Manufacturer of both pre-engineered standard and custom-designed conveyor solutions Multi-Conveyor recently built a new series of conveyor technologies. The new system is designed to transport a granulated or whole bean dry beverage product, the company notes. Traveling from two bagger discharges, curves and elevations, the product is eventually deposited onto a continuous running loop where it is ready for hand-packing. Simultaneously, the product ascends up two 12-inch wide side flexing incline conveyor sections at parallel locations. The first incline incorporates a curve to align the product narrow edge leading, dropping onto a descending transfer plate and merging the product into the non-stop recirculating loop. The second incline takes the product through a single straight incline, also narrow edge leading. The product then discharges from their respective locations onto a “racetrack style” accumulation conveyor, the company explains. The continuous 60 FPM loop uses two 180-degree by 24-inch radius curves that sandwich two 13-feet straight running sections. Hand-pack operators can be stationed along the outer length of the looping conveyor, allowing them to manually load product into cases prior to a case sealer. The sequence of product transition was “critical to ensure the bags were easy to grab” while minimizing product overlapping, the company says. Although not a stereotype accumulation choice, loop conveyors are a solution for “continual, immediate product accessibility” required for this hand-pack operation, it adds. 

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