meritor, Eaton Fuller and Allison manual, automated and automatic transmissions. Diesel engines range from 190 to 350 hp in models from Caterpillar Cummins and Mercedes-Benz.
Web site: sterlingtrucks.com
UD Trucks
The UD Trucks line of low cab forward vehicles from Nissan Diesel America offers a range of diesel powered chassis, from the Class 3 UD1300 with a GVWR of 13,000 pounds, all the way through the Class 7 UD3300 with a GVWR of 32,900 pounds.
UD Trucks’ cab-over-engine design provides “excellent forward and downward visibility,” according to the company. The wide panoramic windshield and large side windows give the driver an uncluttered wide field of vision. The design also results in tighter turning radiuses and better maneuverability compared with conventional cab vehicles. The aerodynamic styling reduces wind resistance, which not only improves fuel economy but lowers interior noise.
The UD1300, 15,250-pound GVWR UD1400 and 17,995-pound GVWR UD1800CS (City Spec) come standard with the MD-175 four-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine rated at 175 hp.
The UD1300 and UD1400 feature an Aisin four-speed overdrive automatic transmission as standard equipment. The UD1800CS offers a six-speed overdrive Nissan Diesel manual transmission with the Aisin automatic as an option.
Wheelbases for the UD1300 and UD1400 range from 109 to 149 inches. Both models can accommodate body lengths of 10 to 18 feet. The UD1800CS can handle bodies from 14 to 22 feet with its wheelbases of 143 to 197 inches.
The UD1800 is also available in a heavy-duty version, also rated at 17,995 pounds GVW. It comes in wheelbases from 148 to 217 inches for body lengths of 14 to 24 feet. The 19,500-pound GVWR UD2000 is offered in same wheelbases and body lengths as the UD1800HD. The UD2300, which comes in low-profile and dock high versions, has a GVW rating of 23,000 pounds. Both versions will fit body lengths of 14 to 26 with wheelbases choices from 147 to 216 inches.
Rated at 25,995 pounds GVW, the UD2600 is available in wheelbases from 150 to 254 inches for bodies from 14- to 30-foot truck bodies. The UD3300 has a GVW rating of 32,900 pounds and wheelbases from 156 to 238 inches. It can handle bodies from 14 to 26 feet.
The UD1800HD, UD2000, UD2300, UD2600 and UD3300 all feature the MD-230 six-cylinder diesel engine rated at 230 hp and are standard equipped with a six-speed overdrive Nissan Diesel manual transmission. The new generation Allison five-speed automatic is an option.  
Because the Allison product line now offers a locking torque converter feature, all UD Trucks with automatics now have an exhaust brake as standard. Air conditioning, power windows and door locks and keyless entry are also part of the standard spec.
Web site: udtrucks.com
Volvo Trucks North America
For applications that go out and back in the same day, Volvo Trucks recommends its lightweight and aerodynamic VNM 200 and VNL 300 daycab tractors. The VNM 200 has a mid-length hood and a 113-inch BBC. The 122-inch BBC VNL300 has a longer hood to accommodate larger, more powerful engines.
These daycabs, according to Volvo, are “the most maneuverable in their class,” due to the 50-degree wheel cut, set-back front axle and responsive steering that deliver “a turning radius that’s one of the tightest in the industry.” The tractors were designed for stop-and-start driving, maximum dependability, smooth, quiet ride and good handling.
The cab of the VNM 200 and VNL 300 is made of high-strength steel that is welded rather than riveted for maximum rigidity and greater protection. The interior is spacious and driver friendly. Key diagnostic information is displayed on a large screen centrally positioned on the dash. Controls are within easy reach and often-used switches can be located on the steering wheel. Standard equipment includes tilt/telescopic steering wheel and ABS.
The VNM 200 comes with Volvo’s VED12 diesel engine in ratings from 365 to 465 hp and a selection of Eaton Fuller and Meritor automated and manual transmissions in nine, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 18 speeds.
There is a choice of diesel engines for the VNL 300: Volvo VED12 in 365 to 465 hp ratings, Cummins ISX in 385 to 565 hp and 16-liter Volvo D16 from 450 to 535 hp. Available transmissions are the same as for the VNM.
VNM 200 comes in GVWRs from 46,000 to 60,600 pounds and wheelbases from 144 to 225 inches. GVWRs for the VNL 300 are 46,000 to 62,000 pounds; wheelbases are 148 to 256 inches.
Web site: volvo.com/trucks/na/en-us BI
Vehicle classes by gross vehicle weight
Class 1 • 6,000 pounds and less
Class 2 • 6,001 to 10,000 pounds
Class 3 • 10,001 to 14,000 pounds
Class 4 • 14,001 to 16,000 pounds
Class 5 • 16,001 to 19,500 pounds
Class 6 • 19,501 to 26,000 pounds
Class 7 • 26,001 to 33,000 pounds
Class 8 • 33,001 pounds and greater

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