This year’s Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), held in Louisville, Ky., in late March was used as the venue for trucking industry manufacturers and suppliers to announce new and enhanced products and services. This was the 39th annual event of the largest annual heavy duty trucking industry event in the world, according to organizers. Here are some highlights of the news and announcements:

ArvinMeritorintroduced the MPG Series, a new product lineup comprised of eight line-haul application-focused Meritor and Meritor Wabco components that deliver increased productivity, maximized payload gains and greater fuel mileage performance. Current offerings include: Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I. with ThermAlert option, SteelLite X30 brake drums, Q Plus Cam Brake with stamped steel spider and automatic slack adjuster, PermaLube RPL drivelines, Meritor Wabco single-piston air disc brake for tractors and trailers, RideSentry MPA 38/40 Series trailer suspension with Pinloc, Meritor Wabco OnGuard collision safety system, and Meritor Wabco System Saver 1200 Plus air dryers.

ArvinMeritor also introduced the all-new Meritor 14X tandem drive axle. Built on the legacy of Meritor’s RT145, one of the industry’s most successful tandem axles, the 14X was created to maximize truck performance and ensure efficiency while continuing to be the lightest axle in its class. The 14X axle features: more robust inter-axle differential, standard premium Amboid design, a complete range of ratios (2.47:1 to 7.17:1), optional DualTrac track housing and newly designed axle breather.

PlatinumShieldcoated brake shoes also are available on new operational equipment (OE) production heavy duty trucks and trailers beginning this month, with specific availability to be set by the respective operational equipment manufacturer (OEM). The coating helps prevent rust-jacking of brake shoes, a long-standing industry issue, often more prevalent in northern climates that use corrosive chemicals to remove snow and ice from roads during winter. Rust-jacking occurs when rust forms on bare shoe metal under the lining, causing the lining to lift and crack. PlatinumShield has a three-year/300,000-mile warranty.  

Bendix released total engine air management packages in three optimized components: Bendix PBS Air Injection Booster, Bendix Electronic Air Control (EAC) Dryer and Bendix Turbo-Clutch Air Compressor. Each package was designed to maximize engine efficiency and improve emissions, equating as much as 8 percent in fuel savings per commercial vehicle.

With the purchase of Hasse & Wrede’s North American Operations, Bendix also expanded its business portfolio to include torsional vibration engine dampers, which are used to reduce torsional vibration on engine crankshafts to prevent shaft failure and reduce noise.

The company’s Versajust automatic slack has industry-leading durability, an extended warranty and features for easier upgrade and replacement of all link-style adjusters. The new slack’s infinite adjustment rate makes it less sensitive to varying temperatures and duty cycles than comparable designs, the company says. Increased corrosion resistance and stronger seals make it more robust and longer lasting.

Improvements also were made to the Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes, including a less expensive, heavy-duty rotor by changing the metallurgical formulation previously in place. The new formulation, currently available as Bendix Splined Disc rotors, soon will be available in conventional “U-shaped” configurations, compatible with lightweight aluminum hubs for trucks, tractors and trailers.

New Bendix double-diaphragm spring brakes with a more robust design were developed to complement piston-style designs. Double diaphragm spring brakes are less susceptible to exterior damage, the company says.  

In addition, Formula Blue premium hydraulic brake parts line now is available through all aftermarket channels. The line includes replacement parts for light and medium duty commercial vehicles ranging from Class 1 to 6 applications.

Five commercial vehicle OEMs, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack and Volvo, now offer Bendix Wingman ACB (Active Cruise with Braking collision mitigation technology) on their on-highway vehicle platforms. Launched in March 2009, the Bendix Wingman ACB is designed to deliver driver-friendly, forward collision warning and mitigation using full vehicle and braking system integration.

Bergstrom introduced the new battery-powered no-idle solution — the NITE Phoenix — designed to keep drivers cool and comfortable in the hottest climates. With its larger compressor, it has “the highest and longest cooling capacity of any battery-powered, no-idle solution on the market,” the company says.

Along with enhancements to the electrical system, the California Air Resources Board (CARB)-approved NITE Phoenix has a new LCD digital user interface and battery monitoring system that make it easier for drivers to control the unit. There also is onboard service diagnostics, automatic temperature control and a check filter function.

Along with Johnson Controls-Saft, Bergstrom announced the development of a lithium-ion battery for NITE no-idle systems that will improve power efficiency, result in longer run times and enhance the environmental benefits of its no-idle units. At only 110 pounds, the new battery weighs 63 percent less than the traditional battery option, provides 16 percent more power, has 20 percent less volume and boasts an estimated lifespan of six to eight years.

