Boston Beer Co. announced its two-year collaboration between founder Jim Koch and Josef Schradler, managing director of Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery, has produced a new style of beer called Infinium. It is the first new beer style created under the Reinheitsgebot purity principles of brewing in more than 100 years, the company says. Infinium is a crisp, champagne-like beer that contains only malt, hops, water and yeast, which is the main tenet of Reinheitsgebot. Infinium pours with a deep golden color and has fine bubbles and a fruity, elegant aroma, the company says. It has a crisp acidity that gives the beer a dryness and tartness on the palate that is balanced with a smooth malt body, it says. The beer is available for a limited-time and packaged in 750-ml. finished bottles for $19.99.

Boston Beer Co., Boston
Distribution: National