Shrink Wrapper
Designed to accommodate customers’ requirements of flexibility combined with low cost, Dorell’s automatic SW30 shrink bundler provides limitless collation and changeover capabilities. Featuring a “no tool” changeover, this flexible system can handle non-supported and supported products, collating them in numerous configurations at up to 25 bundles per minute. The system is applicable for various product sizes, up to 14 inches high and 12 inches wide. A small-radius nosebar provides smooth transfer between the wrapper and the tunnel. Adjustable louvers improve airflow in the tunnel, minimizing film distortion and providing package attractiveness. — Dorell Equipment Inc., 14 Kennedy Blvd., East Brunswick, N.J. 08816; 732/247-5400;
Electric series forklift
The Komatsu Forklift ASX-BSX high performance series of electric models offers lifting capacities from 3,000 to 6,000 pounds and also includes a 2,500-pound turret truck. These ergonomically advanced lift trucks are built with the operator in mind and the power to move. The forklift series, with fully electronic power steering and dual-steer tires, provides easy navigation and maneuverability in narrow aisles. The operator can simultaneously control travel direction, travel speed, lift, lower, tilt, side-shift, and other hydraulic functions with one hand. The other hand controls the virtually effortless electronic tiller steering with Mosfet Drive Controller providing greater driving performance and maneuverability. The instrument panel has an easy-to-read digital display for immediate awareness of the forklift's operational status. —  Komatsu Forklift U.S.A. Inc., 14481 Lochridge Blvd., Covington, Ga. 30014; 770787-5100; 800/821-9365;
Decaser bottle feed
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.’s Model 156 decaser/single filer is now equipped with an intelligent control package that automatically monitors container flow and adjusts the decasing speed to ensure a continuous fill rate. This new feature is designed to optimize line productivity by ensuring harmonious operation regardless of line speed variations. The Model 156 takes the place of three machines as it functions as a flap opener/positioner, uncaser and container single filer. Operating at speeds up to 50 cases per minute, it opens the case flaps, uncases and single files the containers and uprights the emptied cases for conveying to case packing. Flexibility is built in, as this machine runs a variety of bottle- or container-styles, including glass and plastic, and offers quick changeover requiring no change parts. — A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689; 800/273-5975;
Hot-melt applicator
Built for medium-speed case sealing and high-speed cartoning, Shure-Glue’s NC-20 PRO Series hot-melt applicator delivers the flexibility, performance and durability for adhesive applications. Solid-state controls, accurate RTD temperature sensors and motor-driven gear pumps optimize system performance. The NC-20 PRO Series melt rate (21 pounds/hour) and holding capacity (19 pounds) make it ideal for a wide range of applications, including low-consumption applications. The New Pro-Series unit features a touch-screen control panel that offers capabilities and features such as programmable sequential zone start-up, automatic temperature setback, high/low temperature protection, high-pressure protection, system diagnostics, RS-232 temperature control interface, seven-day programmable clock, digital RPM readout and optional two-channel adhesive level sensing. —  Shure-Glue Systems Inc., 457 Circle Freeway Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45246; 513/874-5581;
Inkjet printer
The Imaje 4040 printer has been designed for manufacturers who need to personalize their packaging on the production line and who are looking for quality, reliability and flexibility. The Imaje 4040 Windows-based controller makes selecting texts, graphics, logos, barcodes and 2-D codes on porous surfaces effortless. The image quality is a true 180 dpi vertical by 200 dpi horizontal resolution with ANSI Grade readability that meets market requirements. Imaje 4040 prints any font and any alphabet, up to 71 mm. height with a single head. The printer can drive up to four print heads for very large messages or simultaneously print on both sides of the same packing case. — Imaje USA, 1650 Airport Rd., Kennesaw, Ga. 30144; 770/421-7700;
Filter test device
The Palltronic Compact Star from Pall Corp. is a new fully automated, portable and easy-to-use filter integrity test device designed to help ensure consistent wine quality from batch to batch. The test enables wine manufacturers to protect their brand through preventative quality control and rapid diagnosis. The Palltronic Compact Star device provides a simple, fast and accurate check of integrity of the membrane filters used in wine processing to eliminate the risk of microbial contamination prior to bottling in a completely automated system. The Palltronic Compact Star device also performs a pressure hold test, a non-destructive method that measures pressure decay over time. The test involves automatically pressurizing the filter housing at a predetermined level, allowing the pressure to stabilize. The device then takes the test measurement and depressurizes the assembly through the vent valve. In addition to the wine industry, the new device can be applied to test filter integrity in a broad range of food and beverage applications including beer, spirits, soft drinks and ingredient processing. — Pall Corp., 2200 Northern Blvd., East Hills, N.Y. 11548; 516/484-5400;
Coding and marking
Domino Printing Sciences plc will be bringing its A-Series range of continuous ink jet printers, which has been developed to offer a wide range of reliable coding solutions, to Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany. The A-Series range at Interpack includes the A300 continuous ink jet printer, which prints up to four lines of text with a variety of print formats that include logos, bar codes/dot codes, automatic serial numbering/batch coding and real time clocks. Visitors also will have the chance to see the A300SE continuous ink jet printer and S200B laser system in live demonstrations printing onto PET water bottles, while Domino’s C-Series printers like the C6000, will demonstrate how the quality of printing for outer cases is achieved with ease. — Domino U.K. Ltd., Bar Hill, CB# 8TU Cambridge, U.K.; +44 0 1954 782551;