Bridgestone offers long-wearing Bridgestone-brand R287A steer tires that deliver superior tread wear and mileage for regional and long-haul applications. This has been achieved through a number of design elements, including a refined Side Groove structure that acts similar to a “shock absorber” helping to prevent shoulder edge wear from spreading to the ribs; an Equalizer Rib feature that promotes uniform rib wear and higher removal mileage by fighting initiation and spread of rib edge wear; and an enhanced cap/base compound formulated to wear slowly, fight irregular wear and run cooler for superior tread life. The new radial has already been approved for use on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay-certified equipment, and is CARB compliant.

Carrier Transicold’sNew Vector 6600MT multi-temperature hybrid trailer refrigeration unit provides the highest refrigeration capacity of any multi-temperature unit on the market, and delivers up to 20 percent greater fuel-efficiency than its predecessor — the single-temperature Vector 6500 unit introduced last year, the company says.

Both Vector units use Carrier’s exclusive Deltek diesel-electric technology which features high operating efficiencies, significantly reduced maintenance requirements versus conventional belt-drive systems and an electric standby option. Technological enhancements to system components and operating software and a more efficient system design enable higher performance and greater efficiencies than possible with Carrier’s first-generation hybrid systems.

Continental Tire the Americasreleased new low rolling resistance version of Continental’s deep lug drive tire. The HDL2 DL Eco Plus (Heavy Drive Long Haul Deep Lug) has been verified for low rolling resistance from the EPA. It is designed to provide long original mileage with the industry’s deepest tread offering, a full inch (32/32nds).

The tire also has a closed shoulder tread design that provides excellent traction in both wet and dry road conditions and resists irregular wear. Its innovative lug angle provides outstanding traction throughout the life of the original tire and its wider casing increases handling stability, the company says.

Tires verified by the EPA for lower rolling resistance can provide a reduction in NOx emissions and an estimated fuel savings of 3 percent or greater, relative to the “best selling” new tires for line-haul trucks, when used on all five axles on long-haul class 8 trucks, the company says.  

Cummins’QuickCheck 5200 is a handheld device designed to bring the ease of adjusting engine features and parameters and reading trip information into customer hands. It features a new color screen for improved readability in all lighting conditions and the ability to directly adjust individual parameter settings in the Electronic Control Module (ECM).

The QuickCheck 5200 features two applications on the Windows CE-powered handheld: PowerSpec CE and QuickCheck CE. The PowerSpec CE application includes a subset of the full functionality of the PC version of PowerSpec, Cummins’ proprietary software that allows customers to tailor features and parameters on a Cummins engine to fit their specific operation and needs, and includes the ability to read and reset trip information and fault codes. The QuickCheck CE application allows customers to access public data from any manufacturer’s engine with electronic controls, transmission, braking and vehicle systems.

Cummins’ new multimedia driver training lineup includes a DVD, CD and Tips Card that explain engine features and the Cummins Aftertreatment System and offers operating suggestions.

The company also announced it is using new and proprietary datalogging and analysis technology to ensure enhanced performance and superior product reliability for its on-highway diesels for 2010. The technology automatically records and transmits field-use data to Cummins headquarters. There is the capability of sending results for 240 different variables from engine speed and exhaust temperature to GPS location, vehicle speed, torque, fuel usage, emissions, coolant temperature, on-board diagnostics and more.

The technology allows Cummins engineers to optimize software and system performance reliability, and enables the continuous improvement of the engines and aftertreatment systems based on actual driving experience with fully loaded vehicles in all environmental conditions.

Daimler Trucks North Americawill soon be offering Virtual Technician, said to be the trucking industry’s first real-time remote diagnostic system, as standard equipment on 2011 model year Freightliner and Western Star trucks with Detroit Diesel engines equipped with BlueTec emissions systems.

The new Virtual Technician program offers real-time vehicle system analysis through remote telemetric vehicle tracking systems. It formulates vehicle insights based on engine diagnostic codes from sensors and components that are then packaged and analyzed. The result is a series of reports and recommended remedial actions for the vehicle operator provided by the Detroit Diesel Customer Support Center.

Benefits of the new Virtual Technician system include: reduced diagnostic and downtime, real-time communication to fleets and owners regarding the status of the vehicle, repair facility choice and scheduling, advanced notice to facilitate parts and service procedure planning, elimination of unnecessary repair referrals, and improved diagnostics for reduced downtime.

