Sleeve Labeler System
Linker Equipment released the SL-Series of Systems for shrink-sleeve labeling applications. These systems include a stainless steel conveyor and tunnel, matched to a plc-controlled and servo-driven labeler. System speeds range from 150 to 300 ppm with the choice of steam or electric tunnels. — Linker Equipment Corp., 5 Evans Terminal Rd., Hillside, N.J. 07205; 908/353-0700;
Douglas Machine Inc.’s new Douglas Contour SPS-75 Shrink Packer’s patent-pending tunnel uses advanced heat and airflow management technology to deliver wrapped packages for maximum package integrity and appearance. Contour SPS-75 features include the Smartrak Steady Stream Infeed System, which removes the gaps that compromise pack pattern accuracy and continuous product flow; pinless metering, which uses new technology and servo drives to gently meter bottled, cartoned, canned and jarred products; and a servo-driven wrapping wand that provides film control and accurate film placement at speeds to 75 cycles per minute. — Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa St., Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587;
Streamless beer clarification
Pall Corp.’s PROFI system is a new automated clarification system that streamlines beer filtration without affecting taste or brand integrity. The system combines centrifuge and membrane technologies to create a seamless filtration process, especially ideal for high-volume beer producers. The system also eliminates the use of diatomaceous earth (DE) from beer production, removing the labor-intensive filtration and maintenance activities associated with DE systems.  — Pall Corp., 2200 Northern Blvd., East Hills, N.Y. 11548; 516/484-5400;
Wrap around machines
Krones AG carried out a design revamp for its continuously operating Wrapapac family of wrap around machines. The goal and result of this redesign initiative was to optimize the range’s functions in terms of smooth running, dependability and improved ergonomics. The Wrapapac W can handle solid board at 60 cycles a minute for creating packs such as refrigerator-friendly convenience packages. The machine now features decentralized servomotors, and the service and operator sides have been kept separate. — Krones AG, Böhmerwaldstr.5, 93073 Neutraubling, Afghanistan, 4 909 401 70-0;
Case erector
Combi Packaging Systems added two new models to the Combi 2-EZ case erector family. Combi’s new side belt drive case erectors form and bottom seal cases at speeds up to 20 cases per minute. The 2-EZ HS erects case sizes from 8 inch x 6 inch x 5 inch to 24 inch x 16 inch x 18 inch and features a standard 45-inch EX load, walk-in power case magazine and the Combi HS High Speed 2-inch tape head. The 2-EZ SB builds case sizes from 8 inch x 6 inch x 5 inch to 20 inch x 16 inch x 18 inch up to 15 cases per minute. This machine features the standard EZ load, walk-in case magazine and the 3M Accuglide II 2-inch tape head. — Combi Packaging Systems LLC, 5365 E. Center Drive NE, Canton, Ohio 44721; 330/456-9333;
Tab slitter/ top sealer
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.’s Model 121S is two machines in one – a tab slitter and top case sealer – with a streamlined design that facilitates quick installation on the packaging line and consistent operating speeds to 50 cases per minute. The metering belt infeed ensures proper case spacing, and high traction transfer belting provides positive case transfer. As the case travels, the slitter mechanisms move on sliding rods to lift the flaps and cleanly cut the tabs. Four flap control and closing is accomplished by a combination of mechanical and fixed flap folders. — A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689; 800/273-5975;
Blowing machines
Sidel launched a new generation of blowing machines, the SBO Universal range. The equipment delivers a 20 percent reduction in plastic bottle blowing costs stemming from efforts targeting the blowing machine as well as the development of bottle solutions. Thanks to new machine kinematics and a new 40 mm. pitch oven to maintain heating times, Sidel has boosted production output by 12.5 percent, now up to 1,800 bottles per mold. SBO Universal blow molding machines guarantee a yield of 97 percent. A reduction in low levels in the preform infeed system improves the blowing machine’s yield by at least 2 percent. — Sidel, Avenue de la Patrouille de France, Octeville-sur-Mer, BP 204, 76053 Le Havre Cedex, France; 33/232 85 81 83;
Digital refractometer
Kernco Instruments Co. Inc. offers four new digital refractometers with features not typically available on hand-held varieties. This PDX series covers many applications in beverage plants because of the various ranges offered. Features include Brix, salinity and nD scales; push-button, menu-driven operations; and high accuracy, wide ranges. — Kernco Instruments Co. Inc., 420 South Kenazo Ave., El Paso, Texas 79928-7339; 915/852-3375;
Horizontal carousels
