New series 

Palmer Instruments announced the addition of the J-2000 Series of Aero Type Differential Pressure Gauges. The new series of gauges features a frictionless gauge movement. Palmer Aero Type Gauges respond quickly to indicate low pressures, whether positive, negative (vacuum), or differential, the company says. Magnetic components of the spiral movement have been replaced with a rubber film, which is a sensitive component in measuring pressure. The design resists shock, vibration and over pressures without fluid fill. The result is no problem with evaporation, freezing or leveling as found in other gauges, it says. Featuring patented safe-slide pointers in green, yellow and red, the pressure gauges allow the user to set visible reminders of safe, warning and danger ranges with the feature, the company adds.

• Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, 234 Old Weaverville Road, Asheville, N.C. 28804; 800/421-2853;

Point-of-sale technology
Natures Flash Lite offers bioluminescent technology that allows any type of logo, signage, poster, artwork and display to light up, flash and even give the appearance of animation. Natures Flash Lite uses naturally occurring crystals derived from certain species of algae and seaweed that are known for their illuminative qualities to produce special effects. The point-of-sale material will light up or flash with illumination and motion to draw attention to the brand. The technology interfaces with photo-quality artwork and the panels are paper thin and durable as they are created without glass, the company says.

• Natures Flash Lite, 801 S. Yonge St., Suite 6, Ormond Beach, Fla. 32174; 386/677-2221;

Vehicle-mount computer
LXE, part of EMS Technologies’ Global Resource Management business unit, announced the launch of the Thor vehicle-mount computer, targeting multiple logistics applications. The Thor computer houses an Intel Atom processor that features a dual operating system of either Windows Embedded Standard or Windows Compact Embedded. The Thor computer offers three patent-pending features: a field-replaceable front panel, a quick-mount smart-dock and an ignition control. With the Thor computer, users are offered more flexibility, as well as time and cost savings through its innovative, field-replaceable front panel features, such as a panel change within minutes with a screwdriver. The replacement front panel maintains IP-66 rated protection against water and dust, and the computer automatically will recognize any changes to the keyboard configuration, the company says.

• LXE Inc., 125 Technology Parkway, Norcross, Ga. 30092; 770/447-4224;

Counterbalanced forklift released
Crown Equipment Corp. unveiled the Crown SC 5200 Series of sit-down counterbalanced forklifts designed for multiple applications from dock work to transporting and stocking. The Crown SC 5200 Series features the shortest three-wheel, 3,000-pound lifting capacity truck in the industry. The Crown SC 5215 is suited for applications requiring additional maneuverability to work in limited spaces such as 10-foot aisles, the company says. Customers can choose between Crown’s 36 volt or 48 volt AC systems. These systems include Crown’s integrated AC traction and hydraulic systems that increase productivity with an efficient use of power, the company says. The system features on-demand steering that lowers noise levels, a single hydraulic motor designed for improved efficiency, and faster lift speeds that can help maximize productivity, it says.

• Crown Equipment Corp., 44 South Washington St., New Bremen, Ohio 45869; 419/629-2311;

Closure technology
Portola Packaging Inc. announces its new Steri-Shield linerless plug closure technology for aseptic beverage packages. The plug design helps minimize package cost and contribute to material source reduction, the company says. Steri-Shield aseptic linerless plug closures are compression molded using a proprietary resin blend that includes high-density polyethylene. The end result is a lightweight closure that does not fail, such as stress crack or back-off, during the sterilization and distribution process, the company says. Additionally, Portola Packaging says the structure can withstand an aseptic sterilization environment of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The plug closures can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from 38- to 43-mm., with or without a tamper-evident band.

• Portola Packaging Inc., 40 Shuman Blvd., Suite 220, Naperville, Ill. 60563; 630/701-9443;

Automatic guided vehicle
Amerden Inc. released the FLC Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) with a special Pusher Attachment. The FLC model targets packaging product manufacturers and food and beverage producers that typically handle a variety of empty containers. The AGV is rugged, versatile and can handle palletized loads as well as slip sheeted loads, the company says. It also has the ability to stack unitized loads, create deep lane storage and provide an innovative control system with inventory tracking, it says.

