Stevia-sweetened juices
Odwalla Inc., a part of The Coca-Cola Co., introduced two reduced-calorie drinks to its product portfolio. Odwalla Mojito Mambo juice drink, with vitamins C and E, and Odwalla Pomegranate Strawberry juice drink from concentrate, with vitamins C and E, are fortified to provide 50 percent of the daily value of antioxidant vitamins C and E. Both are sweetened with Truvia, Coca-Cola’s stevia-based sweetener, organic evaporated cane juice and fruit juices, and contain 50 calories per 8-ounce serving. Truvia is a zero-calorie sweetener that uses rebiana, which comes from the leaves of the stevia plant. Both products are available in 15.2-ounce bottles and retail for $3.29.
Coffee and energy
Starbucks Coffee Co. and PepsiCo launched Cinnamon Dulce, a new flavor in its line of ready-to-drink Doubleshot Energy + Coffee drinks. Cinnamon Dulce contains coffee, B vitamins, guarana and ginseng. Each 15-ounce can retails for $2.59 and 12-pack cases are available at grocery and club store locations. The new flavor joins Doubleshot Energy + Coffee Mocha, Vanilla and Coffee flavors.
Kids’ nutritional drink
Nestle HealthCare Nutrition developed and launched Boost Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink. The drink gives kids ages one through 13 immune-strengthening probiotics, the company says. Boost Kid Essentials Drink is fortified with 25 vitamins and minerals, and contains 7 grams of protein, antioxidants and 244 calories. In addition, the beverage is lactose and gluten free. A six-pack of 8.25-ounce containers retails for $11.89.
Flavored water
Power Trip Beverages partnered with Mount Olympus Waters Inc. to re-introduce Kwencher flavored water. Kwencher is a non-carbonated water and contains 100 percent the daily requirements of vitamin C. The product is available in Berry-Berry, Cherry-Cherry, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Crème, Kiwi Strawberry and Strawberry Vanilla flavors. A bottle retails for $0.99.
Fit and lean
NBI Juiceworks added Drenchers Fit ‘N Lean Power to its lineup. The drink contains 20 calories per 8-ounce serving. Fit ‘N Lean Power is Orange-Crème flavored and provides 2 grams of lean protein. It is available in shelf stable 12-ounce and 64-ounce sizes. In addition, it also contains “Bodyguard,” the company’s fortification package of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, electrolytes and herbs including L-arginine, creatine, glutamine and vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, A, C and E.
Peruvian beer
MillerCoors launched Cusqueña, a Peruvian beer made from Saaz hops and glacier water from a source at 18,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. The product contains 130 calories per 11.2-ounce serving and is 4.8 percent alcohol by volume. The teardrop-shaped bottle features a depiction of the 12-angle stone, an example of Inca masonry that can be found in the walls of Cusco. Cusqueña initially is available in Rhode Island.
Fruit and weight management
Tree Top introduced Trim, a beverage that provides a full fruit serving coupled with weight-management functionality. Each 8-ounce serving contains one serving of fruit, in addition to fiber, chromium to promote healthy metabolism, and L-carnitine to burn fat, the company says. The product is available in Strawberry Kiwi, Mango Peach and Pomegranate Blackberry flavors. Trim is packaged in 8-ounce cans and 46-ounce bottles. The bottles retail for $3.99 to $4.99.
Berry energy
Crunk Energy Drink released Crunk Berry, an energy drink with grape and acai juices. Crunk Berry does not contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It joins Crunk’s Original and Sugar Free Crunk, which are both Pomegranate flavored, and Crunk Citrus. The 16-ounce cans retail for $1.99 to $2.29.
Single-malt whisky
Pernod Ricard and Chivas Brothers unveiled Scapa, a 16 Year Old single-malt whisky. The design of the bottle is inspired by the beauty and colors of the landscape of Orkney Island, the company says. The 750-ml. bottle of Scapa 16 Year Old retails for $75.
Century-old stouts
The Boston Beer Co. introduced Samuel Adams Imperial Series, a beer inspired by centuries-old stouts. The two beers of the Imperial Series include Samuel Adams Imperial White and Samuel Adams Imperial Stout. Imperial White is brewed with East Kent Goldings hops and Caramel 60 and Munich malts. It also carries dark chocolate, coffee and anise flavors. Imperial Stout is brewed with 10 spices and a blend of two-row Harrington, Munich and Metcalfe malts, malted wheat, and Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops. A four-pack retails for $9.99.
Fruit-flavored water
The Coca-Cola Co. launched Dasani Essence flavored water beverages. Dasani Essence contains no sugar, preservatives or calories. The product is available in Lime Essence, Strawberry Kiwi Essence and Black Cherry Essence flavors. Dasani Essence is packaged in 18.5-ounce PET bottles and 16-ounce four-packs. The 18.5-ounce bottle retails for $1.49, and a four-pack retails for $3.99.
Local vodka
Philadelphia Distilling launched Penn1681 Rye Vodka, a spirit made from local, organic and indigenous ingredients. A column still was used to make the vodka because it allowed for better separation of the alcohols and produced a more congener-free, neutral spirit, the company says. The grains used to make Penn1681 Rye Vodka are locally sourced from local farmers when new deliveries of organic rye are made. The 750-ml. bottle retails for $20.