Redleaf’s Canadian ultra-premium bottled water is now available in the United States. The company aims to have a zero-waste bottling process and uses only the amount of water required for bottling, it says. Redleaf sources its water from an aquifer in British Columbia and uses UV purification, which allows the water to be bottled at the source without being touched by human hands, the company says. In addition, Redleaf is packaged in a 500-ml. PET bottle that is made with 25 percent recycled plastic. The product is available in 12-packs for $5.99 and 24-packs for $7.99 in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and southern California.

Redleaf, Chilliwack, Canada
Telephone: 866/399-3366 ext. 109
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Natural water

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