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SupplySide West attracted more than 8,500 dietary supplement, food, beverage and cosmeceutical executives from 58 countries Oct. 19-23. This year’s show took place in Las Vegas and featured 1,216 booths, which broke last year’s record with an 8 percent increase in the number of booths, reports the show’s producer.

Several formulation trends, such as natural ingredients, bone health advancements and supple-ment solutions, were reflected by the exhibits on the show floor. The following is a list of highlights from SupplySide West 2010.

ADM/Matsutani LLC featured its Fibersol-2 soluble dietary fiber, which has very low viscosity and no inherent or added flavor, the company says. The fiber ingredient is compatible with all beverage products, it says.

A.M. Todd showcased its natural and organic ingredients’ availability for beverage applications. The company’s natural Pina-Passiflora flavor was featured in a Pineapple Passion Fruit Juice beverage. Its organic tea extracts and superfruit flavors were used to create a Yumberry Black Tea and Goji Berry Green Tea. In addition, A.M. Todd featured Cinsulin, a 100 percent water extract of cinnamon that maintains healthy blood glucose levels and promotes sugar and fat metabolism, the company says. Cinsulin is manufactured by Chinese company Tang-An Medical Ltd.

BASF Corp. presented its microencapsulated omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3 ingredient. The company’s Dry n-3 microencapsulated fish oil powders are suitable for infant, toddler and adult nutrition applications, the company says. BASF’s vitamin D3 solution is available for beverage formulation in oil-based formulations and powders. Vitamin D3 has been shown to have benefits for bone health, cardiovascular health, immunity and prevention of inflammatory diseases, the company says. To offer comprehensive technical capabilities, BASF recently opened a Nutrition Ingredients Innovation Laboratory in Tarrytown, N.Y.

BI Nutraceuticals offers a selection of functional ingredients and extracts from fruits, leaves, roots and other plants. The company offers ingredients that provide energy, relaxation, antioxidants and other health benefits, including bone, heart, digestive and women’s health.

Bioenergy Life Science Inc. had Olympic skier Shannon Bahrke on hand. Bahrke won the bronze medal in freestyle mogul skiing at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver and uses Bioenergy Ribose in her training regimen. Bioenergy Ribose is a natural, energizing compound that stimulates the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is critical for maintaining energy-related functions. The company’s ribose is a functional ingredient well-suited for adding energy and athletic performance benefits to food and beverages, the company says. The ingredient also provides healthy levels of cardiac energy needed to maintain normal heart function as well as increased tolerance to cardiac stress.

Blue California Ingredients offered its L-TeaActive ingredient at the show. L-TeaActive contains a pure form of L-theanine that is derived from green tea through the company’s proprietary natural extraction process. It is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and kosher certified, the company says.

Cognis highlighted its Vegapure line of heart health ingredients and several applications of Tonalin CLA, an ingredient purported to fight body fat, the company says. The company’s Vegapure is a line of phytosterol ingredients clinically proven to lower cholesterol up to 15 percent, it says. Vegapure is available in seven varieties that can be formulated into an array of products including juices, smoothies, meal replacement beverages and dairy drinks. Cognis’ Tonalin CLA contains conjugated linoleic acid derived from safflower oil and was presented in powder, shot, and squeeze gel formats.

Corn Products International and its business unit GTC Nutrition featured a Southern Style Sweet Tea powdered drink mix formulated for bone and digestive health. The mix contains several of the company’s solutions, including Aquamin calcified mineral source, NutraFlora prebiotic fiber and was sweetened with Enliten high-intensity sweetener made from stevia.

D.D. Williamson showcased its color abilities, including its range of caramel-based and natural colors. Beverage-makers can benefit from D.D. Williamson’s expertise in color appeal, stability, global mindset, operating platform, service and support. Custom natural color formulator ColorMaker has an established partnership with

D.D. Williamson to provide technical strength and distribution on a global scale, ColorMaker says. The company uses a range of natural sources to create its blends, including beet juice, cochineal, paprika and turmeric.

DSM highlighted the benefits of its geniVida ingredient, which is available in formulations for menopausal relief symptoms and bone health. Made from an isoflavone found in soy, geniVida is a pure, soy-free genistein that has been shown to provide relief from hot flashes, DSM says. The geniVida Bone Blend boosts the body’s natural bone building process through its combination of geniVida geinstein, ROPUFA omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and the vitamins Quali-D D3 and K1.

