Ride-on end-rider
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. presented its Concept Truck, a life-size model of a ride-on pedestrian pallet truck. The Concept Truck looks different than a traditional end-rider pallet truck because the “floating” type of ride provides greater energy efficiency than today’s vehicles, the company says. The truck uses seven lithium-ion batteries, which have useable lifetime twice as long as lead acid batteries. In addition, the Concept Truck is 69.5-inches long and 28.4-inches wide. Noise reduction also is an attribute of the truck’s lift system because it features no hydraulics and uses a re-circulating ball screw. - Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5601 Eastport Blvd., Richmond, Va. 23231; 804/737-7400; jungheinrich-us.com.
Narrow-aisle forklift
Narrow Aisle Inc. introduced Flexi G4, a conventionally styled forklift that works in about half the aisle space of a traditional forklift. Flexi G4 is designed to operate in an aisle as narrow as 3 feet plus the depth of the pallet. The forklift is capable of picking both sides of the aisle from either direction and can leave the aisle to unload trucks at the dock. In addition, Flexi G4 lifts up to 2,000 pounds, heights up to 354 inches, and loads like a counterbalance forklift. Flexi G4 features a front wheel drive system and steel rear counterweight for durability, the company says. The equipment is available with a three year or 3,000-hour warranty. - Narrow Aisle Inc., 1617 Terre Colony Ct., Dallas, Texas, 75212; 214/819-4180; narrowaisleinc.com.
Hybrid conveyor
AmbaFlex released its Hybrid Belt, a flexible conveyor belt with rolling friction and a solid table-top conveyor. Features of the Hybrid Belt include lower friction, higher elevation with a single machine, higher loads, higher speed and a full-belt support with no wobbly belt compromise. The belt is available on the SpiralVeyor types SV, SVX and SVM. Hybrid Belt combines rolling friction both radially and vertically. Hybrid Belt is offered in Classic Belt, Hybrid Belt I and Hybrid Belt II. With Hybrid Belt II, two roller bearings on each slat roll in a special groove, radial friction is reduced by rollers, and no Teflon coating or lubrication is required. - AmbaFlex, Box 210578, Bedford, Texas; 76095; 877/800-1634; ambaflex.com.
Spray nozzles
Nordson Corp. launched cSelect nozzles, designed to uniformly apply internal lacquer spray to a specified can size or type. The nozzles are as much as 35 percent narrower than previous container spray nozzles, which can reduce coating weights, material consumption and costs, the company says. Each cSelect nozzle is performance tested by coating specific can sizes and types, and measuring the resulting film thickness distribution along the sidewall of the container. The test results are included with each product purchase. Nordson also provides the recommended spray gun angle, operating settings and set-up guidelines to reduce installation and maintenance time. All nozzles also are serialized for traceability and product control. - Nordson Corp., 11475 Lakefield Drive, Duluth, Ga. 30097; 770/497-3700; nordson.com.
Vehicle-mounted computers
LXE Inc. extended its line of vehicle-mounted computing solutions with the VX8 and VX9 rugged mobile computers. The computers are wirelessly enabled Windows XP-based mobile PCs with 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch touchscreen displays. VX8 and VX9 are designed for vehicle-mounted use in tough environments, the company says. The VX8 is ideal for applications in which users need high-performance computing in a small package, and the VX9 is a slim-line computer available with an XGA display option. Both computers are available with WWAN, WLAN and Bluetooth radios. In addition, VX8 and VX9 are engineered to withstand the ingress of dust and moisture, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. - LXE Inc., 125 Technology Pkwy., Norcross, Ga. 30092; 800/664-4593; lxe.com.
Ice detector
New Avionics Corp. released a new ice detector to use in static-air applications. The Ice Meister Model 9734 Industrial Ice Detecting Sensor System offers ice sensing benefits in applications such as commercial and household refrigerators, roadway signs, retail thermometers and rain gauges, heliports at hospitals and oil rigs. Model 9734 operates as a digital ice/no-ice indicator and can detect incipient formation for any kind of ice, clear or frosted, and even condensation from human breath, the company says. The probe is 3 millimeters in diameter and fits in between cooling fins of an evaporator. The product is ideal for use in hazardous, remote and unattended locations. The system runs on less than half a watt from any power source and of any polarity. In addition, the Ice Meister Model 9734 is available with a variety of options for the sensor head and cable assembly. - New Avionics Corp., 2631 East Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33306; 954/568-1991; newavionics.com.
