CaPETall, a trademark of Alpek Polyester, Charlotte, N.C., is a sustainable solution that allows for PET to be used in caps and closures to achieve a 100% PET Packaging Solution, simplifying and improving post-consumer PET bottle recycling and PET Circular Economy.

There are many advantages of patented CaPETall technology, according to the company. It enhances and allows for a fully recyclable PET polymer package and meets the requirements for PET Resin Identification Code 1. The technology maintains the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical and performance properties of PET’s crystallizable polymer. Additionally, it retains the desirable optical properties of PET. The technology contains multi-modal molecular weight technology.

There are additional performances features in cap applications. It passes drop impact for both room temperature and cold temperature testing protocols. CaPETall PET Resin in cap applications passes Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) testing for closures.