Allison Optimizedpackages are being offered for Freightliner Business Class M2 112 line of natural gas vehicles. The packages feature a variety of specs for optimum performance and efficiency.

FreightlinerBusiness Class M2 hybrids and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation MT-55 hybrid-electric walk-in van chassis are now eligible to receive voucher funding through the California Hybrid Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project.

Western Star Truck Saleshas lightweight spec options for its 4900 series trucks. Customers can select from more than 200 lightweight options, saving up to 1,200 pounds-per-load at a minimum cost.

Dana Holding Corp.introduced the Spicer S140 series, a new family of single-drive, medium duty axles specifically engineered to improve fuel economy, reduce maintenance costs, increase operator comfort and boost overall vehicle performance. Optimized to perform in vehicles with drivetrain ratings up to 860 pound-feet of torque and up to 300 horsepower, the axles support gross combination weight ratings up to 46,000 pounds.

The S140 Series axles are nearly 100 pounds lighter, compared with current competitive medium duty axles, helping to improve fuel economy and offset vehicle weight increases due to new emission systems. With an initial Roadranger lubrication drain at 250,000 miles and 32 percent less lubrication required overall, these axles are easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly than previous Dana and current competitive designs.

Detroit Diesel’snew warranty system allows customers to pick the extended service coverage (ESC) package for its 2010 engines that best suits their specific business needs. These engines, which come with the BlueTec emissions aftertreatment system, come with a two-year unlimited warranty on parts and labor.

The ESC program offers four different levels of coverage, plus various deductible options and years of mileage combinations ranging from three to seven years and 150,000 to 500,000 miles. Options that allow major components to be covered for up to seven years or 750,000 miles also are available.

Eaton Corp.UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions are now available in Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Western Star trucks, and have been approved and certified for Cummins 2010 model year ISX diesel engines. Model year 2010 International MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13, Cummins ISX 3, Paccar MX and Detroit Diesel DD15 and DD13 will be certified in the coming months, the company says.  

Six transmission platforms are available: Linehaul Active Shifting (LAS) available in both an overdrive and direct-drive, Multipurpose High Performance (MHP), Multipurpose Extreme Performance (MXP), Vocational Construction Series (VCS), Vocational Multipurpose Series (VMS), and Vocational Extreme Performance (VXP).  

The transmissions feature new automated clutch technology and intelligent shift selection software that employ grade sensing, weight computation and driver throttle commands to make intelligent smooth shift decisions for efficient, safe and profitable vehicle performance. They come with a Hill Start Aid feature to prevent rollbacks on grades.

Eaton also added extended protection plans for the UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions with warranty coverage up to five years or 750,000 miles. These plans, which require the use of only genuine Eaton Fuller replacement parts and Roadranger brand or Roadranger-approved lubricants, may be purchased during the first, second or third year of ownership.

Hankook Tirereleased DL07, the company’s next generation line-haul drive tire. DL07 has been engineered to deliver superior traction and performance for line-haul applications in all weather conditions. Advanced tread design and carcass construction provide for even wear patterns, equal weight/torque distribution, reduced heat buildup and increased fuel efficiency.

There is wider and deeper four-channel zigzag grooves with enhanced stone ejector platforms to prevent stone drilling on the groove bottom and maximize removal mileage. This groove design also reduces stone retention while a new casing construction will deliver improved durability and retreadability.

Integerlaunched, in partnership with truck and bus manufacturers,, a free-to-use Web site touted as North America’s premier diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) locator service. It also has news service to keep users informed of developments in the U.S. and Canadian DEF markets.

Kenworth Truck’snew Kenworth T700 “has the lowest aerodynamic drag of any truck in our history,” it says. Features of the EPA SmartWay-certified tractor include: lightweight, durable and sloped aerodynamic hood made of three pieces for easy repair and reduced downtime and cost; clear access to underhood components for quick and easy service and a ball-and-socket closing system ensures proper hood placement; aerodynamic bumper and chassis fairings made of thermal plastic olefin (a material that helps minimize fading and has improved impact resistance); and best-in-class lighting through standard halogen projector headlamps.

The sleeper model has an 8-foot cathedral ceiling, which optimizes the work environment and provides more room. There is a 42-inch liftable lower bunk, pull-out desk, full-length door-enclosed hanging closet, array of storage choices, rich-looking wood grain accents, wall-to-wall carpet and plentiful Xenon incandescent lighting bulbs for excellent illumination.

