KenBay, Cott Beverages find waste-handling solution
ince 2002, Cott Beverages, the world's largest retailer-brand soft drink supplier, has operated a full-line manufacturing and distribution facility in Wyomissing, Pa., offering the North American market high-quality carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, flavored sparkling waters, seltzers and mixers.
As sales grew and production increased, the Wyomissing plant encountered new waste management issues and the facility became overrun by plastic wrap, assorted waste collection bins and other clutter scattered throughout.
Viewing the situation as unacceptable, Production Supervisor Don Morgan set out to find a better way to handle the mounds of accumulating waste in accordance with the company’s commitment to solid waste reductions, which benefits both the environment and Cott’s bottom line.  
In the past (as little as ten years ago), the solution may have been to simply schedule additional solid waste pickups and purchase more dumpsters. Today, however, most of the waste is recycled, and most recycling companies require the material to be clean, compacted and baled.
Morgan says his first thought was to bring in more balers — machines used to crush and compact materials into large bundles bound for storage or transport­— but that would only add to the number of bins already on the plant floor. Not only that, but balers can be dangerous and require skilled operators in order to maintain safety standards.
Then, almost by accident, he discovered the KenBay Rotorpac waste compactor sitting unused in the baling area. The Rotorpac is relatively small (only a 4-foot by 5-foot footprint), and Morgan decided to use the compactor to complete the tasks formerly handled by a baler.
“I learned from KenBay that there are many exciting ways to use the Rotorpac,” explains Morgan, “and one is to compact plastic wrap. I saw it as an innovative way to do an old job.”
Morgan brought the Rotorpac to the production floor, right at the source of the waste, and set the machine on continual compaction. “Now, the forklift operators simply put the plastic in the Rotorpac and remove the bag for recycling when it is full.
“We used to handle the solid waste associated with production and shipping materials two or three times before disposing it, now we handle it just once,” says Morgan. “Since the Rotorpac actually bales the plastic, we don’t have to store it and we get to eliminate the collection bins — it’s like killing two birds with one stone.”
He attributes the Rotorpac with creating a cleaner, safer and more efficient production facility.
“The plant is more organized. It used to be an unsightly mess with lots of chaos. Now, when you walk in, it looks like a plant rather than a recycling facility. Without extra bins and mounds of plastic, we have increased floor space on which to put raw materials. It’s also safer because people aren’t tripping over plastic and the forklifts aren’t picking it up on their tires.” — For more information, contact Chris Meis, KenBay, P.O. Box 242, Mendham, N.J. 07945;  888/353-6229;
Beverage Software
Created specifically to meet the needs of the beverage industry, BeveragePro provides a cost-effective and workflow-oriented system. Easy-to-use modules include order fulfillment and shipping, bulk or case goods inventory and volume management, bulk blending and bottling, tank farm monitoring, and bill of materials with costing, purchasing, quality control certificate of analysis with integrated USDA Score Sheets, and includes Marking and Tracking System for barcode scanning. BeveragePro has lot-tracking and recall capabilities for food safety and traceability. — Propak Software, 260 Avenue A SW, Winter Haven, Fla. 33880-2928; 800/886-0933;
Label applicator
Axon Corp. has introduced the EZ-Seal 300SL, a high-speed shrinksleeve label applicator capable of applying labels on as many as 300 containers per minute. The EZ-Seal 300SL is the latest addition to Axon’s EZ-Seal line of heat-shrinkable sleeve label applicators. This new machine can accommodate most full-body sleeve applications, running film thickness as thin as 35 microns. The 300SL features a small footprint and includes the applicator and heat tunnel, which will integrate with existing conveyors. — Axon Corp., 1341 Express Dr., Raleigh, N.C. 27603; 800/598-8601;
Small character printer
The ci700 is the latest addition to the Citronix line of small character inkjet printers. It offers affordability and flexibility for the most typical CIJ printing applications, applying lot/date codes to food, beverages and more. For demanding industrial applications, the ci700 has the ability to print with immediate dry inks. Self-regulating operation with automated printhead maintenance provides uninterrupted operation at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute. The ci700 is housed in a compact NEMA12 complete stainless enclosure to withstand dust and water splashing. Utilizing the standard ciSeries electronic and software platform, a large quarter VGA graphical display with icon-based operation and full-size QWERTY style keyboard ensures effortless operation. Systems are offered in various configurations with a choice of inks for a variety of substrates; immediate dry or environmentally friendly quick dry inks suit any application requirement. — ID Technology, 2051 Franklin Dr., Ft. Worth, Texas 76106; 817/626-7779;
New Web site
Eastar plastics has a new Web microsite, It provides insight into the innovative design possibilities of Eastar plastics for handleware and other custom containers for food, beverages and other consumer packaged goods. The microsite educates packaging designers and brand owners on the features and benefits of Eastar copolyesters in new product development, creating the opportunity for brand differentiation against competitors in the crowded retail environment. Eastar handleware plastics are copolyesters that provide exceptional design freedom, clarity, gloss, toughness and chemical resistance in the manufacture of containers via extrusion blowmolding. ‚ — Eastman Chemical Co., 103 N. Eastman Rd., Kingsport, Tenn. 37662-5075; 423/229-2000;
Bench-top refractometers
New literature details Reichert Inc., Analytical Instruments’ full-line of benchtop refractometers for a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industries. The new literature highlights the accuracy, reliability and ease of use of Reichert instruments including key features and ordering information.
