In a time when environmental issues have become an integral part of company strategy, the beverage industry needs sophisticated and environmentally friendly beverage coolers, or ice-cold merchandisers (ICM), to maintain a successful business.

Concern around global challenges is growing with the beverage industry adopting sustainable practices across operations to minimize environmental impact.

The sustainability ideal encourages companies to do business in a way that has a positive effect both on the environment and society. Based on three main pillars — environment, society and marketplace — sustainable development becomes a guiding principle that underlines corporations’ way of running their operations. As sustainable development revolves around the protection of the environment and cautious use of natural resources, new mechanisms are identified to reduce resources and enhance overall efficiency levels. With the implementation of new cost and time effective ways to do business, corporations can turn sustainability challenges into business opportunities.

Sustainable development

The challenges the beverage industry faces and key priorities for Frigoglass are managing energy consumption efficiently and minimizing the impact products and operations have on the environment. This is the reason why Frigoglass has been investing in the next generation of refrigeration technologies.
This effort has culminated in the commercialization of the world’s first complete range of eco-friendly ice cold merchandisers: Frigoglass Ecocool. The Ecocool ICM range is the direct result of the company’s commitment to promoting a sustainable business model designed to reduce the impact of greenhouse emissions and energy consumption.

At the same time, Frigoglass has achieved value for beverage companies by facilitating the migration from conventional to “green” ICMs, which drastically reduce impact on the environment by optimizing an efficient design that significantly reduces energy consumption, the use of natural substances in the insulation process and advanced assembly techniques that contribute to increased recyclability.

The placement of eco-friendly ICMs can significantly benefit the industry for a number of reasons:

• By lowering electricity bills at outlets, the economics of cold drink availability improve.

• By reducing direct and indirect Greenhouse effect, beverage companies can limit their carbon footprint.

• Consumers can enjoy cold drink availability with minimum environmental impact.

Innovation, responsibility and entrepreneurship are the driving forces for sustainable economic development and for meeting social and environmental challenges.BI