Available for the new T700 and Kenworth’s Class 5 to 8 trucks is NavPlus — the trucking industry’s first PC-based, factory-installed, in-dash proprietary navigation and infotainment technology system. It includes true truck-specific navigation, vehicle data and diagnostics, hands-free phoning, audio controls (including satellite radio, AM/FM, CD, MP3 and USB), camera inputs, roadside assistance and optional Internet access.

Kenworth also expanded its green product line with the introduction of the Kenworth T440 natural gas model powered by the Cummins Westport ISL G engine focused on local and regional haul and vocational applications. The truck is able to operate on both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). It has a gross vehicle weight ranging from a heavy Class 7 vehicle at 33,000 pounds up to a light Class 8 truck at 68,000 pounds.

Optional for Kenworth T660, T700 and T800 Class 8 models is the Bendix Wingman ACB — Active Cruise with Braking collision mitigation technology.

Kenworth’s standard 2010 engine offerings for its Class 8 on-highway is the new 2010 Paccar MX engine, available in ratings of 380 to 485 horsepower and torque outputs up to 1,750 pounds-feet. Cummins ISX15, ISL9 and ISX11.9 engines in various ratings are optional.

New lightweight AG230 single-axle rear air suspension is the latest evolution in Kenworth’s proprietary suspensions. It is a non-torque reactive parallelogram suspension ideal for weight-sensitive fleets that want a superior ride compared to that offered by traditional spring suspensions. The four-bag AG230 has a capacity of 23,000 pounds and is fully disc brake compatible.

Mack Trucks’ latest generation of the Mack Econodyne highway engine family delivers more torque at low engine speeds for improved fuel efficiency and hill pulling performance. This is achieved using an intelligent torque management strategy, called EconoBoost, which gives drivers the extra muscle to keep vehicle speed constant under full engine loads to avoid downshifts. It is available now with the Mack MP7 and MP8 series engines in the Mack Pinnacle model highway tractor.     

EconoBoost initiates at 1,300 revolutions per minute (rpm) after four seconds of full throttle in the transmission’s top two gears, opening up another 200 pound-feet of torque for as long as needed. It disengages once the driver lifts off the throttle and driveline torque drops to negative, such as when a hill is crested.   

EconoBoost delivers more than 90 percent of power after an upshift, without a “kick in the pants” experience or driveline shock, the company says. The extra power comes on smoothly, reducing driveline stress. The added torque at low rpm helps with improving fuel efficiency, it says.

All Mack MP series engines are certified to the near-zero EPA2010 emissions requirements.  

Mack mDRIVE automated manual transmission (AMT), engineered to work exclusively with Mack MP series engines, provides up to 1.5 percent improved fuel efficiency, better driveability and enhanced driver satisfaction by automating gear shifting. It has 12 forward and four reverse speeds and is available in direct drive or overdrive.  

The driver interacts with mDRIVE through a dash-mounted control pad containing manual input and hold shift buttons, with a display indicating the current gear. In addition, the Mack Co-Pilot driver display in the center of the instrument panel provides the driver with transmission status, including the number of upshifts or downshifts available, the current gear and the current operating mode either Economy, which maximizes time spent in top gear, and Performance, which maximizes gradeability.  

An additional MackCellerator or kick-down feature drops the transmission one gear while synchronizing engine rpm when the accelerator pedal is sharply depressed beyond its detent to maximize acceleration in passing situations.  

New Mack C150/151 rear axle carriers have new and expanded rear ratio coverage from 3.11:1 to 5.66:1. Compatible with all suspensions offered by Mack, the axles retain Mack’s traditional and unique top-load, dual-reduction design for near-zero driveline angles which minimizes noise, vibration and harmonics. Potential oil leak paths are significantly reduced since the carrier joint is on the horizontal plane, above the level of the oil reservoir.

Bendix ES (Extended Service)is the standard foundation brake for all Mack truck models. These brakes have a number of features to improve brake life and durability, while reducing operating costs. Other brake systems, including the Bendix Air Disc, remain available options.  

Michelin Americas Truck Tiresintroduced its most fuel-efficient drive tire to date, the X One XDA Energy, to celebrate the 10th year of X One wide single truck tires. In commissioned independent tests, this tire proved to be more than 7 percent better than top competitors’ most fuel-efficient tires, the company says.  

The X One XDA Energy’simproved fuel efficiency is due to innovative belt designs and Advanced Technology compounds, the company says. The tire is made through Infini-Coil Technology, which uses more than a quarter-of-a-mile of steel cord wrapped circumferentially around the tire’s crown to reduce casing growth and stabilizes the contact patch, reducing irregular wear, it says.

