Lifeway Foods Inc., Morton Grove, Ill., announced its plans to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary with new products and events. As part of its anniversary celebrations, Lifeway introduced a birthday cake flavored kefir in special 25th anniversary packaging. In addition, the company announced a national promotional tour that will culminate with company representatives ringing the NASDAQ bell May 16 in New York City.

The tour will begin in Los Angeles and work its way across the country making appearances at family events, college campuses and consumer events, which will include human-powered blender bicycles that will mix Lifeway Kefir smoothies and work to raise $25,000 for local charities, the company said.

The goal of the celebration is to grow awareness of the immune building and digestive health properties of Lifeway Kefir, the company said. The company was founded in 1986 and is currently run by siblings Julie and Edward Smolyanksy. Lifeway produces low-fat kefir in 11 flavors, holiday, organic and non-fat varieties. In addition, the company has introduced ProBugs line of kefir for kids, Green Kefir with Phytoboost and BioKefir shots. Lifeway’s products can be found at more than 5,000 retailers nationwide.

In addition to the anniversary celebrations, Lifeway also announced a share repurchase program of up to 250,000 shares. The company intends to use its available cash resources to fund the stock repurchase program that will help it to reinvest in the company, Julie Smolyansky, Lifeway’s chief executive officer said, in a statement.