Lift trucks
Hyster Co. introduced the H170-190FT, the newest addition to the Fortis line of lift trucks. The trucks accommodate larger loads without an increase in truck size or expense, the company says. The H170-190FT are ideal for use with lumber, steel and concrete applications, and they feature a heavier VISTA mast for load support during lifting and lowering while giving operator visibility. In addition, the trucks feature an upgraded drive axle and an oil-cooled brake design, as well as larger hubs that increase truck stability. A new modulated brake system also provides consistent pedal travel vs. brake line pressure for operator control. The H170-190FT lift trucks were tested through the Finite Element Method. - Hyster Co., Box 7006, Greenville, N.C. 27835; 800/497-8371; hysteramericas.com.
All-terrain forklift
Branson Tractor Co. released an all-terrain forklift, which also doubles as a multi-task tractor. The unit features a reversed operator platform for soft-ride hydraulics and the technology of its 35- and 47-horsepower diesel-engine tractors, the company says. The single-stage forklift assembly mounts to the tractor’s detachable carriage and can be replaced with a three-point hitch. The Branson forklift measures 66.5-inches wide and is available with tilt and side-shirt control and a 10-foot lift height. The all-terrain forklift has a 2,800-pound lift capacity. - Branson Tractor Co., 2100 Cedartown Hwy., Rome, Ga. 30161; 877/734-2022; bransontractor.com.
Pressure pump
Hotsy Cleaning Systems in North America unveiled NESTechnology, a Hotsy high-pressure pump used in industrial-grade pressure washers. NESTechnology stands for Nested Seal Technology, where the pump “nests” the seals of the pump’s high-pressure packing assembly in place and supports the sidewalls. The assembly includes high and low pressure U-shaped seals surrounded by thicker brass pressure rings. Other features include Teflon bronze rings supporting the U-Seal to prevent premature wear and loss of pressure and a double lip on the low-pressure, U-Seal to provide suction. - Hotsy Cleaning Systems in North America, 4275 Northwest Pacific Rim Blvd., Camis, Wash. 98607; 800/525-1976; hotsy.com.
Laser marking
Laser Photonics introduced FiberTowerT Series, a line of Fiber Laser Material Processing Systems for Direct Parts Marking, UID (Unique Identifier) and Deep Engraving. The Series employs the new generation of solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range. FiberTowerT Series also has the ability to mark a variety of materials by using Direct Parts Marking of alphanumeric logos, serial numbers, part numbers, lot and date codes, schematics and graphics. In addition, the system can be delivered as a stand-alone that can be integrated into any production line or with full turnkey stations. - Laser Photonics, 400 Rinehart Road, Lake Mary, Fla. 32746; 407/829-2613; laserphotonics.com.
Sustainable packaging
Graphic Packaging International Inc. offers a range of beverage packaging options that appeal to the “less is more” and “value for every dollar” mind-set of consumers, manufacturers and retailers, the company says. The no-handle packs allow caliper reduction in value retail channels, and the new “Cap-It” package offers a recyclable paperboard alternative to traditional packaging. This option provides a visible billboard opportunity for on-shelf marketing, the company adds. - Graphic Packaging International Inc., 814 Livingston Court, Marietta, Ga. 30067; 770/644-3000; graphicpkg.com.
Mobile metering kit
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. released an all-inclusive mobile check metering kit that verifies the performance and accuracy of all brands as well as types of energy meters used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications. The kit contains the clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter Sitrans FUE1010, transducers, 1000 ohm platinum resistance temperature detectors and cables required for measurement of district energy cooling and chilled water applications. In addition, the equipment can measure two flows simultaneously and also provide a kW imput via a 4-20mA from electrical chillers. It can measure the evaporator and condenser flows along with supply and return temperature. The mobile check metering kit also measures homogenous and aerated flows, and is available with a four-hour battery. - Siemens Energy & Automation Inc., 3333 Old Milton Pkwy., Alpharetta, Ga. 30005; 800/577-5964; siemens.com.