Matrix Siping Technologyalso helps provide exceptional traction on dry and slippery surfaces. The three-dimensional Matrix sipes lock together for the stability normally associated with solid tread blocks.

Navistar International’sInternational ProStar+ is described as “the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient tractor on the road,” the company says. Along with improved aerodynamics and reduced curb weight, the new model has numerous driver-friendly interior and dramatically refined interior functionality. The cab environment has been made even quieter, and a 20-pound force reduction in clutch feel is included for better driver comfort, providing easier shifting and less fatigue.

Many new powertrain features improve fuel economy, including a clutched air compressor, variable speed fan, low viscosity engine oil and fuel-efficient rear axle lubricant.

Navistar’s 2010 MaxxForce big bore diesel engines have four new performance ratings and a new MaxxForce Engine Brake by Jacobs, optional for all MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 models, both of which have design improvements for increased reliability and serviceability.

The new ratings include two 450 horsepower MaxxForce 13 models — one that offers 1,700 pound-feet torque and another with multi-torque output of 1,550/1,700 pound-feet. The other two new ratings include a 430 horsepower MaxxForce 13 with multi-torque output of 1,550/1,700 pound-feet and a MaxxForce 11 rated at 365 horsepower and 1,250 pound-feet torque. Top ratings remain at 475 horsepower and 1,700 pound-feet torque for MaxxForce 13 and 390 horsepower and 1,450 pound-feet torque for MaxxForce 11.

The optional MaxxForce Engine Brake by Jacobs for the MaxxForce 11 and 13 is fully integrated with vehicle controls and anti-lock braking system. The three-stage compression-release brake offers maximum downhill braking performance from 351 to 398 braking horsepower at 1,900 to 2,100 rpm for the MaxxForce 11; 415 to 470 braking horsepower at 1,900 to 2,100 rpm for the MaxxForce 13.

NewReStar reconditioning program, designed for most makes and models of late-model Class 5 to 8 commercial trucks, analyzes, recommends and replaces key mechanical and aesthetic components based on the application, age and history of each truck. Customized overhauls are done at International Truck Specialty Center locations throughout North America. The result is “a reconditioned truck with a refreshed look, reliable critical components and a life expectancy well into the future,” the company says.

International has gone “beyond the truck” with its OnCommand — a comprehensive package of support services to help customers achieve more efficient repairs and maintenance, better lifecycle value and an overall lower total cost of ownership. OnCommand allows easier access to critical vehicle, parts and training information to ensure maximum uptime, and provides online service manuals, preventative maintenance technologies and innovative technician training.

Peterbilt Motors’new EPA SmartWay certified Model 587 features a sleek design that provides a 2.5 percent decrease in drag for a 1.25 percent fuel efficiency gain; better overall visibility — an over 2 foot improvement in the driver’s forward line of sight; and a roomy, ergonomically-designed interior.

Maneuverability has been increased due to the newly designed steering geometry that improves curb-to-curb maneuverability by 12 percent. The hood has a tilt-assist to facilitate hood opening and closing and an advanced anti-blow down protection device to help protect technicians performing service. 

Available with two sleepers or in a day cab configuration, the Model 587 features the new 2010 Paccar MX engine rated at 380 to 485 horsepower or the 2010 Cummins ISX15 available with a horsepower range of 400 to 600. Fuller manual and automatic transmissions are available with axle ratings up to 46,000 pounds.  

The company also offers all new lightweight, aerodynamic-styled day cab Model 382 for regional and shorter haul applications. Powered by the new 2010 Cummins ISL9 engine in ratings from 345 to 380 horsepower with a maximum 1300 pound-feet of torque, it also has the Peterbilt Aerodynamic Package for additional fuel savings.

The company also announced full production capability of natural gas powered Peterbilt truck Models 384, 365 and 320. All Peterbilt CNG and LNG power platform vehicles are equipped with the Cummins Westport ISL G engine, which offers a 320-horsepower rating and 1,000 pound-feet of torque and provides an efficient fuel-to-power ratio. Efficient and emissions compliant, the ISL G natural gas engine produces horsepower and torque comparable in capability and service to the diesel engines.  

Peterbilt’s SmartSound package is designed to reduce cab noise by up to 50 percent. It can be seamlessly integrated into any interior level providing a quiet, comfortable environment for the driver with both acoustic and thermal insulating properties. Noise reduction not only improves driver concentration, but also dramatically reduces driver fatigue through reduced external stress and distraction.  

