Soda for Grown ups
Utmost Brands Inc., maker of Gus – Grown-up Soda, the all-natural line of less-sweet sodas, added a sixth flavor, Dry Cranberry Lime to the line. Cranberry Lime has a tart and tangy taste that appeals to grown-up palates. Available in single 12-ounce glass bottles for $1.39 to $1.75, and in four-pack carriers for $4.99, Dry Cranberry Lime joins existing GuS flavors Dry Meyer Lemon, Star Ruby Grapefruit, Dry Valencia Orange, Dry Crimson Grape and Extra Dry Ginger Ale.
Margarita madness
Diageo North America released Authentic Cuervo Margarita Minis, the first premium prepared cocktail that offers the Margarita experience in a convenient and portable package. The ready-to-serve Margarita is available in four-packs of 200-ml. single-serve glass bottles. The Margarita Minis can be served chilled, straight from the bottle or poured over ice. Offered in Classic Lime flavor, the Minis retail for $9.99 a four-pack or $2.49 for a single. Jose Cuervo also will be delivering a new super-premium, ready-to-serve Margarita, Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita, to consumers. The combination of the rich orange taste of Grand Marnier, the flavor of lime and Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila delivers an upscale cocktail. The product is available in two sizes: a 750-ml. bottle retailing for $11.99 and a 1.75-liter bottle retailing for $19.99.
Kicking it naturally
Molson has brewed Molson Kick, the first classic-tasting lager with essence of guarana, a natural source of caffeine, to be available in Canada. The product contains 5 percent alcohol by volume. Molson Kick is available in a sleek, fast chilling 355-ml. aluminum bottle exclusively at bars and clubs and Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) retail outlets. Consumers also can purchase Molson Kick packaged in glass bottles at retail outlets across Canada, as well as in cans throughout western Canada.
All natural sodas
The Zota Soda Co. is rolling out Zota Sodas nationwide. Every glass bottle of Zota contains 12 ounces of lightly carbonated organic green tea in one of eight all-natural flavors: Cola, Root Beer, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Raspberry, Ginger and Wekiwa – a grapefruit/tangerine citrus hybrid. The flavors offset the slightly tannic green tea to create a balanced, not-too-sweet soda that is labled USDA Organic by Quality Assurance International.
New Product Introductions by Category
Alcohol Beverages 511 347 47.3%
Coffee & Tea 494 391 26.3%
Dairy Drinks & Alternatives,Health Drinks 125 141 -11.3%
Fruit & Vegetable Drinks 381 204 86.8%
Other Drinks 110 161 -31.7%
Soft Drinks, SPORTS
DRINKS & Bottled WaterS
240 137 75.2%
Total Beverages 1,861 1,381 34.8%
Source: Productscan Online (
Enchanted energy
Kabbalah Energy Drink, which is packaged in a 16-ounce red, white and blue can, contains taurine – thought to help regulate heart rates, maintain cell membrane stability and detoxify the body – B vitamins and caffeine. The company says celebrities Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore – all practicing Kabbalists – have all tried the Kabbalah Energy Drink, which sports the tagline “Source of Power.” Distributed by Kabbalah Enterprises, the citrus-flavored drink is said to be infused with Kabbalah water and retails for $1.99.
Teen appeal
Coca-Cola North America is giving a consumer favorite a new single-serve package in Hi-C Blast’s 12-fluid-ounce plastic bottle multi-pack. The company says the new package will appeal to older youths by bringing them Hi-C Blast in a package they prefer. The new Hi-C Blast package will be available in six-packs in Orange Supernova, Fruit Pow and Berry Blue flavors.
Drinkable remedy
The Ginger People opened up a new category of beverages with Ginger Soother, an all-natural, non-carbonated drink that contains 19 grams of ginger per bottle. The company says Ginger Soother, which retails for $1.49, targets the health-conscious consumer who wants to be soothed and comforted by what they eat and drink. Ginger is said to soothe the throat and stomach, warm the internal organs and ease nausea and ailments from colds to headaches.
Latin flavor
Hat Trick Beverage Inc., Encinitas, Calif., moved into the Latino market with fruit-flavored water drinks. Branded as Dos Lagos Agua Fresca, the sugar-free juice drinks are available in Mango, Limon, Tamarindo, Jamaica, Horchata and Piña flavors. Already in southern California and Arizona convenience stores, Hat Trick expects to roll out the brand nationally.
White choices
The Republic of Tea introduced a line of five ready-to-drink White Iced Teas, including the first decaffeinated bottled white iced tea. The varietal, no-calorie, unsweetened, organic White Iced Tea collection includes: Orange Blossom, Kiwi Pear Decaf, Vanilla Coconut, Pineapple Guava and Honeydew Melon. The 12-ounce plastic-bottled White Iced Tea line retails for a suggested price of $2.19.
Luxury vodka
Skyy Spirits, a subsidiary of Milan-based Gruppo Campari, launched Skyy90, a 90-proof vodka blended with Sierra Mountain water for discriminating martini drinkers. After 10 years of development and a $25 million investment to create an advanced and modern distillation facility, Skyy worked with master distiller Randall Schrick to develop a revolutionary process that produces a smooth-tasting vodka. The fermentation process begins with a high-grade amber winter wheat. A centralized computer system monitors more than 100 control points of the five-column distillation process. A new proprietary finishing stage – extracting the final trace amounts of water and by-products inherently left behind from the fermentation process – makes Skyy90 the world’s first 100 percent distillate, according to the company. The 100 percent distillate is then blended with just enough Sierra Mountain water and bottled at 90 proof to yield optimal flavor for the martini experience.