Material lift
Custom Industrial Products Inc. launched the TL Series Vertical Material Lift. The design offers reduced installation time and provides a means of transporting material between two levels, the company says. In addition, the TL Series reduces noise and maintenance with a chemically clean workplace. The equipment is available with a standard carriage size, and it can handle load capacities up to 350 pounds, travel heights from 8 feet to 15 feet, and dual loading heights of 3 inches or 33 inches, and single or three-phase power. - Custom Industrial Products Inc., 360 East Drive, Melbourne, Fla. 32904; 800/699-2212; customindprod.com.
Digital thermometers
Wahl Instruments Inc. introduced the Wahl DST500 Temperature Indicator and the DSX500 Transmitter Thermometers. The digital RTD wide-range thermometers are designed for applications where accurate and reliable temperature monitoring and transmitting are critical, the company says. The DST500 and DSX500 both feature a 1-inch LCD display available in a variety of standard and custom-built probe configurations including MIG standard tapered bulb for drop-in direct MIG replacement. DST500 includes a replaceable battery with a two-year operational life, and the DSX500 is powered from an integral, 4-20 mA transmitter. In addition, both thermometers are user configurable with the optional DSTPROG software kit and carry a two-year warranty on parts and labor. - Wahl Instruments Inc., 234 Old Weaverville Road, Ashville, N.C. 28804; 800/421-2853; palmerwahl.com.
Sporty cans
Fan Cans unveiled a class of litter and recycling containers targeted to sports fans, facility managers and corporate sponsors. The products feature container lids shaped like baseball batter, football and motor sports helmets. The cans are made from up to 50 percent post-consumer recycled material. - Fan Cans, 9 Collingwood Road, Phoenix, Md. 21131; 410/592-5946; fancans.com.
PLA labels
Pure Pacific International released Aloha Pure Water and Aloha Deep Water, its newest products using eight and nine color printed PLA full body sleeve labels from Gilbreth Packaging. The PLA film is made with metallic inks, reverse printing and unique window views, the company says. The sleeves are made from a renewable and compostable resource, and can be fully removed prior to bottle recycling. PLA film is a plant-based material that can replace petroleum-based neckbands, full-body shrink labels and wraps. - Gilbreth Packaging, 3001 State Road, Croydon, Pa. 19021; 800/630-2413; gilbrethusa.com.
Analytics packages
Lawson Software launched Lawson M3 Analytics for Food and Beverage, an integrated business intelligence system. The system collects data from the M3 Enterprise Applications and provides users with numerous measures for analytic data or reports. The reports can analyze sales, finance, procurement, production/planning and warehouse/logistics. Lawson M3 Analytics for Food and Beverage also includes more than 50 built-in template scorecards to build task-specific, analytical views of data, such as sales vs. budget, supplier performance, production variances and customer debt. Lawson Software also introduced Lawson M3 Analytics and Lawson M3 Analytics for Manufacturing, analytics packages for manufacturers and distributors. - Lawson Software, 380 St. Peter St., St. Paul, Minn. 55102; 651/767-7000; lawson.com.
Truck-care services
Kenworth Truck Co. offers Kenworth PremierCare ExpressLube Service for heavy- and medium-duty trucks at Kenworth’s dealers in the United States and Canada. The service is a four-filter oil change, complete chassis lube and 20-point vehicle inspection. In addition, the inspection includes a check of belts, hoses, tires, wheels, springs, U-bolts, bushings, shocks, brake lining and components, exhaust system monitoring, fluid levels and instrument gauges. The company also offers the Kenworth PremierCare Express Air Conditioning Service, which features a 27-point inspection and includes a complete evacuation and recharge of the air conditioning system. Kenworth PremierCare Preventative Maintenance, Kenworth PremierCare Connect and Kenworth PremierCare Customer Care services also are offered. - Kenworth Truck Co., Box 1000, Kirkland, Wash. 98083; 425/828-5000; kenworth.com.
AS/RS staging solution
Dematic Corp. introduced Multishuttle, a flexible Automated Storage and Retrieval staging solution for applications that require dynamic, high rate product sequencing to support order assembly and pick-face replenishment. The Multishuttle consists of multiple levels of AS/RS rack structure, carrier vehicles, buffer conveyors and software. Each rack includes input/output conveyor and carrier vehicle that travels horizontally to access loads stored in the rack structure. At the end of each aisle, a vertical lift is used to bring the load to the input/output conveyor. - Dematic Corp., 507 Plymouth Ave., NE, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49505; 616/913-3009; dematic.com.