Pinless metering
Douglas Machine Inc. received a patent for its Pinless Metering system that uses slip-sheet technology and servo drives to gently but quickly meter bottled, canned and cartoned products into their appropriate pack patterns. The Pinless Metering technology also eliminates product damage that can occur when using traditional metering concepts. Features include solid conveyors to stabilize product flow and minimal surge pressure that results in speeds 50 percent faster than traditional metering technology. Changeovers are accomplished with simple adjustments and intuitive steps through the control panel. Pinless Metering is used on Douglas product lines including the new Axiom Servo Case/Tray Packers and Contour Shrink-Wrap Systems. — Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa St., Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587;
System cleaner
Manitowoc Beverage Systems offers BevClean, a no rinse bag-in-box and cartridge beverage system cleaner. BevClean cleans and sanitizes fountain dispensing systems, counter electronics, bar guns, cartridge machines and dairy/cappuccino dispensers, and can clean up to eight beverage lines simultaneously. Cleaning usually takes two service technicians an hour, but BevClean allows one service technician to finish in 15 minutes. The cleaner works on contact and requires no flushing with water. BevClean is colorless, odorless and leaves no residuals.
Unlike cleaners that can negatively affect carbonation, BevClean has been tested and proven to have no adverse affects on carbonation. The product is completely safe for all dispensing equipment, tubing, pumps and other system components, and can be used for syrup, juice and fruit drink, tea and beer lines. Stronger concentrates are available for beer lines to remove beer stone build-up. — Manitowoc Beverage Systems, 1001 Hamilton Dr., Holland, Ohio 43528; 419/861-0800;
Pocket refractometer
Kernco Instruments Co. Inc. now offers Model CDX-1 portable digital refractometer with wide range of 0 to 60 percent. The model covers many applications where previous models would only cover a range of 0 to 35 percent. The exceptionally small and lightweight refractometer performs at the highest level available in a compact digital design. Model CDX-1 features rugged construction to provide years of reliable use. The waterproof (IP65) design allows it to be used in humid or harsh conditions. The aluminum sample well with titanium coating stands up to even corrosive materials and allows samples to be easily wiped from the prism. — Kernco Instruments Co. Inc., 420 South Kenazo Ave., El Paso, Texas 79928-7339; 915/852-3375;
Meter series
Thermo Electron Corp. unveiled the Orion Star Series, a line of meters, accessories and solutions for electrochemistry measurement. Building upon Orion’s electrode technology, Thermo’s Water Analysis Instruments product portfolio offers multiple configurations and highly sensitive electrodes designed for applications in the beverage and food markets. Thermo has customized the meters, electrodes and solution packages to fit the specific needs of customers, rather than offering one standard equipment package. With seven benchtop models and eight portable models, the series is suitable for the general lab or for the specialized quality control lab. — Thermo Electron Corp., 18 Commerce Way, Fifth Floor, Woburn, Mass.; 781/933-4689;  
Replacement inks
InkJet Inc. has released two new inks for Videojet and Marsh inkjet printers. The 25 Ink is a white ketone-based pigmented ink, designed to provide a bright, high-contrast mark on dark, non-porous materials. The 25 ink provides a fast dry time and is suitable for high visibility marking on dark colored glass, wire, cable and extruded rubber products, similar in performance to Videojet 16-2520 CIJ ink.
InkJet’s new U Ink is a black ketone-based large character ink, formulated to provide a dark, high-contrast mark on porous and semi-porous cartons. This ink is packaged in an 8-ounce pressurized, non-aerosol bladder that easily connects to the print head with a bayonet-type fitting. The U ink is similar in performance to the Marsh Unicorn DOD Series ink. — InkJet Inc., 11111 InkJet Way, Willis, Texas 77378; 936/856-6600;
Keg mover
The Magliner Keg Mover allows users to move six full (half-barrel) kegs or 11 empties securely, significantly increasing delivery productivity. When placed on an Axiom 360, the Keg Mover stabilizes a bottom row of three kegs so additional layers may be added. Weighing about 10 pounds, the Keg Mover stores easily in a bay truck when not in use, allowing users to quickly alternate between case and keg delivery. — Magline Inc., 503 South Mercer St., Pinconning, Mich. 48650-9310; 800/624-5463;
Pallet accumulator
Hytrol’s model Plezd is a heavy-duty plastic belt accumulation conveyor, offering a new approach to conveying and accumulating heavy unitized or palletized loads. It combines the technology of the patented EZLogic Accumulation System with the efficiency of the new EZDrive System. The Plezd uses the dependability of the plastic belt to convey loads considered nonconveyable, such as flexible plastic pallets and mis-oriented conventional wooden pallets. — Hytrol Conveyor Co. Inc., 2020 Hytrol Dr., Jonesboro, Ariz. 72401; 870/974-5642;
Drink Cooler
The Pocket Puffy starts out as a business card then inflates into a full-sized beverage cooler. A customizable diameter makes the Pocket Puffy the right fit for normal-sized and extra large bottles and cans and 8.3-ounce energy drinks. The screen print method on the coolers produces an image superior to dye sublimation available on neoprene coolers. The image also covers the entire 11-inch by 4.5-inch surface of the drink cooler and the surface of the pouch, allowing for 50 square inches of advertising space. — Pocket Puffy Promotions Co., 3229 Rogers Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76109; 817/456-5000;
Date code sensor
Focusing on optical character recognition (date codes, lot codes), the Omron F210 CF date verification vision sensor from Omron Electrics LLC monitors printed codes for readability and rejects packages with unreadable, incomplete or missing codes. At the same time, it alerts system operators of the defects so that corrections can be made before large numbers of products are affected.