In addition, the SmartSound’s thermal insulation qualities improve driver comfort by insulating the cab from harsh outside temperatures while increasing HVAC efficiency. Drivers with APU or auxiliary heating and cooling units should see a gain in energy efficiency when pairing the new insulation package with their in-cab power systems, the company says.  

The company also offers an extended day cab for Peterbilt’s complete lineup of Class 8 vehicles. This cab option adds 10 inches to the standard cab length, and offers 2.5 inches of additional seat room behind the wheel or 92 percent more seat room to recline and 4.5 cubic feet of storage behind the driver’s seat.  

Peterbilt also has availability of the new in-dash system, SmartNav, which provides navigation, vehicle diagnostics, communication and entertainment technologies in a touch screen-operated unit customized for the trucking industry. Optimized for the commercial vehicle industry, the system features a high-resolution, scratch-resistant touch screen interface and is driven by the Microsoft Auto 4.0 Windows CE 6.0 operating system that uses the J1939 SAE standard for vehicle communication and diagnostics.  

Peterson Manufacturing’sMaxi-Seal Harness Systems introduced the Defender, a modular harness/lighting system with “the toughest integrated moisture/corrosion protection ever engineered,” the company says.  

The Defender system features extremely robust harness components along with Peterson’s Piranha LED lights, all sealed against moisture and corrosion through Maxi-Seal’s exclusive Power-Seal Technology. An extended warranty backs the system against defects and corrosion for ten years.

Purolator added new part numbers to its rapidly growing line of heavy duty filtration products, including engine air and oil filters, power steering filters, fuel/water separator filters and cabin air filters, and introduced a compressed air dryer/filter. This is part of the company’s renewed commitment to providing products for medium and heavy duty truck applications.

Purolator PROs (Purolator Response Office) — a team of experts — is available to answer any filter-related question, free of charge, via e-mail within 48 hours. The team can be contacted through the Purolator Web site at

Thermo King has three new products: the TriPac Electric APU System, T-1000 Spectrum Multi-Temp Unit for trucks and SmartPower High Output Electric Standby Option.

TheTriPacElectric APU system is an electric auxiliary idle reduction and temperature management system designed to maintain comfortable temperature conditions in the truck cab without running an engine. Because it is battery and not engine operated, fuel and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

The T-1000 Spectrum Multi-Temp is a self-powered multi-temperature unit intended for customers who need more than one temperature zone in their truck. It has the latest in scroll compressor technology with fewer moving parts for improved reliability and Whisper technology for quieter operation.

The SmartPower High Output Electric Standby option provides customers the choice of a 24 HP high-output electric standby option or the existing 14 HP version. It delivers quicker pre-cool, along with a greater overall cooling capacity. Its electric motor reduces emissions, waste generation, and noise and engine wear and tear, resulting in reduced maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of the unit, the company says.

Webasto Product North Americaexpanded its BlueCool Thermal Storage APU product family to include BlueCool Hybrid, which gives truck operators the flexibility to use shore power to run the company’s bunk cooler while providing hotel loads or AC power for standard household appliances without having to use an inverter or the vehicle’s electrical system. Because the hybrid unit uses electricity from a land-based source, it can produce cool air indefinitely, unlike most battery-powered systems that need to be recharged by the engine after a single rest period.

It runs independently of the OE air-conditioning system and can charge and discharge simultaneously while connected to shore power.

Wheel Torque Solutionsannounced the creation of a new wheel installation process under the banner of Wheel Torque Solutions, Alcoa Wheels, B&D Cold Heading, Chicago Pneumatic and ITW CIP. It is said to significantly reduce the potential for human error that can result in costly and dangerous wheel-off incidents by bringing together “the optimum nut, bolt, wheels, tools and processes for increasing torque retention,” the company says.

The process identifies and addresses the points of failure in the traditional wheel installation process by relying on the particular product attributes of the four companies involved, combined with detailed wheel end maintenance and fastening processes. The key to strengthening the clamp force is maximizing the preload and grip length without compromising the structural integrity of the components.

This is accomplished using the companies’ components, which have been tested to achieve consistent, maximum clamp force at torques greater than 600 pound-feet, they say. These are: Chicago Pneumatic’s BlueTork electric nut runner, Alcoa’s forged aluminum wheels, ITW CIP’s Pac-Sleeve laminated lock nuts and B&D’s wheel bolts.BI

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