• Amerden Inc., 6480 U.S. 1 North, Saint Augustine, Fla. 32095; 904/826-4490;

Inspection system
CMC-Kuhnke Inc. developed the The SEAMscan XTS - X-ray Tightness Scanner, a new, non-destructive tool for operator-independent double seam tightness measurement. Designed specifically for can makers and brand owners, SEAMscan XTS delivers a high-resolution X-ray seam scope and a powerful automatic wrinkle inspection system in a compact and user-friendly package, the company says. The SEAMscan XTS can eliminate product spoilage found with traditional double seam inspection methods, it says. The XTS uses a method comparable to traditional visual double seam measurement. XTS systems look into the double seam without cutting the can and 100 percent of the double seam is inspected. The XTS measures the double seam dimensions and then uses a process to create a highly accurate measurement of the amount of wrinkle inside the double seam. Cover hook wrinkle measurements then are transferred automatically to a computer database where real-time trend analysis may be performed.

• CMC-Kuhnke Inc., 1060 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. 12204; 800/689-0661;

Case packer system
Delkor Systems engineers have designed a highly versatile case packer that offers traditional case and tray packing functions along with a variety of retail ready packaging options. For beverage applications that use plastic carrier handles to create consumer take-home multipacks, the Delkor Case Packer applies the desired pack pattern of carrier handles immediately after loading the beverage containers into a display tray.

• Delkor Systems Inc., 8700 Rendova St. NE, Circle Pines, Minn. 55014; 800/328-5558;

Testing innovation
3M Food Safety announced the launch of 3M Petrifilm Aqua Plates. The new product builds on the 3M Petrifilm Plate and will be available immediately for testing bottled water in beverage and food processing plants. Containing a water-soluble gelling agent, nutrients and indicators, 3M Petrifilm Aqua Plates test for the four most common contaminates: heterotrophic count, coliform, yeast, mold and enterobacteriaceae, the company says. Bringing modern convenience to the water and beverage industries, 3M’s sample-ready plates replace conventional agar petri dishes by offering a reliable, simple way to assess product safety, it says. It allows producers who make their own agar to experience consistent quality, ease-of-use, and increased productivity, while creating less waste and using less storage space, the company says.

• 3M, 3M Center, St. Paul, Minn. 55144; 888/364-3577;

New model
ID Technology announces that the ID Technology iCON and iCONnet Lasers by Macsa are now available in 30 watt models. With the new iCON Series 30 watt models, ID Technology enlarges its range of lasers to cover all applications. The iCON and iCONnet 30 watt models will mark on harder surfaces at a higher speed, the company says. The laser comes complete with integrated touchscreen interface, photocell, nose cone protection and mounting bracket, and has Ethernet capability, known as iCONnet. With the use of MarcaLite software, the iCONnet can print logos and graphics as well as alphanumerics. The iCON Series of lasers have been designed specifically for small character coding applications in packaged goods and industrial products where they offer users an affordable laser alternative to inkjet.

• ID Technology LLC, 2051 Franklin Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76106; 888/438-3242;

Advertising opportunity
ITW Muller introduces its Logo Wrap, an alternative to traditional hand applied stickers and labels. Integrated into new or existing ITW Muller Octopus wrapping machines, the custom branded film can be applied during the normal wrapping cycle. The custom printed film, which is secured under a layer of standard stretch film, is visible from all sides of a pallet and resistant against normal wear and tear associated with load handling. It can also withstand outdoor elements. In addition to its durability, Logo Wrap minimizes waste and labor, the company says. Because the Logo Wrap film is printed to manufacturer specifications, it can include a company logo, contact information and instructions for storage and transportation, it adds.

• ITW Muller, 3456 N. Ridge Ave., Suite 400, Arlington Heights, Ill. 60004; 847/483-1521;

Filling machine
Filamatic offers its DAB-5 Semi-Automatic Benchtop filling machine. The Filamatic DAB-5 machine is fully customizable and has the ability to be transformed into an automatic packaging line from its current semi-automatic status, the company says. The DAB Series accommodates free flowing, semi-viscous, viscous, molten products and product with particulates, it says. The DAB-5 fill size ranges from 1 ml. to 130 ml. It has the ability to fill a wide range of containers including plastic and glass bottles, the company says.

• Filamatic, 4119 Fordleigh Road, Baltimore, Md. 21215; 866/258-1914;

Cross platform
Lightning Pick Technologies released the new LP Mobile application providing Lightning Pick users with real-time productivity views, operations management controls and system diagnostics through mobile technology and smartphones. LP Mobile is a web application, compatible across all major smartphone platforms. The mobile app offers real-time dashboard style updates on Lightning Pick-controlled operations including pick rates, area overview, order progress and other facility statistics right through their phones, the company says. Besides Key Performance Indicator data views, LP Mobile actually allows managers to execute operational changes through their phones for continued optimization. Users can create work plans, log employees in or out of the system and examine order details or box contents with the appropriate order number or barcode label.

• Lightning Pick Technologies, N114 W18770 Clinton Drive, Germantown, Wis. 53022; 262/250-2100;