High-brightness LED lights designer and manufacturer Smart Vision Lights recently revealed the RHI200-DO Lightgistics series light. The new product features 64 LEDs in a 205 mm by 205 mm ring light for “intense uniform lighting at long working distances” of up to 2,000 mm, the company says. It’s equipped with Hidden Strobe technology and delivers all the advantage of strobing without the disturbance or disorientation often linked to LED strobe lights, it notes. The Hidden Strobe technology allows LEDs to automatically trigger thousands of times per second, generating the appearance of uninterrupted illumination. The innovative technology maximizes the abilities of machine vision systems while also safeguarding employees from the disorienting effects associated with flashing lights, according to the company. “Today’s high-speed machine vision systems use LEDs that frequently pulse to capture images of rapidly moving objects, but this strobing effect can generate unpleasant and potentially hazardous work environment conditions,” said Steve Kinney, director of training, compliance and technical solutions, in a statement. “The RHI200-DO minimizes these drawbacks by utilizing Hidden Strobe technology, which enables high-speed machine vision systems to leverage the power of strobed LEDs without inadvertently creating safety risks or requiring shielding.”

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