Reichert’s AR700 Temperature Controlled Automatic Refractometer offers exceptional accuracy for a broad range of samples, from fruit juices to polymers. The literature also highlights the AR600 Automatic Refractometer, ideal for quality assurance and research applications, and the AR400 Automatic Refractometer, offering precision concentration measurements for a wide variety of applications. — Reichert Inc., Analytical Instruments, 3374 Walden Ave., Depew, N.Y. 14043; 716/686-4500;
Multimedia gift card
A newly patented Multimedia Gift Card called, MoxyCard, combines the functionality of a gift card with the electronic capabilities of a CD-ROM. The card, an interactive commerce tool, gives merchants a new medium through the proven and established distribution of their gift cards. The MoxyCard is close in size and shape to any regular gift card, but with a dime-size hole at its center and a curvature to both sides to allow it to fit into the smaller inner ring of any standard CD tray. It has the same thickness of a regular credit card in order to facilitate the magnetic stripe requirements. The card has 16 megabytes of space available to accommodate the placement of any type of electronic file. The cards can be programmed with an animated greeting card or used for special offers or advertising messages. — One28 Marketing Group LLC, Tampa, Fla; 813/283-0088;
Steam measurement
The MT2000 Wave Guide Model C9P81 uses guided wave radar to make measurements, which means no moving parts, and consequently, virtually no maintenance. The wave radar transmitter measures level in saturated steam applications without concern for fluctuations in specific gravity. A waveguide directs the microwave pulses, eliminating the beam divergence problems common to conventional non-contact radar transmitters. The new C9P81 Waveguide is designed specifically for saturated steam applications, such as those found in industrial heat processes. It features an alumina ceramica insulator that allows accurate and reliable measurements up to 2000 psi at 635°F. — K-Tek, 18321 Swamp Rd., Prairieville, La. 70769; 225/673-6100;
Truck management software
Designed specifically for tracking warehouse lift trucks and related equipment, ProFleet software was developed “by lift truck people for lift truck people.” The software is meant for warehouse maintenance managers, operation managers and anyone else who wants to track and reduce overall fleet costs. It is designed to help reduce operating costs by tracking spending. ProFleet captures parts and labor costs by truck and generates easy-to-use truck utilization, cost per hour, and scheduled maintenance reports. All data entered in ProFleet resides in management Access files that allow for unlimited user-defined queries. It’s easy-to-use and installs on any Windows 2000 or XP-based personal computer. -- The Raymond Corp.; P.O. Box 130, Greene, N.Y. 13778-0130; 800/235-7200;
PETG sleeve for energy drink
Ameri-Seal’s newest PETG printed sleeve application is for Clif Shot, an energy gel. Two different sleeves were printed for two flavors – Razz Sorbet and Mocha Mocha. Made from PETG heat-shrinkable film, the five-color sleeves were printed on rotogravure presses. PETG film was chosen for its shrinkability. The Clif Shot bottles narrow drastically at the top of the shoulder by the neck. Since PETG film shrinks 75 to 80 percent rather than the 45 to 48 percent characteristic of PVC film, PETG tubing was the perfect material for this application.