Ethical Naturals featured its AlphaWave calming ingredient and antioxidant offerings. AlphaWave is a calming blend of ingredients made with L-theanine, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, hops and valerian root. The company also offers Orac-15M antioxidant solution, which is derived from the extract of grape skin that has a 15,000 oxygen radical absorbance content (ORAC). It also offers Standardized Fruit Blend (SFB) Antioxidant ingredient made from concentrated extracts of apple, bilberry, blueberry, chokeberry, cranberry, goji berry, grape, mangosteen and pomegranate. SFB contains 40 percent polyphenols and has a 7,500 ORAC value.

Flavex Food Ingredients offers its Oh So Sweet line of citrus extracts to reduce added sugar and citrus extract blended with stevia reb-A to replace sugar in applications. The ingredients can help reduce costs while providing low-calorie and low-carbohydrate natural products, the company says. Oh So Sweet citrus extract and citrus extract blended with stevia are up to 1,000 times sweeter than sugar and available in liquid and granular form, it says.

Flavor Producers featured its Peelz and TrüBrüz solutions. The company’s flavor Peelz product is a dry flavoring system designed for flavored tea and herbal bag applications. TrüBrüz provide natural extractives of brewed tea, coffee and cocoa in liquid, water soluble essence, extract and flavor forms.

Natreon Inc. highlighted its PrimaVie and Capros supplement ingredients. PrimaVie is derived from Himalyan ingredient Shilajit that is regarded as having energy-boosting, adaptogen, immune support, mental cognition and anti-aging benefits, the company says. The Shilajit-based powdered supplement works on a cellular level, which makes it a key component for healthy mitochondrial function and energy, the company says. Natreon also offers Capros antioxidant superfruit nutritional supplement derived from Indian gooseberry. Designed to provide long-lasting, broad spectrum antioxidant activity, Capros has an ORAC value of 1,770.

Natreon also featured Crominex 3+, which is a blend of biologically active chromium with PrimaVie and Capros ingredients. The combination helps to increase the safety and effectiveness of chromium, which makes up 2 percent of the product, the company says. Crominex 3+ helps insulin metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy, Natreon says. In addition, chromium-activated insulin considerably increases the amount of blood sugar available for energy production, it says.

Derived from an Indian medicinal plant, Natreon also offers Rejuven, an ingredient with cholesterol benefits. Rejuven contains several components that suppress cholesterol absorption, prevent against the formation pathogenic microbes and act as cholesterol-antimetabolites. The ingredient also has antioxidants, oligosaccharides and compounds that produce a libido-enhancing benefit, Natreon says.

Nawgan Products LLC was on hand at SupplySide West with its brain supplement beverage. Nawgan contains a blend of ingredients, including lycopene, vitamin E and citicoline, formulated to help support memory. The beverage is available in Original, which contains no caffeine or stimulants, and Caffeinated that contains 100 mg. of natural caffeine from tea leaves.

Nutragenesis offers Sensoril, a standardized extract of ashwagandha, for dietary supplement applications. Sensoril has anti-stress and antioxidant properties to help the body increase resistance to fatigue while promoting vigor, vitality and well-being, the company says. The ingredient can be included in numerous applications, including drink mixes, effervescents and stick packs.

Telos Ceutical LLC presented Carogac, which is an ingredient in powder and puree that is a rich source of lycopene and beta-carotene. Carogac contains 76 times the amount of lycopene in tomatoes, 10 times the beta-carotene in carrots, 60 times the vitamin C in oranges and 40 times the zeaxanthin in corn, the company says. The ingredient also contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E, which help to optimize the body’s natural uptake of carotenoids, Telos Ceutical says.

Watson showcased a prototype of a joint and bone health premix that was presented in nutritional bar form. Its WT-12052A was formulated to provide 10 percent of the daily value of calcium, magnesium and vitamin K as well as 50 percent of the daily value of vitamin D. In addition, the premix delivers 1,500 mg. of glucosamine, 1,200 mg. of chondroitin, 10 mg. of MSM and 40 mg. of UC-II natural collagen concentrate. Watson also offers a variety of premixes, vitamins, minerals and functional ingredients. BI

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