RealBeanz Beverage Corp. offers a line of gourmet iced coffees in four functional flavors. RealBeanz iced coffees are made with premium brewed coffee, hormone-free milk, all-natural flavors and functional ingredients, the company says. RealBeanz coffees are available in four flavors with functional benefits, such as Chocolate Raspberry: Focus, Cappuccino: Energy, Mocha: Resist, and regular and diet Vanilla Nut: Relax versions. The coffees are available for $2.49.

RealBeanz, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Vanilla Nut: Brewed decaffeinated coffee (water and coffee extract), skim milk, cane sugar, cream, natural flavor, salt, sodium phosphates, guar gum, pectin, sodium citrate, carrageenan, lemon balm leaf extract, chamomile flower extract and passion flower extract.

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