Available up to nine colors rotogravure, printed PVC/PETG/OPS shrinkable films enhance the packaging design of any product. Ameri-Seal offers a wide variety of film sizes to meet the needs of both automatic and manual applications. — Ameri-Seal Inc., 9631 Topanga Canyon Place, Chatsworth, Calif. 91311; 818/700-9036;
Sanitary tap cap
The TapCap, a sanitary tap cover for beer dispensers, was designed with the assistance of health department officials to protect draught beer from insects and airborne particles. The easy-on, easy-off design creates a hygienic barrier that also reduces yeast build-up and foaming, ensuring your customers a high quality product while minimizing spillage. Different colors and printing are available for logo display and advertising. — MJI Business, 19 Mason Ave., Newton, N.J. 07860; 973/766-2982
Nano sensor
A high-speed, high-accuracy Laser Nano Sensor with an improved resolution features a miniature sensor head and an extremely small spot size for use in small work envelopes in a multitude of high-tech industrial applications, ranging from micro-positioning to thickness and roughness measurement. Using auto focus principles with a resolution as fine as 0.7 nanometers at speeds up to 200 kHz, the patented, highly precise LMI Laser Nano Sensor has one of the fastest response rates in the industry, and a spot size ranging from one to six micron. This allows for displacement measurement within a few nanometers on quantifying surface roughness of any highly reflective surface such as glass, aluminum, stainless steel or any mirror-type surface that can be positioned perpendicular to the laser beam path.
Available in four standard models, LMI sensor has a measuring range of from 0.00016 inches to 0.0005 inches and operating distances ranging from 0.09 to 1 inch. Depending on the target, accuracy ranges from 0.022 to 0.75 nanometers. — LMI Technologies (USA) Inc., 801 E. Morehead St., Suite 305, Charlotte, N.C. 28202; 704/332-5004;
Quieter lift trucks
The Hyster J40-65Z series of sit-down, counterbalanced electric, pneumatic-tire trucks are powered by AC technology. The series provides a quieter motor, comfortable ride and no exhaust emissions. An AC induction drive motor  is designed for optimal performance and durability – with no motor brushes, commutators or contactors. An optional brushless hoist motor completes the AC system configuration to reduce the time required for maintenance.
The 80-volt electrical system lowers the truck’s amp draw requirements, resulting in lowered heat generation levels and longer component life. Precise speed management and exceptional responsiveness are a result of the “Extended Shift” function and an in-dash display that promote superior motor control. Hyster’s unique thermal system uses logic-tree CANbus communication technology and sensors to modify functions and accommodate temperature increases while permitting continuous operation. — Hyster Co., AP.O. Box 7006, Greenville, N.C. 27835; 1-800-HYSTER;
Thermoformed plastic
Ultraware, an ultra-thin, ultra-heat-resistant thermoformed plastic suitable for a wide range of applications in food packaging, is the result of PBM Plastics’ Melt-Phase forming process. The Melt-Phase process is a patented new technology that forms deep-draw and thin-wall at extremely high tolerances with virtually no molded-in stress. Melt-Phase Forming is a new process combining key advantages of thermoforming and blowmolding. “It yields incredibly thin, and highly uniform containers,” said Adam Burke, PBM president. Ultraware has many applications that are currently dominated by traditional materials such as glass, metal and thermoset resins. PBM Plastics can design Ultraware in unique shapes as well as deliver part weight savings. -- PBM Plastics, 240 Enterprise Dr,, Newport News, Va. 23603; 800/526-6706;
Holographic shrink bands
Seal-It Inc., a converter and printer of heat shrink labels, sleeves and tamper-evident bands, is introducing holographic shrink bands and labels designed to provide manufacturers of consumer products with a visible security device that can not be copied or simulated. Heat shrink bands and labels with a holographic strip can be applied to any package that needs to be tamper-evident. The holographic
strip is a three-dimensional image and can be custom-designed with a company logo or pattern. It is highly visible and the complexity of the pattern makes it almost impossible to be reproduced. The unique properties of the hologram provide higher security and eliminate the counterfeiting of products. — Seal-It Inc., 70 Schmitt Blvd., Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735; 516/935-3965;