The beverage industry faces numerous challenges and opportunities in today’s business environment, and it takes talented individuals to guide companies to success. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Beverage Industry will once again honor the person who has had the most significant impact on the beverage business in 2008 with the Executive of the Year Award.

Over the years, Beverage Industry’s Executive of the Year award has been bestowed on some of the top leaders in the business, including John Brock, Roberto Goizueta, George Kalil, Craig Weatherup, Henry Schimberg, Mike Weinstein, Jimmy Lee Jr., Fred Adamany, Virgis Colbert and Frank Weise. Each of these industry leaders, and the many others who have received the award since 1976, have pushed for innovation within their companies, guided them through tough times, and inspired others to greater achievement.

We want to know who you think is deserving of the award this year. Beverage Industry’s Executive of the Year is open to leaders in any category of the business, both alcohol and non-alcohol beverage companies. And we’re not just looking for financial achievement. In today’s atmosphere, companies are evaluated on everything from their stock market success to their employee relationships and their environmental impact — their leaders must be able to juggle all of those demands. The criteria for the Executive of the Year award include (in no particular order):

  • Marketing Achievement
  • Technological Innovation
  • Community Service
  • Environmental Contribution
  • Employer/Employee Relations
  • Financial Performance
  • Leadership Qualities
The executive chosen to receive this honor will be featured in a profile inBeverage Industryand presented with the Executive of the Year award this fall.So drop me a note at by Friday, June 20 and nominate your company’s CEO, your boss, or even someone else’s CEO or boss (we won’t tell). Our committee of industry experts just might pick that person to get the recognition he or she deserves.