Sweet Leaf Tea Co., Austin, Texas, has moved its office to Penn Field in Austin. The newly designed headquarters for the all-natural and organic beverage maker is one of several historical buildings in Penn Field, a retired U.S. Army airfield intended for pilot training during World War I.
The new space was modernized, but was made to complement the structural wooden trusses, wide-open area and natural light that is part of the building’s core structure, the company says.
From the “We Believe” wall at the front entrance and the “Grannyisms” on the doors to the custom bottle cap bar and freshly painted murals, the recognizable markings of Sweet Leaf Tea’s identity are emblazoned into the building, the company says.
“Austin is a big part of Sweet Leaf Tea’s DNA and we wanted a space that was representative of both,” said Clayton Christopher, Sweet Leaf Tea’s founder and chief executive officer, in a statement.