The F210 CF enables complete inline inspection of codes. The system automatically updates codes daily without operator intervention and recognizes date formats, including “manufactured on” and “best before” configurations. Setup and changeover can be done through a handheld keypad rather than a PC. The F210 CF vision sensor is ideal for use in food and beverage packaging operations, where clear and accurate date codes are essential. — Omron Electronics LLC, 1 Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, Ill. 60173; 866-88-OMRON;
FS-Elliott offering compressors to the beverage industry
FS-Elliott, which recently formed when Fu Sheng Industrial Co., acquired the compressor division of Elliott Turbomachinery Co., focuses exclusively on the design, manufacturing, maintenance and servicing of industrial air compressors. FS-Elliott’s headquarters, engineering center and manufacturing operations are based in Jeannette, Pa. However, it also has an extended service parts facility in Export, Pa., and a packaging facility in Shanghai, China.
Ronald L. Stewart, FS-Elliott’s chief executive officer answers a few Beverage Industry questions about the new company, the importance of compressed air to the beverage industry, and new technologies to help improve beverage processing operations.
Q: What differentiates your product from other air compressor companies – isn’t all compressed air the same?
How compressed air is used in any operation can affect product quality, and production efficiency – including total availability. In order to maximize these factors, operations does not need just any compressed air – they need engineered air. That is the focus of our company.
Q: What makes up engineered air and what are the benefits to end-users?
We use considerable experience and industry know-how to develop leading technology, such as state-of-the-art aerodynamics and advanced control and monitoring systems.
Reliability is clearly a huge benefit and we’ve engineered our systems to ensure that this important utility – air – is delivered consistently throughout an operation. The internal workings of our equipment employ redundant systems to ensure availability is maximized. In addition, we have worked to reduce the number of moving parts in these systems to positively impact reliability.
We are giving users greater control over their air compression systems.  Our new Regulus Control System, for example, allows an operator to control and monitor the entire system through an easy-to-use color graphic touch screen. This allows for precision control and accurate trending for preventative maintenance. In addition, our systems are designed with maximum accessibility, reducing maintenance downtime. Users can easily fine-tune their system to suit their specific needs.
Q: Are there specific benefits of engineered air to the beverage industry?
Yes. The beverage industry is an important focus for our organization. Quality, purity and consistency are vital to this industry – from PET bottle blowing, to driving a conveyor line.  For instance, it is very important to consumer safety and satisfaction that the compressed air used to blow PET bottles is 100 percent oil-free and particulate filtered. Our engineers pioneered the development of 100 percent oil-free air, which directly impacts every aspect of beverage industry from production to packaging.
Q: What is the most important benefit that you bring to the beverage industry?
Focus. FS-Elliott designs, manufactures and services only air compressors, providing a rare level of industry focus. Aside from the many engineering benefits this focus brings, we are able to provide unsurpassed customer service.
Q: Is FS-Elliott developing any new technologies that might be of interest to the beverage industry?
FS-Elliott has recently developed the Star Series Regulus, an affordably priced programmable logic controller (PLC) based modular control system that tempers leading technology with ease-of-use. The Star Series Regulus allows plant services to monitor and control their engineered air systems from anywhere in the world. It utilizes a color graphical touch-screen human machine interface (HMI) which features control adaptability, multi-functionality and increased energy efficiency.
Barbed fittings
NewAge Industries has introduced Thermobarb barbed fittings in an assortment of five plastics. This expanded offering lets users select the material that works best with their application, which can range from potable water to chemical transfer to industrial uses. Thermobarb fittings work well with tubing and hose made from soft materials such as PVC, silicone, polyurethane or TPR. The plastic barbed fittings are precision molded in nylon-6, high-density polyethylene, PVDF, natural polypropylene or new black polypropylene. While all five varieties of Thermobarbs offer high impact strength and chemical resistance, each material offers its own advantages for particular applications. — NewAge Industries Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa. 18966; 800/50-NEWAGE;