Taster’s Voice

Some in our test group had recently returned from a vacation in Puerto Rico where they tried several different locations’ Mojitos; others had never had a Mojito before. Those who had tried Mojitos before felt the Mojito Libre mix tasted too minty, especially if drinking a virgin Mojito Libre. Those not used to Mojitos just felt the whole drink was overpowering.
Minty Caribbean mix
Mojito Libre will be available to restaurants and bars this month with plans to hit store shelves later this year. This traditional Caribbean lime and mint drink mix only needs light rum and soda water added to it, allowing purveyors to make five consistent drinks in the time it would normally take to make one. The Mojito mix gets shaken and served over ice. Recipes for virgin Mojito Libres, Mojito Libre Smoothies and Margaritas also are printed on the bottle. Available in a 30-ounce plastic bottle, Mojito Libre mixed drinks can retail in bars and restaurants from around $7.95 to $13.95.
Mojito Libre
Amoretti, Chatsworth, Calif.
Telephone: 818/718-1239
Internet: amoretti.com
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Lime, mint, sucrose, dextrose, fructose and natural extractives.
Here’s the skinny…

This month’s contenders:
Katie, 26, video editor
Andrea, 25, medical social worker
Jenn, 25, accountant
Kristen, 25, social worker
“I found the couple on the bottle to be a bit interesting. I like the colors.” — Jenn
“The couple on the bottle is a little cheesy.” — Andrea
“I do like the sexy couple on the front. The plastic bottle is practical, and it’s nice to have different recipes on the bottle.” — Katie
“I like sweet drinks, but I didn’t really care too much for this.” — Jenn
“I’m not sure if it’s the mint I’m tasting or if it’s the first overwhelming scent of mint. Either way, it’s too much.” — Kristen
“I smell too much mint, and it’s not sweet enough.” — Andrea
“Compared to Mojitos I’ve had in Puerto Rico and restaurants, this mix fails with the flavor. It has potential to taste good and similar to a Mojito if diluted possibly, but currently falls short.” — Katie
Last call
“The spearmint flavor may be the ingredient that is creating the powerful taste. I believe most Mojitos have less mint flavor.” — Katie