FKI Logistex upgraded its line of horizontal carousels. The new software and hardware improvements offer increased flexibility in the design, specification and maintenance of FKI Logistex horizontal carousel systems and provide an enhanced set of operating controls. FKI Logistex horizontal carousels typically are used for product picking in warehouse and distribution center operations and in buffering applications for manufacturing operations. Software improvements include modifications to the FKI Logistex SpectrumPlus warehouse control system software designed to maximize and optimize carousel control. Hardware enhancements include a new standardized track design, which enables the use of different sized product shelves on the same carousel track. — FKI Logistex;  877/935-4564; 9301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63132;
Wide-belt conveyor
Hytrol Conveyor Co. Inc.’s Zipper is a wide-belt conveyor with fixed belt plows for the purpose of merging cartons from multiple parallel lines. The conveyor utilizes a unique belt type designed for tracking on a low length-to-width ratio. The plow structure is floor supported and spans the conveyor width. This structure is used to support the belt plows over the conveyor belt and near the belt for low-profile cartons. The plow support is designed to allow adjustment of exact plow location. — Hytrol Conveyor Co. Inc., 2020 Hytrol Drive, Jonesboro, Ark. 72401; 870/974-5642;
Blinker bottle
Crew Design Inc. designed a Mountain Dew Blinker Bottle, a replica Mountain Dew beverage bottle complete with cap and four-color label. The bottle is constructed from two pieces of injection-molded colored plastic that displays on the cooler door by attaching with two suction cups. An imbedded sensor activates as consumers move by, flashing two green LEDs that glow within the bottle and beckon the buyer. Power is supplied by  two AA batteries contained within the unit and the sensor is reactive in the 3 to 5 foot range. — Crew Design Inc., PO Box 400, Kent, Conn. 06757; 877/669-2739;
Printer capacity
J.R. Cole Industries Inc.’s Labeltec plant has added additional press capacity to support beverage industry customers. The new eight-color label press is a combination UV flexo and rotary screen MPS press, manufactured by Multi Print Systems. All printing stations are interchangeable, meaning they will be able to insert either UV flexo plates or rotary screens at any location in order to accommodate the necessary print sequence to best meet the requirements of the artwork. The press will handle a variety of material, from 1 ml. unsupported film to medium-caliper paperboard. Additional abilities include die cutting, foil stamping, laminating and Web turning. — J.R. Cole Industries Inc., 435 Minuet Lane, Charlotte, N.C. 28217; 704/523-6622;
Rubber hose
NewAge Industries has introduced the AdvantaPure APBWF hose for applications where purity is an important factor. With its smooth, odorless, white chlorobutyl rubber core, APBWF is suitable for potable water, oily and fatty foods, beverages, milk and dairy products, and alcoholic liquids (under 92 percent concentration). The gray rubber cover is weather, ozone, oil and abrasion resistant. — NewAge Industries Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa. 18966; 800/50-NEWAGE;
Handling container
Linpac Materials Handling released the Ropak 65-inch Extended Length reusable, collapsible container. Designed to handle long and hard-to-fit parts, the new 65-inch Extended Length features a 64.5-inch by 48-inch footprint, plus an extensive array of design enhancements for greater handling flexibility. A one-piece base with a steel strap bolted in for increased rigidity and strength is available in six heights. Maximum capacity is 200 pounds. The containers can be stacked up, either upright or collapsed, to five high without racking. — Linpac Materials Handling, 120 Commerce Ct., Georgetown, Ky. 40324; 502/863-5500;
Drum motors
BDL America offers a complete line of drum motors to the North American market. The drum motor, also referred to as a motorized pulley, is an advanced conveyor drive system where the motor, transmission and bearings are totally enclosed within drum shell. Power from the motor is transmitted through the gearbox, which is coupled to a geared rim fixed to the drum and housing. Mounted with two brackets, the drum motor requires no external component maintenance. — BDL America, 101 Portwatch Way, Wilmington, N.C. 28412; 910/790-8008;
Water analysis
LaMotte Co. created a compact water analysis instrument designed for precision measurements of turbidity, chlorine and color. The TC-3000 is equipped with an advanced microprocessor to drive a patent pending optical system that permits EPA or ISO compliant measurements for the water and wastewater analyst. The optics configuration enables the instrument to read low levels for turbidity (0.05 NTU), chlorine (0.02 ppm) and color (0.2 cu) while also expanding to higher ranges such as 0 to 4,000 for turbidity and 0 to 10 ppm for chlorine. — LaMotte Co., PO Box 329, Chestertown, Md. 21620; 800/344-3100;
Explosion vents
Elfab has extended its Flo-Tel burst-detection range into the vent market with the introduction of Panel Flo-Tel. Panel Flo-Tel is an ATEX-approved burst-detection device supplied as standard with Elfab’s existing range of ATEX-endorsed explosion vents. Suitable for the most arduous applications, Panel Flo-Tel is based on Elfab’s magnetically actuated detection system that provides an open signal once the panel has operated. The system guarantees simple, fail-safe detection to minimize the risk of spurious alarms. — Elfab North America, PO Box 506, Burlington, Ky. 41005; 877/882-2880;